Old electrical wiring can be a liability in your home, not just when you go to sell it and from the dangers it can pose, but even as a concern that your insurance company may focus on. At Tioga Contractors serving Bedford, TX, and the surrounding area with residential and commercial electrical service, we take a focused approach to home rewiring that aims at improving your life as well as your wiring. We can help with organizing your circuits according to individual rooms instead of stretching them in unpredictable ways across several and add protective devices to help to make living with electricity even more safe and reliable. If your incoming electrical service is outdated and low capacity, we can work with your power company to upgrade it. Most of all, we can provide electrical panel replacements and upgrades to support your home’s electrical evolution.

Older Wiring Can Be a Hazard

Even the oldest knob and tube wiring style may still be in use and performing acceptably, and older aluminum wiring installed decades ago during a copper shortage may also be working without issue, but chances are, it’s time to have our electrical team replace them. In particular, interconnections and the use of modern fixtures and receptacles with some older wiring can be problematic, so safe upgrades and repairs become much more difficult. Newer wiring that has worn insulation, damage from overheating, and other degradation is also due for replacement, and of course, if your older home still doesn’t have ground wires running to three-prong outlets, it’s time to address that and bring your home up to modern safety standards with, at minimum, a basic rewiring with grounded wires by our electrical service experts.

Water Damage Puts Your Wiring in Question

Plumbing leaks, storm damage, and hidden leaks from older plumbing in the walls can all contaminate your wiring, outlets and switches, and fixtures and create risks of overheating from corroded wires and connections. At least a partial rewiring is often required, and if the damage is extensive, for safety’s sake a full rewiring may be wise. Our electrical service professionals can advise you on how to address water problems that may have contaminated your electrical wiring, and make sure that your family is safe from one of the most common causes of home fires, electrical wiring problems.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

If you’re upgrading your electrical panel, especially from a fuse box to circuit breakers, it may be the perfect time to rewire as well. You probably have older wiring to match, and many of the reasons we’ve mentioned such as missing ground wires may also apply. If you have the power capacity or are adding it, you may want to take the opportunity to have our electrical service team run one or more circuits to each room, and eliminate shared circuits that cover several locations in the home. That way, the room occupants can be sure that they are the only ones using power on that circuit, and avoid overloading the circuit. Additional circuits are helpful in locations such as your home office where computer equipment can have its own circuit. They also help in kitchens where even mixers, toaster ovens, and microwaves can draw significant current. In the basement, your power tools won’t have to share a circuit with the washing machine. Modern home theater equipment can also draw enough current to require one or two additional circuits, especially for high-end sound systems. It’s your chance to redesign your wiring for more effective use, and have our electrical service experts install easily labeled circuit breakers that are room specific.

Circuit Protection for Your Devices and Safety

When rewiring, in addition to grounded outlets, adding GFCI devices to your kitchen, bathroom, and other locations near water including outdoors is essential. It’s a modern standard that helps protect against electric shock when water is nearby, especially if you are touching faulty appliances or have other unexpected dangers. If you are having our electrical service experts add, or already have a modern circuit breaker panel, you can also have them install circuit breakers with GFCI protection built-in. Another type of protection is available in circuit breakers, AFCI, that disconnects when signs of wiring problems such as intermittent connections and arcing are detected. Dual function circuit breakers that provide GFCI and AFCI are available as well. Do you use power strips for protection against power surges and lightning strikes nearby? Our electrical service team can install whole-house protection for each of these hazards that will cover all your home’s wiring.

Multiple Outlets in Heavy Use Areas

Extension cords and power strips are not the best answer for complex computer and gaming system installations, collections of phone chargers, and other arrays of connections. These devices wear and become fire hazards, even when their cords are run under rugs, and damage can be obscured when they are. They also encourage trip hazards and loose connections and usually aren’t child-resistant. With your rewiring, you can have upgraded outlet density in rooms that need it, including quad outlet installations and more. Modern child-resistant outlets also protect against children probing into outlets with metal objects, allowing only full multi-prong plugs to access the power source.

Adding Value to Your Home as Well as Safety with Rewiring

Updated wiring and electrical service are valuable features in an older home, helping keep potential buyers interested and improving the perspective of insurance companies on the risks they are covering.

Your Home Rewiring and Addition Pre-wiring Experts in Bedford, TX

For careful, expert rewiring that anticipates your future electrical needs and follows required standards, turn to Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX. We can help you create a plan for the logical rewiring of your home and related upgrades, add wiring to a new addition as it’s being built, or simply replace your existing, outdated, or aging wiring with safer modern material. Give us a call and let’s get started.

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The statistics are alarming! A whopping 6.8 percent of all residential fires are caused by electrical failures. Most of these cases are common in older residences that are likely to have defective electrical wiring, making them prone to electric failure.

Also, old electrical systems may not meet the power demands of the current household appliances, hence you may need an electrician to update your home electrical system. Old electrical wiring can result in unending problems, including blackouts, power surges, and electric shocks.

Upgrading the electrical wiring can improve your home safety. Continue reading to understand the reasons you should consider updating your electrical system.

Fire Risks

Some old homes in Irving, TX, often have outdated electrical systems that can cause fire hazards. It’s not surprising that electric failures in homes account for about 51,000 fires every year, resulting in approximately 500 deaths and 1400 injuries.

The risk is even higher in homes with outdated electrical wiring. Old homes may not have wiring systems that support the power needs of new appliances such as refrigerators. Therefore, when you plug in many devices at once, the circuit can become overloaded, causing sparks that can eventually spread all over your property. If you notice sparks whenever you plug your appliances, you should contact an electrician to replace your wiring system.

Additionally, the wiring system in old homes may be damaged or frayed. In the long run, the wiring system wears down, and the insulating materials such as rubber or plastic deteriorates, thus exposing the wires. Rats might also chew the wiring system, thus removing the insulating material. When this happens, live wires are exposed, which creates a fire hazard.

Moreover, damaged wires can cause overheating or short-circuiting and even start fires. Therefore, the main reason to upgrade your home’s electrical system is to prevent such fires. When it comes to replacing the wiring system, talk to a certified electrician to make sure the job is done correctly.

To Meet Power Needs of Modern Appliances

Most homeowners rely on electricity to power household appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, and dryers. As a matter of fact, the estimated annual electricity consumption for every U.S resident was 10,649 kWh, approximately 877kWh per month in 2019.

Modern appliances require more power than standard ones. Therefore, if the electrical system cannot meet the power needs of such devices, you may have to deal with frequent circuit breaker trips. This may not be safe for you and your loved ones.

The faulty electrical system may have to overwork to meet the energy needs. As a result, the circuit overheats and can cause a fire. Having inadequate power may not only be inconvenient but also pose a threat to the safety of your devices. Their lifespan may be cut short as the defective wiring may not safely handle the power needs. So, if you are the one still unplugging a device to power another, it’s time you contact an electrical professional to upgrade your electrical system.

The Need to Enhance Convenience

Having insufficient power outlets is a problem for some homeowners. You may want to charge your phone or move your TV to a specific place, but you may not have power outlets in that particular location. In the recent past, the socket position wasn’t an issue of concern because they were only designed for its use and not for convenience.

Nowadays, individuals need the power to run almost everything. Lack of enough sockets can be a headache and can disrupt your plans. You can avoid this by reaching out to a certified electrician to install more outlets in your home.

The professional can ensure that your home gets up-to-date electric codes that can handle your power needs when it comes to sockets. You can have more outlets in areas that need more access to electricity, such as the sitting room or kitchen. With more outlets available in your house, you can easily rearrange the room whenever you need to.

To Prevent Power Surges

Electrical surges can damage electrical devices in most homes. They may be by lightning, improper wiring, or a damaged power line. It’s a common electrical problem most homeowners encounter and usually lasts for about a second. Surges may make your household appliances, for instance, a refrigerator TV or to go on and off. If they happen more frequently, they can damage your devices and may even decrease their lifespan.

If you’re experiencing surges more often, you should call an electrical company immediately to find a possible solution for the problem. An electrician can install a new electrical system in your Irving, TX, home. Luckily, modern electrical systems have whole-house suppressors to protect your home from surges. They can keep your devices and appliances safe any time you experience power spikes.

To Match Your Home With Modern Electrical Codes

|In case you’re not aware, building electrical codes usually vary from one year to another. For this reason, new safety standards may have been enforced since you last upgraded your home’s electrical system. That’s why you may want to have an electrician examine your electrical system to know if your home is up to date with the latest codes.

Upgrading your home can be advantageous, especially if you’re planning to rent out or sell your house in the future. If your home has a faulty electrical system, chances are you’re going to lose potential buyers. If you’re sure that your home was updated a long time ago, it’s wise you contact an electrician to upgrade your electrical system.

Tioga Contractors: A Trusted Electrician Near You

At Tioga Contractors, we offer electrical services to residential and commercial clients in Irving, TX, and the surrounding areas. We utilize modern technologies and tools to tackle multiple electrical problems, including electrical wiring, remodeling, and electrical outlets installation. If you’re planning to upgrade your electrical system, you can contact our electricians today.

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Home electric fires in the US account for about 51,000 reported fire incidents annually, which lead to about 500 deaths, $1.3 billion in property damage, and 1400 injuries each year. One of the causes of these fires includes inappropriate or worn-out wiring systems. Homeowners living around the area should ensure their electrical wiring connections are updated and running smoothly by seeking help from a legitimate electrical service contractor. That will go a long way in preventing these frightening statistics from recurring and increasing. Discussed below are various wiring issues that homeowners can familiarize themselves with and prevent future damages by seeking immediate solutions from an electrical company.

Aluminum wiring

Some homes in Hurst, TX, especially the old ones, have wiring systems of aluminum material. With advanced technology, electrical specialists have identified copper as a better wiring material. That is because copper has a lower specific electrical resistivity, and it lasts longer than aluminum. Although aluminum is cheaper, homeowners might have to pay for rewiring services in the future to replace the worn-out wires. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in copper wiring and avoid the need for frequent replacement services.

If your electrical system has aluminum wires, both copper and aluminum, or you are oblivious to that knowledge, talk to an electrical service expert to gain insight and replacement services when needed. You would not want to have a situation whereby aluminum comes in contact with copper in the presence of an electric current and causes arcing and electric fires!

Receptacle defects

Some homeowners have probably experienced electrocutions from outlets, or their electrical appliances have burnt out due to damaged receptacles. These issues could arise from ungrounded outlets, meaning that the wiring system cannot conduct stray currents from the wires. Home occupants may get electrocuted, or their appliances might sustain damage if they use adapters to fit three-prong plugs into two-prong receptacles. If you have experienced such problems, an electrical service technician can help you resolve them by replacing existing ungrounded three-prong and two-prong receptacles with grounded three-prong ones.

Also, plugs may fall out of receptacles by themselves, and this may imply that the devices have worn out or lose contacts that may initiate arcing inside the outlet box and cause fires. Falling out plugs mean your outlets are damaged or old and need replacements. To get a new durable receptacle, look for a credible electrical contractor to perform the job.

Backstabbed wires

Backstabbing means wires are pushed into the connectors of switches and receptacles. That causes the wires to become loose, making the receptacles and switches stop working. Worse, the backstabbed wires can come into contact and start up a fire. If your switch or outlet has become defective, then it may imply that the wires were backstabbed. You would not want to get electrocuted trying to remedy the wiring problem and later on have to incur either fire damage restoration or medical expenses.

The wise thing to do is talk to a skilled electrical provider in Hurst, TX, who will examine the devices’ condition and release the backstabbed wires. They can also connect the wires to the proper screw terminals on switches and receptacles.

Flickering lights

Have you ever experienced flickering lights during a storm or when it is windy outside? If you have owned a property for a long period, you probably have. The most common reason why flickering happens is that frayed wires cause shorts when strong winds move them. The frayed wires are located in the outdoor fittings where overhead cables from the main supply line enter your home.

If you are ever dealing with flickering lights, raise complaints with your power supply company to have their experts insulate the frayed wires. However, if the issue persists, the next step to take is to consult an electrical service technician to evaluate the wiring system and later identify the exact defect and fix it.

Over-wired panels

An electric panel can have more circuits than the number it is designed to handle due to tandem breakers in one slot. These tandem breakers are not made like high-amp double-pole breakers, which can accommodate two slots with one circuit, making the panel overloaded with the wiring. That can be a cause of mistakes, especially when installed by an uncertified electrical provider.

Some complications that can arise include an under or oversupply of power in various electrical systems. If you experience these issues, talk to an expert electrical service technician to assess your panel and replace it with a bigger one that can handle your current and future electrical needs.


Overlamping is whereby a light fixture has a bulb with higher wattage than the upper limit of wattage it is supposed to handle. That could cause electric fires since the heat produced by the bulb can melt down the insulation on the fixture wires and increase the incidence rate of arcing, a major source of electrical fires.

Even after removing the bulb, the damage will still be evident on the sockets and wires. At this point, get an electrical service professional to conduct the necessary repairs and gain advice on the best bulbs that suit your light fixtures.

Need electrical services? Settle for the expert providers

Electrical problems are a common occurrence in homes, and getting wind of the warning signs is just the first step towards solving the troubles. Seeking electrical services from top-notch contractors is paramount to get quality services and protect your investment while at it. That’s why our company exists. We are Tioga Contractors, a company that provides multiple underground and overhead electrical services.

Our technicians work on wiring, installation of lighting fixtures and fans, electrical remodeling, and replacing electrical switches and outlets. If you live in the area and your home has an electrical issue, all you need to do is reach out to us via our contacts, and one of our emergency electrical experts will help you resolve the mess.

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Turning the house around for the winter is a challenging one. Various different tasks all require your attention and need to be resolved before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Electricians are responding to daily calls from homeowners that want to earn peace of mind over the house’s electrical condition.

A sound electrical installation can save you from a lot of troubles. During the winter, you can rest assured that you won’t be left without electricity during a lockdown or a sudden storm. It also helps you conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.

Thanks to the advance of technology, a house can be optimized to both your needs and against the charges of your electricity supplier. LED lighting, energy-efficient devices, and home automation solutions can all be combined to turn your house into a luxurious property of the future. And you don’t even need to budge as competitive deals are available in the market.

Knowing that your property’s electrical installation is checked by an electrician offers peace of mind. Electrical malfunctions may cause damage to valuable electronic devices or even start electrical fires. During the winter, the last thing you want is to face an unexpected electrical damage that was totally avoidable in the first place.

Homeowners know the importance of hiring an electrician before the Christmas season. Decorative lighting, new devices, and massive Christmas trees all require a considerable amount of power to work uninterrupted. In this post, you will find out the benefits you get by hiring a professional to help with the property’s maintenance.

Replacing Old Wiring

Old wires are the primary cause of high energy consumption as well as electrical damages. With the passage of time, electrical wires tend to wear out and become less and less conductive.

Despite being robust and able to last for years, it’s essential to arrange for an electrician to periodically check the condition of the wirework installed in the house.

Especially when it comes to high voltage wires, extra attention is required in order to ensure that the insulating material hasn’t been degraded. Human exposure to live wires can have harmful effects, including serious injury that might need hospitalization.

Keeping the wires in good condition is the best practice in order to ensure that your house is in good condition and safe for people to live in.

Upgrading to LED Lights

Replacing any incandescent lights with LED systems is a wise choice. LED lights can save you a lot of money as they are 70% more efficient than conventional lighting. Apart from the savings, you can benefit, LED lights can also provide adjustable output power and also different light colors, which can help you set the mood in the room.

During Christmas, LED lighting can replace your older decoration kit and provide impressive light shows with various sets of colors and luminosity. As Christmas decorations tend to spend a lot of electricity, it’s essential to seek the advice of an electrician to learn more about the choices available on the market.

Protecting the Property From Lighting

Alternative Power Sources

During a thunderstorm, the electrical power supply provided by the grid may become disrupted. Flying objects, heavy winds, and lightning strikes can cause damage to the lines responsible for delivering power to your area.

A blackout is restored as soon as possible but during a thunderstorm, it’s difficult to determine when this will be achieved. In cases like this, the best choice is to invest in a backup power generator. An alternative power source ensures that you won’t have to stay a minute longer without constant electrical power.

The market has a variety of different generators available designed to address different power requirements and budgets. Before you invest in a backup generator it’s essential to seek the advice of a professional as manual and fully-automated options are available.

If you already own a backup generator, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance. Alternative power sources rely on fossil fuel to provide electricity, and a lot of moving parts are installed in the device to convert energy.

An electrician can help you with the maintenance by inspecting all the parts and mechanisms that are necessary for the backup generator to work. Knowing that the generator is well-maintained and ready to act as an alternative power option when the grid down offers a sense of security and peace of mind, especially if you have medical equipment and vital electrical devices that support your lifestyle.

Now Is The Best Time To Hire An Electrician

Better earlier than late, arranging a house-wide electrical maintenance is always beneficial. During the winter, households in Bedford, TX, tend to spend a considerable amount of electrical power to perform daily activities and various housekeeping tasks that are necessary to make life better.

Before you sit back and enjoy the comfort of your house, it’s important to carry out any remaining electrical checks. Defective wiring and old electrical devices can flip switch breakers, provide degraded performance, and even start electrical fires.

Don’t wait until you are in need of emergency repair, hiring a professional electrician for a routine check is quick, easy, and costs much less than a last-minute call to deal with an accident. It also helps to keep the value of the property where it should be and may present you with a much lower insurance deal.

Make the call to Tioga Contractors today and find out more. Serving the wider area of Bedford, TX, our electrician contractors are ready to help you with all sorts of electrical tasks you need to complete to turn your property around for the winter.

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Most people tend to ignore the infrastructure of their homes until something goes wrong. Many homeowners have limited knowledge of the electrical wiring and generally how electricity works in their homes. It is therefore advised to always leave the electrical works to a professional electrician in Bedford, TX.

Unless your home was built recently, you could benefit from an upgrade of the electrical system or fixing. It is hard to ignore the fact that dependence on technology is at an all-time high, and the demand for power is on the rise as well. If you have an older home, the electrical system might not keep up with the electrical requirements. If you notice any of the below symptoms, it might be time to call an electrician.

Frequent Breaker Trips

When the breaker trips once or the fuse blows once, you can easily change the fuse, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if it happens frequently, it might be time to call in the experts. In most cases, you will find that the system is drawing more current than can safely be fed hence the often tripping of the breaker. If left without a permanent solution, it could be potentially dangerous.

The fuse blowing could be caused by damaged wiring. Rodents are the leading causes of damage to a home’s wiring. Rodents in your walls can chew on the wires, causing damage. This can be a health hazard, and you should call in your local Bedford, TX electrician to fix the damage. Do not forget to take care of the rodents, or the problem will recur in the future. Aging wiring can also be the root cause of damaged wires. As the wires get older, they become brittle, and the insulation on the wire can break because of this effect.

Flickering Lights

It is not uncommon to have lights dimming or flickering when you plug in certain appliances. Motor-driven appliances usually draw more current than smaller devices, and they should be wired on a dedicated circuit. However, there might be no correlation between plugging in appliances and flickering, and there might be an underlying cause for the flickering. Other reasons for flickering lights include;

  • Loose wiring

Another common reason for flickering light is loose wiring, which can be dangerous. Loose wiring has, in the past, caused house fires where people have lost not just their belongings but also their lives.

  • Malfunctioning circuit

A malfunctioning circuit can cause the incorrect amount of current to run to the light bulbs causing them to flicker. If you are sure that all the bulbs are tightly screwed and they still flicker, call in an electrician to find the underlying problem.

  • Mismanaged circuit

When the circuitry is mismanaged, the results are flickering lights, and this can be a cause for a house fire.

Hot Outlets

Outlets should not be hot or even warm to touch, no matter how long you have had an appliance plugged in. It is easy to shrug off the issue and blame it on the heavy electricity usage by a device, but it could be a sign of something worse. A hot or warm outlet could be an indication of short-circuiting behind the outlet. The short circuit could cause the whole house to lose power if it is overloaded.

The outlet might get hot if there is a loose connection elsewhere in the electric circuit. Heat will travel through the wires from another location to the outlet. If an outlet in the house is heating up, you should switch off the power and call an electrician soon.

Additional Outlets

Something does not have to be wrong for you to call an electrician. It will surprise you the number of homes that still have electrical cords running under rugs and in the skirting boards. It is a clear indication that a home needs more sockets. You can easily have an electrician install extra outlets in the house rather than having the unsightly site of cables running under rugs. Adding outlets within the home is a routine job for most electricians that can make your home safer and offer a source of electricity where it is needed. A common place to have electrical sockets included by the bedside and by the edge of the seat.

Static Electricity or Small Shocks

Electric shocks happen when an electric current flows through your body. It occurs when you touch live electricity. Electric shock can result from a faulty electrical appliance or coming into contact with an electric outlet. The effects of an electric shock can be severe and can sometimes cause death. Below are some reasons you could be feeling the shocks.

  • Ungrounded circuits

In the past, houses used to be wired with two-strand electrical cable one hot and the other neutral. With this kind of wiring, a small failure of the wire could expose you to electric shocks. That is why many people living in old houses have recorded feeling electric shocks. If you live in such a home, it is advisable to wear rubber-soled shoes within the house to reduce the risk of shock. You can also upgrade the wiring.

  • Ground faults

Even with grounded wire, you could still get shocked if you touch exposed wires. It can also happen when handling a poorly insulated appliance. You can prevent this by avoiding using old devices with loose connections. You can also have an electrician install ground fault interrupting outlets in areas with wet conditions such as the bathroom and kitchens.

Call the Experts!

Do you feel that you need to upgrade the wiring in your home? Do not wait until you have an emergency. Do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call Tioga Contractors, the electrical experts in Bedford, TX.

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Are you in need of the best electrical services? At Tioga, we have a well established electrical department that specializes in dealing with any type of electricity challenges like electrical wiring, installing light bulbs, installing TV and phone jacks and replacing all types of electrical switches. We have a competent team of highly experienced experts that pride themselves in giving you the most outstanding services. By being aware of the challenges and quickly adjusting to the most recent technologies, we have the most updated tools, knowledge and resources in the electrical industry. We are well equipped and always ready to take any issue head on, providing you with the most effective solutions in electrical challenges.

Our experts are licensed, insured and highly skilled to provide installation and repair services of almost every home equipment, from hot water tanks, kitchen stationary to garbage disposals. Tioga is a fully licensed plumbing, fire-suppression and electrical services company. We provide services to both commercial and residential spaces. We are a company well versed in wet and electrical utilities for both commercial and residential projects. Additionally, we don’t prioritize projects, whether small or big, we give it our all. Every member of our staff strictly follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

They are also involved in in-house training programs that mainly focus on the safety standards, techniques, drug screening, background checks as well as driving records. We guarantee the highest integrity levels, professionalism and skill anytime you choose to work with us. At Tioga, maintainability and electrical safety is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga. We are dedicated to making sure your home or business is as safe as possible. We offer childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, electrical safety inspections as well as wiring upgrades.

Childproofing Outlets

Being aware that uninterrupted and constant adult supervision isn’t guaranteed, we provide childproof outlets that protect your children and guests. This prevents liability and any form of injury that it might cause. Also known as temper proof receptors, these childproof outlets are very effective in preventing damage. As a matter of fact, according to the 2008 NEC, it is a requirement that every home has a childproof outlet.

Electrical Inspections

We offer the best electrical services especially in inspection. Research shows that electrical faults are among the biggest causes of property damage in Hurst, TX. Pinpointing and repairing electrical problems will need highly skilled and professional safety inspection. Do you want any of these electrical services? Schedule a safety inspection with us today for a detailed, prioritized and honest checklist of recommendations for your home.

Specially Dedicated Computer Circuits

The functionality of your company heavily depends on computers. To prevent damaged fuses or tripped circuit directors, we can install an effective circuit breaker that specially manages your computer systems. This implies that when it is switched on, your office electrical devices will not interrupt the computers. The electrical codes are usually updated once in three years by NEC, the country’s single code for electrical installation. This is a safety measure that protects property and people from potential electrical damage. At Tioga, we will ensure that your residence is fully fitted with this effective system by disembarking our team there. They guarantee the best electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might have experienced it before, power surges can occur in one flash because of a variety of reasons, damaging your precious electronics. It is highly advisable to protect the electrical appliances in your house from potential harm posed by power surges. At Tioga, we pride ourselves in having the best surge protectors that can withstand any levels of power surge.

The GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are products mainly used in highly sensitive areas like the kitchen, bathroom or the garage where risks of electricity shocks are high. You can detect the electrical shocks through the ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons that are placed on the receptacle. The outlets are very important because they protect you from potential electricity circuits through managing and monitoring the amount of power going through the circuit. It will send an alarm if it detects any kind of electrical imbalance. Once it is detected, the outlet instantly stops the electricity flow, averting danger.

The Wiring Updates

Old and outdated wiring is not only dangerous for your home but also affects the functionality of the system you could be enjoying. Experts highly recommend that you regularly update the wiring system of your home. Stop worrying about always unplugging the sockets and prevent any sort of electrical disaster, get a good surge protector from Tioga. We will also update your home wiring system at affordable prices.

The Circuit Replacement Services

One key thing to proper electrical appliance’s functionality is sufficient electrical capacity. In most occasions, the circuit breaker replacement has the potential of repairing overload issues without necessarily using the electrical system update. At Tioga, we provide the most outstanding electrical services through remarkable circuit breakers.

Bulb Lighting Services

Are you in need of the best lighting services? Do you want a new idea of designing your house? Get in touch with our contractors for all of the electrical services in Hurst, TX. We have some of the best experts seeking to give you the best electrical services. We will also help design the final touches and outlook on your home or business premises. We are well known for offering a wide range of lighting services, all at very affordable prices. We offer commercial ballasts that are critical in limiting the electricity flow through the fluorescent bulbs. Such measures prevent them from becoming overly heated and burning out.

Experiments show that wireless lighting solutions will properly control lighting and devices in your home. It is actually simple and easier because it will be done through a remote control or smartphone. Great lighting is ideal for the beauty of your home.

Call Us Today!

Are you interested in any of our electrical services? Get in touch with us at Tioga Contractors today!