Electrical Service: When Does Rewiring Your House Make A Lot Of Sense? | Bedford, TX

Electrical Service: When Does Rewiring Your House Make A Lot Of Sense? | Bedford, TX

Old electrical wiring can be a liability in your home, not just when you go to sell it and from the dangers it can pose, but even as a concern that your insurance company may focus on. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric serving Bedford, TX, and the surrounding area with residential and commercial electrical service, we take a focused approach to home rewiring that aims at improving your life as well as your wiring. We can help with organizing your circuits according to individual rooms instead of stretching them in unpredictable ways across several and add protective devices to help to make living with electricity even more safe and reliable. If your incoming electrical service is outdated and low capacity, we can work with your power company to upgrade it. Most of all, we can provide electrical panel replacements and upgrades to support your home’s electrical evolution.

Older Wiring Can Be a Hazard

Even the oldest knob and tube wiring style may still be in use and performing acceptably, and older aluminum wiring installed decades ago during a copper shortage may also be working without issue, but chances are, it’s time to have our electrical team replace them. In particular, interconnections and the use of modern fixtures and receptacles with some older wiring can be problematic, so safe upgrades and repairs become much more difficult. Newer wiring that has worn insulation, damage from overheating, and other degradation is also due for replacement, and of course, if your older home still doesn’t have ground wires running to three-prong outlets, it’s time to address that and bring your home up to modern safety standards with, at minimum, a basic rewiring with grounded wires by our electrical service experts.

Water Damage Puts Your Wiring in Question

Plumbing leaks, storm damage, and hidden leaks from older plumbing in the walls can all contaminate your wiring, outlets and switches, and fixtures and create risks of overheating from corroded wires and connections. At least a partial rewiring is often required, and if the damage is extensive, for safety’s sake a full rewiring may be wise. Our electrical service professionals can advise you on how to address water problems that may have contaminated your electrical wiring, and make sure that your family is safe from one of the most common causes of home fires, electrical wiring problems.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

If you’re upgrading your electrical panel, especially from a fuse box to circuit breakers, it may be the perfect time to rewire as well. You probably have older wiring to match, and many of the reasons we’ve mentioned such as missing ground wires may also apply. If you have the power capacity or are adding it, you may want to take the opportunity to have our electrical service team run one or more circuits to each room, and eliminate shared circuits that cover several locations in the home. That way, the room occupants can be sure that they are the only ones using power on that circuit, and avoid overloading the circuit. Additional circuits are helpful in locations such as your home office where computer equipment can have its own circuit. They also help in kitchens where even mixers, toaster ovens, and microwaves can draw significant current. In the basement, your power tools won’t have to share a circuit with the washing machine. Modern home theater equipment can also draw enough current to require one or two additional circuits, especially for high-end sound systems. It’s your chance to redesign your wiring for more effective use, and have our electrical service experts install easily labeled circuit breakers that are room specific.

Circuit Protection for Your Devices and Safety

When rewiring, in addition to grounded outlets, adding GFCI devices to your kitchen, bathroom, and other locations near water including outdoors is essential. It’s a modern standard that helps protect against electric shock when water is nearby, especially if you are touching faulty appliances or have other unexpected dangers. If you are having our electrical service experts add, or already have a modern circuit breaker panel, you can also have them install circuit breakers with GFCI protection built-in. Another type of protection is available in circuit breakers, AFCI, that disconnects when signs of wiring problems such as intermittent connections and arcing are detected. Dual function circuit breakers that provide GFCI and AFCI are available as well. Do you use power strips for protection against power surges and lightning strikes nearby? Our electrical service team can install whole-house protection for each of these hazards that will cover all your home’s wiring.

Multiple Outlets in Heavy Use Areas

Extension cords and power strips are not the best answer for complex computer and gaming system installations, collections of phone chargers, and other arrays of connections. These devices wear and become fire hazards, even when their cords are run under rugs, and damage can be obscured when they are. They also encourage trip hazards and loose connections and usually aren’t child-resistant. With your rewiring, you can have upgraded outlet density in rooms that need it, including quad outlet installations and more. Modern child-resistant outlets also protect against children probing into outlets with metal objects, allowing only full multi-prong plugs to access the power source.

Adding Value to Your Home as Well as Safety with Rewiring

Updated wiring and electrical service are valuable features in an older home, helping keep potential buyers interested and improving the perspective of insurance companies on the risks they are covering.

Your Home Rewiring and Addition Pre-wiring Experts in Bedford, TX

For careful, expert rewiring that anticipates your future electrical needs and follows required standards, turn to Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Bedford, TX. We can help you create a plan for the logical rewiring of your home and related upgrades, add wiring to a new addition as it’s being built, or simply replace your existing, outdated, or aging wiring with safer modern material. Give us a call and let’s get started.

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