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In the world today, electricity is an essential element in day-to-day living. It not only lights and heats spaces but powers appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Therefore, it is important to have an electrical system that is safe, efficient, and reliable. With the latest technology and high exposure to the internet, some homeowners tend to rely on DIY fixes to repair various mishaps in the house. When it comes to any electrical job, it is advisable to seek professional help and guidance. Electricity is dangerous, and electrical systems can be complicated. Some electrical tasks, such as changing an electric bulb, are easy. However, others require knowledge, expertise, and experience to diagnose and fix the problem. The following are some reasons why you should only hire certified electricians to handle your electrical system.


One of the many reasons why you should only hire a qualified technician is the safety aspect. Electrical jobs are delicate as they can result in major safety issues such as fire outbreaks and shocks. Certified technicians understand how every fixture works and the maximum electrical load of each switch and breaker, and they are likely to follow each procedure according to the books. That leaves close to zero chances of possible dangers and errors, and so you can be worry-free when switching on the lights or using electrical fixtures. Having a certified electrician handle every aspect of your home will not only give you added peace of mind but will protect your home and family from possible dangers.


Electrical works pose many risks, including electrocution and property damages. Homeowners should understand the legal and financial obligations and complications that may arise in case a person sustains injuries, or there are structural damages. Certified electricians have insurance covers that protect them in case of injuries while at work. Electrical contractors also have insurance policies that cover damages that may result during and after the installation. Also, home insurance policies state that only licensed technicians should handle all the electrical works. If there is any form of accident or injuries resulting from faulty wiring or electric-related issues by unlicensed handyman, you might have to cater for the repairs out of pocket.

Saving on costs

The main reason why homeowners opt for DIY methods is to try to save on some bucks. When it comes to electrical systems, that can backfire. First, you may have to buy all the electrical tools and equipment required during the installation, and that may cost you a fortune. Beyond the tools, incorrect installations and repairs may result in fires and other damages, including injuries. You might end up spending more money on expensive repairs or hospital bills in case of physical injuries. Having a certified electrician work on all the installations will add value to the property since homebuyers prefer residences that are safe and secure and adhere to the set code practices. Seeking professional installation and repair services from a qualified professional in Euless, TX, will save you frustrations and money in the long run.

Appliance protection

Most home appliances are expensive and depend on electricity to run and function smoothly. A faulty or poorly installed electronic system will interfere with their functionality. A poor electrical connection can lead to damages, which warranty and insurance may not cover. To protect your investment from all these bad possibilities, get your electrical system installed by professionals. Electricians understand how every appliance functions and so will perform the correct installations and offer expert advice on where to store and how to use them. For instance, a washing machine should be located at the furthest corner and near a grounded socket. It’s therefore wise to always consult a professional.

Quality and multiple services

Another reason to hire a certified technician is the ability to deliver quality work. Licensed technicians have gone through training and they know how to install and maintain any system well. They will conduct the installations once and for all, leaving no chance for errors. Additionally, they offer multiple services, including diagnosis and repairs. Misdiagnosis in the electrical system can cause fire disasters and malfunctions, risking the safety of your home and family. Certified electricians have the knowledge and tools to troubleshoot any electrical problem. They can quickly detect the source of the problem and offer immediate and appropriate solutions. That will save you time and offer you peace of mind knowing the problem is correctly sorted.

Knowhow of the latest codes and technologies

The government has set codes that should be followed strictly for the safety of all residents. These codes, however, keep on changing due to innovations and advanced education. Certified technicians go through regular training to stay on top of the new codes and ensure they are aware of changes in the safety regulations. Besides the expertise and the knowledge of the set standards, certified electricians have the right tools and equipment to handle every job correctly and faster, without posing any risks. Homeowners should, therefore, invest in a professional for their electrical needs to ensure they adhere to the set codes and regulations.

Education and experience

Like every other career, certified electricians go through hours of classwork and a vast amount of training before getting certified. After the comprehensive training, they get the skills and knowledge to handle any issue and problem. They also gain a lot of experience over the years, giving them an upper hand when it comes to fixing electrical problems.

Need electrical services? We are a call away

If you are a homeowner in Euless, TX, and wondering who to trust with your electrical system, worry no more. Tioga Contractors has served the residential and commercial electrical needs of residents since 1953. We are equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by well-trained electricians who handle multiple electrical services, including emergency repairs, installations, and maintenance. We also help with the diagnosis and replacement of faulty electrical appliances, such as outlets and ventilation fans. Call us today for these and many more services.

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If you have electrical problems you may not be sure if you should call electrical contractors or let the problem slide for now. If you’ve experienced any of these signs below in your home, it’s time to call in professional electrictricians today. You do not want to try and repair these things yourself as every year thousands of people across the United States get electrocuted and seriously harmed trying to do it yourself repairs. Here are the top signs you need to call Tioga Contractors today.

1.  Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are much more than a mere annoyance. It could be a sign of a serious problem with your electrical system. While it may be easy to write off flickering lights as just a minor inconvenience, you should get your light fixtures checked to make sure you do not have an overloaded circuit or deteriorating wiring. Getting this issue checked today could prevent a more serious and expensive issue down the line. You could have old wiring to the new light fitting. Oftentimes this problem is due to your wiring not being up to code causing electricity to travel to outlets at various levels of speed. This could cause an outlet to not work at all. If you have experienced flickering lights it’s time to call electrical contractors today. Flickering lights could indicate a major problem with the internal electrical system of your home or business.

2.  Your Circuits Are Tripping

If your home does not have enough electrical circuits to support all the fixtures and appliances in your home, your circuits could trip. The higher the electrical load is on your circuits, the more the power will trip. Basically, if you have too many outlets and appliances but not enough circuits to support them all, your system will overload. This is not just an annoyance, it can cause a fire. You can solve this problem by adding a secondary electrical panel or adding more circuits to your home. If you have this problem it’s time to call electrical contractors.

3.  Hot Sockets

Your sockets should never be warm or hot to the touch. This is caused by wiring getting hot while you use electricity. If you also notice a burning smell this is a serious issue. It is also a fire hazard. Every year thousands of homes across the United States burn down to the ground, including in Arlington, TX thanks to overheated sockets and wiring. If your socket is warm or hot to the touch, quit using it right away and call in electrical contractors today.

4.  You Can Hear Electrical Noises

You should never ever hear electrical noises in your home or business. Oftentimes these noises will be humming or buzzing noises from your sockets, fixtures, or behind walls. This is often the sign of serious electrical issues going on in your home or business. If this issue is let go of for too long without electrical contractors examing and repairing the issue, you could experience sputtering and sparking. You might even notice a foul burning smell. This is one issue you want to call electrical contractors for right away without delay.

5.  Electric Shocks

You should never receive electric shocks when touching a switch or socket. If you are getting shocked your electricity is not contained within the system. When some of this electricity escapes the system, you can be shocked or burned. You also risk having a fire. You might be shocked while plugging in a device or when flipping a light switch. This is often misdiagnosed as static electricity but often is a serious problem with your electrical system. It is better off safe than sorry so if you’re experiencing electric shocks in your home or business, it’s time to call in electrical contractors today.

6.  You Have Old Wiring

If your home is older than 10 years or if you have been living in your home for 25 years it is time to call electrical professionals today to check on your home’s wiring. This is especially true if you have never had your home checked by an electrician before. Old wiring is not safe and can cause electrical problems as well as being a fire risk. If your home was built before 1970 this is even more true, as many of these homes will have severely outdated electrical wiring. If you’re unsure of your home’s electrical wiring, it’s time to call in a professional electrictrician to perform a safety check of your entire electrical system.

7.  Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell it is time to shut off your homes or business’s power and call in electrical professionals. Burning smells can be a warning sign of an electrical fire and is nothing you want to mess with. You must deal with this issue right away.

8.  Sparking Fixture / Electrical Breaker

A sparking fixture or electrical breaker is a sure sign that you need electrical contractors. These sparks can cause a major electrical fire for one thing. If you observe any outlet in your home or business sparking, turn off the circuit leading to that outlet just to be safe and call in the professionals.

9.  Two-Prong Outlets

Some people take the easy route here and pile on extension cords and extenders. This can lead to fires. Only older homes are loaded with two-prong outlets. Two prong outlets aren’t safe to use with 3 prong plugs even with the use of extenders. The same goes for using extension cords. Luckily the fix for this is rather easy with trusted electrical contractors. We find many homes with these types of outlets, which are easily replaceable.


If you have any of the above signs call in the professionals from Tioga Contractors today. We serve all of Arlington, TX, and the surrounding area. Remember electricity is nothing to mess with or to ignore so call in the professionals today for peace of mind.

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The electrical system in your Irving, TX, home is one of the most essential systems. Without electricity, you can’t watch TV, use your appliances, charge your devices and see when the sun goes down. If there is a problem with the electricity, your household will come to a standstill.

When something goes wrong in the home, many homeowners will make the repair a DIY project. Some prefer DIY to try to save money, while others prefer DIY for the sense of accomplishment they get when the task is complete. Simple home repairs make great DIY projects; however, electrical repairs should only be handled by a licensed electrician. Electricity is very dangerous. Every year, there are around 1,000 electricity-related deaths. If you don’t have training and experience in electrical repairs, you should never attempt them. If your electrical system is experiencing any of the following issues, you should call a professional immediately.

#1 Your Circuits Are Tripping Often

The breaker box in your Irving, TX home is your electrical system’s brain. It takes power from the street and feeds it into the electrical outlets to your home. It has a safety feature that will cause the circuits to trip if the system is overloaded.

If you notice that your circuits are tripping often, you should first make sure that you don’t have too many things plugged in. If it is the same circuit tripping often, that is the one you should check. If various circuits are frequently tripping, you should call a licensed electrician. There could be an issue with the breaker box, and if the problem is ignored, it can result in an electrical fire that can quickly destroy your home.

#2 Singed Wires In the Fusebox

It is a good idea to inspect your fuse box at least once a month. This is essential even if everything seems to be working fine in your home. If you notice that the wires are signed during the inspection, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. Singed or damaged wires will cause issues with your fuse box. They are also a major fire hazard. This is an emergency situation, and you need to call a professional immediately.

#3 Flickering Lights When Using Appliances

If your lights flicker or get dim when you are using certain appliances, you should call an electrician. This may not seem like a big deal, but it could be a sign of problems to come. The first thing you want to do is check what is plugged in when the lights flicker or get dim. For example, if you turn on the vacuum cleaner and the lights dim or flicker, but the vacuum is plugged into the same outlet as another appliance that requires a lot of power, you have too much plugged in. If there is nothing else plugged in when the lights dim, you could have an overloaded circuit. The issue could be something more serious, like deteriorating wiring. If this is happening often, it is best to call an electrician. If you don’t, you could end up losing the power in your home, or an electrical fire can start. The sooner you call a professional, the better.

#4 A Burning Smell In the Air

If you notice a burning or smoky smell and you cannot figure out where it is coming from, it is a very serious situation. The smell could be due to burning wires in the wall or an electrical fire. As soon as you detect the smell, you want to turn off the power to the house. Next, you should call the fire department to come and inspect the walls to see if the burning wires have started a fire. When everything is all clear, you should call a licensed professional. You don’t want to turn the power back on in the house until the issue has been repaired and the electrician gives you the go-ahead to turn the power on. This is an emergency situation and should be addressed the second you notice the burning smell.

#5 Your Outlets Are Warm To the Touch

If you are plugging something in and the outlet is warm to the touch, don’t use it. You should also turn off the power in the house and call an electrician. If the wires connected to the outlet are burning, it is very dangerous. There is a good chance that the wiring is faulty, and it could cause a fire at any time. It is a good idea to go through the home periodically and feel the wall outlets. If you are going to prevent a fire, issues like this need to be caught early.

#6 A Buzzing Sound Inside the Walls

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from inside the walls, the odds that it is bees are very slim. Chances are, it is an electrical problem. The buzzing could be coming from loose screws in the terminals. It could also be something more serious, like a wiring issue.

Rather than tearing down walls to find the problem, you should call a licensed professional. A pro will be able to figure out what is causing the problem and make the necessary repairs.

#7 You Are Getting Electric Shocks When You Plug Things In

If you touch a plug in your home and get an electric shock, it could be a simple static electricity shock. However, if you are getting shocked every time you use the outlet, you should call a licensed electrician. There are several things that could be causing the issue, such as damaged circuits in the appliance, broken cords, or the electrical current is unstable. It is best to call a professional to find the source of the problem. This will protect you from being seriously electrocuted and your house from an electrical fire.

If you are having any electrical issues in your home, contact Tioga Contractors immediately. We are a full-service residential and commercial electrical and plumbing company.

We are a family-owned business that has been serving customers in the area since 1953. Our electrical division has been in business for just a few years, and during this time, we have developed an excellent reputation within the community.

We understand how dangerous electrical issues can be; therefore, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To schedule an appointment with a highly trained, licensed electrician, give us at Tioga Contractors a call today.

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When deciding to sell your home, the first thing you may do is ensure your home is up to date. You may decide to paint the walls, fix your garden, or even update your plumbing, etc. However, your electrical system should be the first thing you consider upgrading. You will need to update and fix your electrical system if you want to sell your home and make a decent profit. Updating your home’s electrical systems is easy with the help of a local and trustworthy electrician. If you want to sell your home in the area, you should contact Tioga Contractors for all of your electrical service updates, repairs, and inspections.

What Needs to Be Updated, Repaired, Or Fixed In Your Property’s Electrical System

Outdated Electrical Systems

Old and outdated electrical items pose a huge problem for home sellers and buyers. Outdated systems are dangerous and can end up costing a lot to be repaired and remodeled. Old homes have problematic materials, such as aluminum, in your electrical system. Older systems may also become faulty over time and due to use and degradation. Frayed and loose wires are more inclined to be found in old systems. Outdated wiring systems are often made of dangerous materials such as aluminum wiring. These problems can lead to power surges, house fires, and insurance issues. If your home’s electrical system needs some updating, be sure to have a professional electrician inspect and repair it as need be. If you do not want to do a total remodel at once, you should consult with a trusted electrician on repairing and remodeling little by little. This method of home electrical system remodeling will be easier on your pockets while increasing your safety and increasing the value of your property.

Some home insurance providers will refuse to cover properties with outdated electrical systems. They may also refuse to cover property with aluminum wiring, and or 60-amp electrical service. 60-amp electrical service may be ok if it is installed properly, by a professional electrician. The key to ensuring your electrical system is up to date, is hiring a reoccurring electrician for annual or even bi-annual inspection. The world around is constantly changing and improving, new home buyers expect the same with electrical systems.

Inadequate Electrical Service

As mentioned previously, some home insurance companies will refuse coverage if your property’s electrical service is 60-amps. 60-amp electrical service is what was used in older homes. The new normal for homes is 200-amps.

Understanding the number of amps that are acceptable for your home, starts with understanding what an electrical amp is. An electrical amp is defined as a unit for measuring electricity. An amp can also be referred to as an ampere. Basically, the electrical load is measured by amps. The volume of electricity in old, traditional homes is 60 amps, which is no longer the standard.

200-amps seems to be the new standard for electrical homes in modern homes, however not all homes need 200-amp electrical service. Figuring out the proper electrical load for your home can be done with the help of a professional. Homes that are smaller than 3,000 square feet, may do well with an electrical load of 100-amps. Low electrical service loads may not be a problem at all, as long as the home is properly maintained and up to date. If you are looking to sell an older home with 60-amp electrical service, have an electrician inspect your electrical system for faulty or loose wiring, and replace it with safe materials. If you live in the Euless, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors in order to have your electrical systems up to date.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering lights may not seem like a huge problem. However, this small, slight inconvenience may indicate a huge problem within your electrical system. Flickering and dimming lights is a common occurrence in older homes. A light that flickers only when turning it on and only for a few seconds is no cause for alarm. However, it cannot hurt, to have a professional electrician inspect and repair it if possible. Having perfectly working lights in a home you mean to sell will help with the home’s appeal to potential buyers.

If your lights have just started flickering uncharacteristically or at random times, this may indicate an unhealthy surge of power and or overloaded circuits. This can lead to loose and frayed wiring if that is already not the cause. This could also be an early indication of other electrical problems to come. If you plan on selling your home, make sure any flickering light issue is properly dealt with beforehand. If you live in the area, and are having problems with your flickering lights, contact the electrical professionals at Tioga Contractors for help.

Knob and Tube Wiring

A common issue found in electrical systems in older homes is knob and tube wiring. If this type of wiring is installed correctly and properly by an experienced electrician, you may not experience any problems stemming from your system at all. However, if your system is going through changes, such as adding more outlets, adding special outlets for major appliances, or any other modern electrical upgrades, having knob and tube wiring in your electrical system can cause your circuits to become overloaded with too much power.

Older homes have different kinds of electrical systems and materials. Updated electrical systems work more efficiently and safely. This is the main reason; you will want to update your electrical system if you plan on selling your home. A realtor and house inspector may advise potential buyers to either have it fixed as soon as they move in or have the seller fix it if an electrical system is not up to code or is old. This will force you as the home seller to either do as the inspector suggests or sell the home for less than it’s worth. Having this happen during a sale can really turn the home buyer off to purchasing the home and cause your house to sit on the market, longer than it should. If you live in or around the Euless, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors, to hire a professional and trustworthy electrician for system updates and repairs.

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Nowadays every device and service that we use requires electricity. This precious commodity is necessary for every modern property in Irving, TX, that is designed for people. TV, lighting, water pumps, and internet all require a steady and safe electrical supply in order to provide their services.

Electrical wires and socket plugs inside and outside the property provide a quick and easy way to use or remove electrical devices. However, old cables can become damaged and become loose. When that happens, your devices may become unstable and require more energy than usual to work.

Hiring an electrician can have a lot of benefits. A trained professional can examine the safety and health of your electrical devices in a quick and effortless way. Knowing that the electrical devices installed in the house are reliable and safe to use can add a layer of comfort and offer peace of mind.

Arranging for an electrician to stop by your property and have a thorough inspection will give you plenty of time to prepare for the winter lying ahead. A well maintained network is robust and immune to sudden surges and blackouts. In this post, you will find out what troubles you can avoid simply by hiring a professional for the annual house maintenance.

Back Up Generators

During the winter, back up generators can save you from a sudden power cut. Houses in Irving, TX, are usually equipped with automatic or semi-automatic generators which activate when they sense that the electricity grid is down. An electrician can help with the repairs and maintenance of the generator and inform you on the best practices extending its life.

If you are thinking of investing in one, it’s a good idea to talk with a professional first. The market is overcrowded with electrical generators or various types and selecting one randomly can lead to disappointing results. Nevertheless, investing in the right type of backup generator means that your house will never stay dark and cold during a power cut.

Staying Safe

Electrical fires are a serious hazard. The high voltage required to operate modern devices can lead to sparking when poor quality leads are being used. An electrician can inspect the condition of your wires and replace anything that doesn’t look right. A frequent safety check means that your property is in good condition and you won’t have to deal with unfortunate surprises. Properties that undertake frequent electrical checks may face a favorable insurance treatment too.

Apart from hazardous wires and old appliances, power surges can cause damage as well. A power surge is likely to occur from an anomaly in the electrical grid or by a lighting bolt. While you can’t prevent this from happening, you can ask an electrician the available ways to protect your property. Surge protectors and even lighting arrestors can be used to minimize the chance of experiencing such a power surge. Nowadays, the need for surge protection is even greater as modern electronic devices are very sensitive and may be damaged by such an event.

Reduced Bills

Frequent electrical maintenance can help to deflate the electricity bills once and for all. Nowadays, the market is rich with energy efficient devices and lighting bulbs that offer incredible performance. For instance, an LED light has more than 75% efficiency than a traditional light bulb. In numbers, a simple 5 Watts LED bulb will light the room as if a 45 Watts bulb was used. Imagine, by upgrading your old fridge to a new one how much energy you can save annually.

An electrician can give you useful advice on how to cut down the utility bills by upgrading your house with modern light bulbs and electrical appliances. A wire replacement can also make the difference as energy will be transferred more efficiently.

Finally, if you want to make your house more environmentally friendly while reducing the electricity bills, you may want to consider solar and wind energy generators. Again, before you invest in such an interesting solution, it’s better to seek the advice of an electrician as various types and models exist on the market.

Comfortable Lighting

Having comfortable light during the dark hours of the day is essential. Especially if you are working from home, lighting can have a big impact on your mentality and strength. The quality of your eyesight will also remain unaffected when the room is illuminated in just the right color and intensity. As we already discussed above, lights play a big part in the electricity bills.

Using LED technology can help you to create just the right mood without knocking you off budget. Mood Lights, reading lights and dimming bulbs are available in the market, all designed to address your needs. An electrician can help you find the correct type of bulb for the task that you are interested in. Whether you just want to enjoy a nice dinner or you have to work overnight, LED lights can significantly improve your lifestyle.

Make Your House Smart

Thanks to the exponential advancements of technology, you can now turn your house into a place of the future. Smart devices consist of appliances that are all connected into your local network and talk to each other.

Depending on your habits, needs and moods, you can turn your place into an office during the day or a comfortable dining restaurant at night. Voice activation can turn devices on and off without the need to lift a finger. Moreover, thanks to intelligent software, each device uses a fraction of the energy a conventional device would use. An electrician can advise you on the steps you need to take to make your house really a personal space.

Get In Touch Today

Tioga contractors consist of just the right professionals you need to make your house a better place. From safety checks to electrical upgrades, here you will find tailored solutions to your problems. Serving the area, Tioga Contractors are standing by to attend to your needs.

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Experiencing electric problems in your Euless, TX, home may not always prompt you to call electrical services. In fact, sometimes, you may just think it’s a minor issue that will blow over, leaving you to enjoy the experience of relaxing in your home again.

That’s not always the case and, oftentimes, you may be dealing with an electric problem that requires you to immediately call an electrician. At other times, it’s a minor issue as you suspect.

This list will help you differentiate between the two kinds of problems, allowing you to more effectively recognize when there’s something serious that needs to be fixed immediately.

1. Flickering Lights or Complete Darkness

Inconsistent lighting in your home is no small problem. It may seem like a mere inconvenience at first, but it’s something that often points to much larger issues. Left unattended, these bigger problems can wreak havoc on your entire electric system in your home.

There are some tests you can run to check if the problem is so serious that it needs to be dealt immediately. For starters, you can check if the lights in adjacent rooms are flickering as well. You can also try swapping light bulbs to see if it’s a problem with the specific light bulb or the circuitry.

You can also try checking for the exact instances when your lights are starting to dim. In some cases, this can be immediately after you’ve switched on an electrically demanding appliance, such as a dishwasher or a washing machine.

If you see evidence that the problem is one to do with the circuitry and not just the bulb or an isolated part of the home, that’s a clear sign that you need to call an electrician to fix the problem.

2. Burn Marks Around Outlets

If there are burn marks around your electric outlets, that’s, of course, a huge sign that something has gone seriously wrong. At no point should you see marks like these around your outlets, and spotting them means that the electric current in your home isn’t moving as efficiently as it ought to.

If you see anything like this, be sure to check that it’s not a problem that’s present all over this. Establishing whether it’s localized to a small section of the home or your Euless, TX, home in its entirety can help you gauge the scale of the problem.

An entire house problem is one for which you’ll need to call an electrician immediately. Having just one or a few electric outlets with burn marks on them isn’t as much a cause for concern but it still means you need the issue taken care of as soon as possible.

In the meantime, make sure to avoid using the outlets that have the marks.

3. A Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker is built to trip whenever the current passing through it becomes too much for it to safely handle. This helps ensure that there are no short circuits with the various electrical appliances you have within your home. However, that’s only meant to happen from time to time. It’s certainly not something you should be expecting to see every day, or even once every few days.

When there’s a problem with the circuit breaker, though, it’s a problem you may find yourself dealing with on an hourly basis once it becomes severe.

You can usually catch the issue out long before it has become something to worry about. Simply pay attention to whether your circuit breaker is tripping more than it usually does. For example, if it’s tripping three times a week as opposed to the twice a month rate you were previously experiencing, that means that there is likely a problem developing with it.

Whenever you suspect that there’s an issue, the most important thing to do is to call an electrician to confirm whether a problem and to fix it if there is.

Letting the problem run on may result in the circuit breaker failing completely. Total failure means that your home will be left susceptible to an overcharged current that may threaten the whole of your electrical system and the electrical appliances you have.

4. Buzzing Noises

Another sign that you may need to call an electrician is buzzing noises at or around your electrical outlets. These mean that there is a problem with the free flow of current, and that in turn points to a risk that the appliances plugged into the socket may receive a higher voltage than they can handle. As a result, your appliances may wind up malfunctioning or they may completely cease to function.

Again, you can check if this problem is one that’s affecting your entire home or simply a section to determine its severity. The crucial thing is simply that you call an electrician, since it can also be a sign that your home’s electric wiring is close to failure.

5. Higher than Normal Bill

You may also need to call an electrician if your electricity bill has become higher than normal in the last few months, especially if your usage hasn’t increased to justify the addition to your electric bill.

The biggest reason why calling an electrician is essential here is so that you can rein in your spending. Having a professional fix the exact problems that are causing your bills to go out of whack will help you do that.

Sometimes, the issue here is that some of your wiring has fallen out of place, causing a larger than usual draw of electricity. Much of it doesn’t go towards anything useful within the home, but you’ll still get charged for it at the end of the month.

There are numerous electric problems that can occur within Euless, TX, home and cause you to need the services of an electrician, when that happens, be sure to contact Tioga Contactors! While spotting them ahead of time may not be easy, the five signs above can help you tell when something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed immediately.

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Do you need electrical tasks for your Bedford, TX home? Maybe you’re not even sure if you should hire an electrician or if they can take care of some of these tasks for you. Well, if that’s the case we’re going to clear up some of the misconceptions that you might have. The truth is, electricians can take care of just about any services that you might need that involve the electricity in your home. That means any of the things we’re going to talk about below and more.

Wiring – If you need any form of wiring in your home including rewiring, new wiring and replacement, an electrician can take care of this for you. This even means wiring in new construction homes or putting in new wiring for additions that you put onto your home.

Installations – Things like lighting, ceiling fans, TV’s, phone jacks and even electrical outlets and switches can all be done by a professional. If you are looking to put in any form of new electrical fixtures it’s a good idea to hire someone to take care of it for you.

Lighting – Basically anything that has to do with your lighting should be taken care of by a professional electrician as well. So, if you want seasonal lighting installed, security lighting, landscape or other outdoor lighting or even lights somewhere inside your home you can hire someone to come in and take care of these things.

Emergency Lighting – If you have a generator you want hooked up for backup power in case of an outage you can call a professional to take care of it for you. If you want emergency power or if you find yourself without power for some reason you can also call.

Upgrades & Troubleshooting – If you want to upgrade the electrical in your home or if you’re having problems that you aren’t sure what’s causing them these are other reasons that you should be calling a professional electrician. They can take a look and find out what’s wrong in your home.

Remodeling – Looking to remodel your home? If you are then you’re likely going to need to do something with the electrical. You might need to wire additional areas or change out wires that are too old. A professional will take care of these things for you easily.

Construction – If you’re building a brand new home you’re absolutely going to need a professional to take care of things for you. There’s a whole lot of wiring that goes into a new construction and that’s something you need someone with advanced skills to work with you on.

Fuses & Breakers – Did you trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse? If you did then you want to have a professional come out and take a look. They can figure out whether it was a fluke that can just be reset and left alone or whether it was a sign of a more major problem.

Code Corrections – If you’ve been told that your home isn’t up to code or that there’s a problem with the electrical you’ll need to bring in a professional to take a look and find out what’s wrong. They’ll be able to update and upgrade your system so it meets the code.

Electrical Panel – When it comes to wiring your entire home the one main part of this is the electrical panel. If there’s a problem with the panel however, you’ll need to bring in a professional to take care of whatever is going on and make sure that you get it up to code.

Project Design – If you’re planning some form of upgrade or change to your home and you’re going to need new electrical you want an electrician to be part of the planning service. They can help you figure out what you need to get done and how it’s all going to work in the end.

Commercial – If you have a commercial property you may need someone to come out and take care of the electrical there as well. The right electrician should be able to take care of your residential and commercial properties with no problem, so you don’t need to call in multiple people.

In general, if it has to do with your electricity at all chances are an electrician can and should take care of it. You should never try to take on anything with your electrical by yourself. You never know what seemingly minor projects could be extremely dangerous or could turn into far more extensive projects than you realized. Anything that deals with your electricity could be a hazard for yourself, your family, your home and a whole lot more and that’s definitely not worth it.

If you’re ready to hire an electrician you absolutely want to make sure you’re hiring the right people for the job. Well, with Tioga Contractors of Bedford, TX you’re not going to have to worry about that. Our team will take care of the most minor electrical needs that you have and we’ll also take care of the more serious and extensive problems you might be experiencing. No matter what your home or business needs, our team is prepared to handle it for you because we have the training and the skills to complete any electrical project.

If you’re looking to swap out electrical outlets we can take care of that. If you want to build and wire a home from the ground up, we can take care of that too. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll send someone out to get started on your project. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your time with your family as much as possible. And that means we can take care of the problem right away. Our team is licensed, bonded and insured and we’re ready for even the most minor of projects. Put us to the test and you’ll see what we can do.

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Are you in need of an electrician for your Euless, TX home? Chances are that you’re going to need one at some point or another, right? At some point you’ll have a problem with the electrical in your home and you’ll need someone to come out and help you with it. Or you might want to put in new lighting or change out some of the wiring in your home. In any of these cases you’re going to need a professional to come out and help you with the process, but how do you choose someone?

  • Ask People You Know

The very first thing that you should be doing is asking the people that you know who they’ve worked with before. Talk to your friends and family and ask them whether they’ve worked with someone recently and who it was. Make sure you ask them about people who were good and who were bad and get their stories. You want to know who you should be looking at and who you definitely shouldn’t. And remember, there’s more to hiring an electrician than just one person’s view.

  • Check Them Out Online

Once you’ve gotten reviews and feedback from people you know it’s going to be time to look for reviews and information from people online. Go to their webpage and look for feedback that they have posted. These should be all positive feedback. If they’re not it’s definitely a negative sign. Most companies won’t leave negative feedback on their own page. Then, make sure you’re checking out third party sites as well. You want to make sure that you are getting real feedback that isn’t being censored by their people. That’s why you want to look at websites like Yelp or Angie’s List or similar sites.

  • Check Out the Website

This is where you’re going to actually look at the electricians website. You want to know more about the specific services that they offer and just what they can do for you. You want to make sure that they can take care of whatever it is that you were looking to have done and you definitely want to make sure that they have experience in it. So, check out their website and see what area they work in, what projects they can do and anything else you possibly can about their services.

  • Check Out Credentials

You’ll want to take a good, hard look at any credentials that the company has because these let you know if they’ve been getting updated information, doing additional research, following up with more training and so on. You want to be sure that you’re working with someone who really cares about their profession and does everything they can to prove they know what they’re doing. That way, you can make sure that you’re on the right track hiring them to work on your home. You don’t want someone who is going to do a halfhearted job, after all.

  • Talk to Them

This is where you want to actually talk to the company. Ask them specifically about their services and even about rates for general projects. They should have an hourly rate or a flat rate for some projects that they can give you (swapping out a light fixture, for example, will generally have a flat rate associated). By talking with them you’ll also get a better idea of how you feel around them and whether you would feel comfortable inviting them into your home. Even though this is only going to be over the phone you can find out a lot about your electrician this way.

  • Ask for References

It’s going to feel like you’re doing a whole lot of research into finding out about these electricians and that’s exactly right. You want to make sure that you’re getting references directly from them so you can get even more background. They should have a few people who they have worked with recently (not years ago) that will tell you about the service that they performed and how it went. You want to make sure that you actually call those references and get feedback. The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t do a good job.

  • Get a Quote

If the project that you’re going to have them take care of is major you absolutely want to get a quote before you hire someone. You should have a few different options still at this point and getting a quote is a good way to help you figure out which one you want to go with. Remember, the cheapest quote is not always a bad thing and the most expensive one is not always a good thing. This is just one more piece of the puzzle that you need to pay attention to in choosing an electrician.

  • Set Up a Project

For those who need major electrical work you may want to set up a smaller project that the electrician can perform for you before you hire them for a major project. This will give you a chance to find out more about how they work, what they can do and whether you really feel comfortable having them around. It also lets you know their way of doing things and whether you really agree with the feedback that you’ve received. From there, it’s time to hire someone for the major project (or another minor project) that you had planned.

If you need an electrician in Euless, TX then it’s time for you to call Tioga Contractors. Our team of electricians can get to your home in no time and make sure that your electrical problems aren’t a problem anymore. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know what you’re experiencing. From there, one of our electricians can come out and help you get everything back to normal again. It really is as simple as that and you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll take care of it all and get you back to your normal life.

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Most people are not experts concerning electricity and wiring in homes. Electricity can actually be frightening for those of us that don’t know much about it. Luckily, professional electricians are available in Bedford, TX, to take the mystery out of electricity and make sure our homes are safe.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a common problem for many homeowners. The cause is probably not a supernatural disturbance, or anything out of the ordinary. Flickering lights during use of heavy appliances, such as heating and air systems, washers and dryers, and refrigerators are most likely caused by an outlet that was not meant for high-power appliances.

An electrician can fix this problem by dedicating a circuit to power-heavy appliances and updating the wiring. Flickers that occur randomly without any association with a particular appliance may be due to a conductor issue in the panel. This is a potentially dangerous problem and should be addressed by an electrician as soon as possible.

Humming Breaker Boxes

A buzzing or humming sound from breaker boxes is fairly common. The sound is produced by the energy moving through the box at all times. This humming can become part of the background noise in a home and is usually not noticed
unless something changes.

A louder hum than normal or fluctuations in intensity can indicate a problem. It may seem reasonable that the sound would be louder when a high-powered appliance is in use, but this is not necessarily true. A properly wired home should not produce louder sounds during operation of commonly used appliances.

Rodent Damage

Rodents are a common concern for homeowners in Bedford, TX. Damaged wires may not be the first thing that comes to mind after noticing rodent droppings. Unfortunately, mice and rats almost always chew electrical wiring. Chewed wires are a fire hazard. The damaged wiring may not be immediately obvious, but chances are that damage has occurred somewhere if rodents have established themselves in a home.

A visual check of wiring in basements, attics, and other areas where rodent droppings are found may identify potential hazards. Rodents can also get inside walls and crawlspaces that homeowners can not view easily. An electrician knows what to look for and has the necessary knowledge to check areas that may be overlooked by untrained homeowners.

Water Damage

Water damage presents a threat to a home’s electrical wiring. A damaged roof or leaky window allows water to enter the home. Turn off the power to any outlets that may have been exposed to moisture. The structural or roof damage must be fixed, and it is also a good idea to have an electrician check wiring and outlets in area of the home exposed to moisture.

Any outlet exposed to water should be replaced. Sometimes water damage is not obvious. Small leaks can exist for a long time without being noticed, and damaged wiring inside of walls exposed to moisture can go unnoticed as well.

Some signs to look for include sparks from outlets around windows or water sources and unexplained outlet malfunctions. Consult a professional if appliances and devices plugged into a certain outlet suddenly stop working. Outlets do not lose power for no reason, so a malfunctioning outlets means a problem in the wiring exists somewhere.

Arcing Plugs and Outlets

Electrical arcing when plugging in an appliance or any kind of electrical device should not be ignored. It could indicate a problem with the power box or wiring. A spark always occurs when plugging an electronic device into an outlet, but it shouldn’t be visible in a plug that is operating normally.

A small flash of white or blue light is fairly common. This flash looks threatening, but it is normal and does not present a threat of electrocution beyond a small static shock. Flashes that last longer than a few seconds or flashes with yellow or orange coloring may indicate a problem. A warm outlet also indicates a wiring problem. Stop using an outlet immediately if unusual visible arcing occurs or if the outlet and surrounding wall surface feels hot.

Stop using an outlet if you notice a visible arc and call an electrician. Arcing can damage the plug or cause fires. It is important to take note of strange odors. A smell similar to ozone or undercurrents of burning plastic could indicate a fire has occurred, even if it is just a small one. Examine outlets and plugs closely. Misshapen plugs or black soot around an outlet mean something produced enough heat to melt plastic and burn materials in range of the plug.

A melted plug surrounded by black soot is a very dangerous sign because it means there was enough heat to burn or melt everything around the outlet. Contact a professional electrician if you have any doubts or suspicions. It is better to be overly cautious than ignore a problem that could seriously damage your home, and injure the people inside. Call emergency services for active fires and sparking. The underlying problem can be fixed by an electrician after the immediate threat is addressed.

Dangers of Electrical Fires

The National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, states that electrical failures or malfunctions were the second most common cause of house fires in the U.S. from 2012-2016 and made up 13% of all residential structure fires. Approximately 24% of these fires started between midnight and 8 am. Electrical fires were responsible for 18% of civilian deaths and 20% of direct property damage caused by fire during the same four-year period.

Homeowners can protect themselves by consulting an electrician immediately at the first sign of electrical problems. Call the professionals at Tioga Plumbing, Electric, and Glass in Bedford, TX, to make sure your home’s electrical wiring is safe and keep appliances, lighting, and heating or cooling systems running reliably.