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Are you in need of the best electrical services? At Tioga, we have a well established electrical department that specializes in dealing with any type of electricity challenges like electrical wiring, installing light bulbs, installing TV and phone jacks and replacing all types of electrical switches. We have a competent team of highly experienced experts that pride themselves in giving you the most outstanding services. By being aware of the challenges and quickly adjusting to the most recent technologies, we have the most updated tools, knowledge and resources in the electrical industry. We are well equipped and always ready to take any issue head on, providing you with the most effective solutions in electrical challenges.

Our experts are licensed, insured and highly skilled to provide installation and repair services of almost every home equipment, from hot water tanks, kitchen stationary to garbage disposals. Tioga is a fully licensed plumbing, fire-suppression and electrical services company. We provide services to both commercial and residential spaces. We are a company well versed in wet and electrical utilities for both commercial and residential projects. Additionally, we don’t prioritize projects, whether small or big, we give it our all. Every member of our staff strictly follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

They are also involved in in-house training programs that mainly focus on the safety standards, techniques, drug screening, background checks as well as driving records. We guarantee the highest integrity levels, professionalism and skill anytime you choose to work with us. At Tioga, maintainability and electrical safety is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga. We are dedicated to making sure your home or business is as safe as possible. We offer childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, electrical safety inspections as well as wiring upgrades.

Childproofing Outlets

Being aware that uninterrupted and constant adult supervision isn’t guaranteed, we provide childproof outlets that protect your children and guests. This prevents liability and any form of injury that it might cause. Also known as temper proof receptors, these childproof outlets are very effective in preventing damage. As a matter of fact, according to the 2008 NEC, it is a requirement that every home has a childproof outlet.

Electrical Inspections

We offer the best electrical services especially in inspection. Research shows that electrical faults are among the biggest causes of property damage in Hurst, TX. Pinpointing and repairing electrical problems will need highly skilled and professional safety inspection. Do you want any of these electrical services? Schedule a safety inspection with us today for a detailed, prioritized and honest checklist of recommendations for your home.

Specially Dedicated Computer Circuits

The functionality of your company heavily depends on computers. To prevent damaged fuses or tripped circuit directors, we can install an effective circuit breaker that specially manages your computer systems. This implies that when it is switched on, your office electrical devices will not interrupt the computers. The electrical codes are usually updated once in three years by NEC, the country’s single code for electrical installation. This is a safety measure that protects property and people from potential electrical damage. At Tioga, we will ensure that your residence is fully fitted with this effective system by disembarking our team there. They guarantee the best electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might have experienced it before, power surges can occur in one flash because of a variety of reasons, damaging your precious electronics. It is highly advisable to protect the electrical appliances in your house from potential harm posed by power surges. At Tioga, we pride ourselves in having the best surge protectors that can withstand any levels of power surge.

The GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are products mainly used in highly sensitive areas like the kitchen, bathroom or the garage where risks of electricity shocks are high. You can detect the electrical shocks through the ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons that are placed on the receptacle. The outlets are very important because they protect you from potential electricity circuits through managing and monitoring the amount of power going through the circuit. It will send an alarm if it detects any kind of electrical imbalance. Once it is detected, the outlet instantly stops the electricity flow, averting danger.

The Wiring Updates

Old and outdated wiring is not only dangerous for your home but also affects the functionality of the system you could be enjoying. Experts highly recommend that you regularly update the wiring system of your home. Stop worrying about always unplugging the sockets and prevent any sort of electrical disaster, get a good surge protector from Tioga. We will also update your home wiring system at affordable prices.

The Circuit Replacement Services

One key thing to proper electrical appliance’s functionality is sufficient electrical capacity. In most occasions, the circuit breaker replacement has the potential of repairing overload issues without necessarily using the electrical system update. At Tioga, we provide the most outstanding electrical services through remarkable circuit breakers.

Bulb Lighting Services

Are you in need of the best lighting services? Do you want a new idea of designing your house? Get in touch with our contractors for all of the electrical services in Hurst, TX. We have some of the best experts seeking to give you the best electrical services. We will also help design the final touches and outlook on your home or business premises. We are well known for offering a wide range of lighting services, all at very affordable prices. We offer commercial ballasts that are critical in limiting the electricity flow through the fluorescent bulbs. Such measures prevent them from becoming overly heated and burning out.

Experiments show that wireless lighting solutions will properly control lighting and devices in your home. It is actually simple and easier because it will be done through a remote control or smartphone. Great lighting is ideal for the beauty of your home.

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Every homeowner needs electrical services for their home to be in order. Entrepreneurs need the services too as businesses require electrical services to run efficiently. Tioga Contractors is a recognized company that offers electrical services to all residents and businesses in Bedford, TX. The employees work with homeowners in every part of the state, offering repair services, upgrades, and installation when needed. Our company is accredited by engineering and electrical agencies in the country. Professionalism and quality customer care is our mantra as we serve customers across the region. Tioga Contractors are committed to the satisfaction of every customer that reaches the company. You are guaranteed premium services, as our wiring and repair work in both residential and industrial buildings is thorough. The following are some of the reasons why you should contact us should you need electrical services in Bradford.

  • Electrical Installations

You can trust Tioga Contractors for all your electrical installations. Our technicians are experienced and will come through when you need indoor or outdoor electrical installation. Contact us today if you want carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation, ceiling and attic fan installation, home automation, EV charger installation, and electrical troubleshooting. We understand how essential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are in the home and will help you get the right design for your home. Every electrician is knowledgeable about every design available and will recommend the best unit that you need. We are available for installations, repair, and any form of upgrade for your air conditioning unit. Lighting is crucial in your home. Tioga Contractors offer the best bathroom, kitchen, and garage lighting installation services in Bedford, TX. Other forms of installations we offer include electrical panel installations, electrical outlet installation, and much more. We also provide repairs and upgrades for all types of installations.

  • Commercial Electrical Services

Tioga Contractors are ready when you need commercial electronic services in Bedford, TX. The contractors are experienced and use the latest equipment when handling tasks. You are guaranteed the most solid safety standards when working with our technicians. Every industrial assignment our contractors handle results in stable electrical supply in commercial buildings. The electrician assigned to your retail shop, office, market complex or any other non-residential building will do a thorough and impressive job. Our designs and installations are of premium status as we value all customers. Every electrician in the company does more than just installations and repairs in shops and offices. We understand how serious security is for a business, and that is why we offer to get you the best CCTV systems. Our expertise in security matters will help you safeguard your business. Our relationship with security system manufactures doubled up with our experience and reputation will help you get the best security products in the market. Some of the security installations we do include integrated security systems, audio and visual entry systems, intruder alarms, and security lighting.

  • We Are Affordable

Our contractors offer the best services at an affordable price. Every client in that has used our services in the past recognizes that the price range by Tioga contactors is the friendliest in the state. We do not use a flat-rate amount when charging for services as every installation, repair, maintenance, and upgrade is unique. We are a considerate company that reasons with the client before starting a project. We value your input at Tioga Contractors and will listen to what you have to offer before the electrician begins the work. We will review your situation and work within your budget when you need repairs and upgrades. Our electricians are objective and will consider factors like the level of damage, the volume of repair required, the type of installation, and the components needed for the work. The products we get are genuine, long-lasting, and affordable. Contact us today to have your electrical issues fixed and save more. Tioga Contractors are inexpensive and finish every contract as required by the client and within budget.

  • Every Contractor Working for the Company is Specially Trained 

Every electrician at Tioga Contractors is trained, tested, and approved by relevant electrical and engineer bodies. Our technicians are experts who adhere to every professional rule while working. Tioga Contractors are ethical and the company established as the most trusted and leading electrical firm in the region. Our policies ensure that every contactor is verified and approved before being posted for assignments. A Tioga Contractors’ electrician will work effectively without interfering with your daily schedule. We value time and will get at your home as quickly as possible. You can rely on our highly skilled employees for professionalism and quality work when you contact us for electrical services. We are determined to help you fix all the electrical problems you have in the house and thus will avail every electrician ready no matter the extension of the repair. Tioga Contractors deliver top-notch installation services, first-rate electrical design, and thorough testing services with a fair approach.

  • Emergency Services

Emergencies occur when one is least prepared to handle them. Electrical emergency services can inconvenience you during weird hours, or even get to be hazardous when not handled immediately. Tioga Contractors are available throughout the days and nights when you need help managing electrical issues in your home. Our lines are always open, and you are free to ask for an electrician or any help immediately you face an emergency. Due to the delicate nature of electrical emergencies, we advise all our customers in Bedford to not touch anything they are not familiar with, and only wait for trained engineers to come to solve the emergencies. All you need to do is call and wait for help. We have modern equipment and will be swift with the work. We take precautions in everything we do as we value your safety as a client. Every electrician on site ensures that the tasks handled fully meet existing electrical regulation and safety standards. Ally emergencies handled are covered by the company’s quality guarantee.


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While Euless, TX homeowners may not realize it, if you live in an older home where the wiring and outlets haven’t been worked on since the 50’s, there are a number of electrical services jobs you have to keep an eye on if you want to maintain the longevity of your home.

Lazy Outlet Jobs

While this is an electrical service problem older homes face, some newer homes also face the issue of outlets having wires back stabbed instead of screwed. the neutral wires and hot wires in an outlet are pushed through small holes in the back instead of being anchored/tied down by screws. Because the wires are loose, it has the potential to simply come undone, pop out of the holes and not operate anymore, losing access to power when an appliance is plugged in. The worst-case scenario is when the hot wire touches a piece of metal near wood and creates a potential fire hazard. Inspecting, and redoing any outlets done this way is the only way to protect your home from a potential fire risk.

Ungrounded Electrical Outlets

While newer homes have outlets with three prongs installed (The third prong grounds the electronics), older homes with only two-pronged electrical outlets don’t have a flow in the event of a short circuit. While a grounded outlet would normally blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker, without proper electrical services, the electricity will flow out through the electrical appliance, damaging it and even shocking you. Having an electrician install grounded electrical outlets are incredibly important for the safety of your home and your electronics lasting longer than a month.

Panels and You

Back when homes didn’t require a lot of appliances or electrical outlets to manage, the panel on a breaker board didn’t have to accommodate many appliances, construction companies reasoned they could get away with building a panel that could handle about 200 amps for example. In the modern home, current appliances can require anywhere up to three times that number. In the case of an older home today, a panel may simply have single pole breakers replaced by tandem breakers, which can cause damage to your home wiring, and become an issue if an inspector were to ever inspect your home as it’s against building codes in Euless, TX to have a panel that contains more circuits than it is rated to handle.
Electrical services in this case calls for the installation of either a larger model of breaker board or a subpanel with a few extra slots, in the event your circuit panel’s overcapacity doesn’t require a massive panel.

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters and How Not to Shock Yourself

When you use an appliance in a part of your house with a lot of water, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll find your outlet may be missing an important safety feature installed in nearly every new home. A GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter quickly switches off the power to a switch in the presence of water. Without this safety feature, you may find you or your appliances constantly shocked by short circuits caused by water in that part of your home. GFCI’s can be installed by electrical service professionals in a couple ways, either on the outlets or on the main panel of your breaker. This can be much less expensive if you have a lot of appliances in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Aluminum Wiring

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, Euless, TX homes were built with electrical service economy in mind, and a cheap replacement for the relatively expensive copper in homes at the time was aluminum wiring. Because Aluminum and copper may come in contact with each other in the home, there’s a high chance for both the aluminum and copper to corrode, leading to leaking batteries, electric arcs, breaks in wires, and even a potential fire hazard. The best decision to make here is to replace all aluminum wiring in your home immediately with copper wiring.

Outdated Light Fixtures

Today, light bulbs are designed more efficiently, and with higher wattage in mind. Because the bulb takes greater electricity, a modern-day light bulb in an outdated fixture has the potential to fry out or melt the socket and insulation on the fixture’s wires, which can cause the wires to spark, potentially igniting any dry wood and causing a fire. Electrical service professionals dictate that replacing outdated light fixtures with ones that can take higher wattage, or simply using lower watt bulbs is the only way to get around this potential fire hazard.

Too Few Outlets

When households use to rely on up to 10 electronics at a time, it was acceptable to have only 5 outlets, and maybe an extension cord for a few additional, temporary appliances. In the present day where charging phones, laptops, lamps, alarm clocks, bed warmers, and other appliances can all take place in multiple bedrooms throughout a home, using too few outlets and relying on power strips is more than a oversight, it’s potentially a fire hazard. Electrical services in this case will require you to expand the wiring of your home and install more outlets to keep up with the greater electrical demand your appliances have.


Euless, TX residents may find electrical service matters to be tedious, all to prevent a fire hazard that hasn’t happened yet. In this case though, having an older home and treating it like a modern one is a mistake that can put your lives and the lives of the people you love in danger. Take the time to have Tioga Contractors come out and inspect your homes, and you can protect your home from unnecessary danger.

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Are you looking to hire a fully licensed electrician to handle all your electrical services for your home? Well, Tioga Contractors has got you covered. From wiring, repairs to the installations, we will assign specialized personnel to handle all your needs. As a leading electrical services company, we not only aim at lighting up your home, but we also ensure you stay in a safe environment.

Hiring an electrician can be a tedious process when you fail to consider the following factors:

Getting Recommendations from Previous Customers

When looking for an electrician, your first option is to ask your loved ones for recommendations. As expected, they will only recommend a contractor who delivered satisfactory results. If they are not aware of any contractor within their reach, you can visit customer review columns to establish how customers perceived their service. You can call a fraction of the past customers to determine whether they were satisfied with the technician’s work.

Compare the Estimates

A reasonable estimate from an independent contractor does not translate to quality service. A contractor from a reportable firm like Tioga Contractors may charge more since they provide value for your money by offering quality services. All quality services are not expensive. As long as a company’s level of expertise befits the awaited project, then it is better to invest a little more than to hire one which will not meet your expectations. This not only prevents you from incurring unnecessary future expenses, but it also assures you of accountability from their end. Before you hire one of our electricians, we will state our terms of the contract to assure you that we are good at what we do.


We understand the dangers and risks independent contractors pose on customers. As a licensed, insures and bonded electrical company, we will produce copies of our documents to determine if we are fit to serve you. We also have the right permits for the job. Remember, tracking an unlicensed electrician is costlier than hiring a certified firm.

Why Hire Us?

Fully Licensed

Due to the rise in accidents caused as a result of improper handling of electrical appliances, we aim at preventing such incidences on our sites. As a fully licensed company, we only assign skilled electricians who are experienced to all our customers. They are trained to handle both the design and installation of electric systems. Our journeymens work under the tutelage of skilled professionals for guidance to ensure perfection.


Given the potential liability our services bear, we have insured our employees and third parties against any possible harm should an accident occur while we are on site. We also remain accountable for our personnel when working on your property. In the event of an accident, we will accept full liability for the damages and instead of apportioning blame since we are fully insured.

Training and Experience

Most of our Bedford, TX, customers often inquire about the level of training and experience our electricians have before hiring. Whether your project requires specific expertise such as the installation of data cabling or solar equipment, we will assign only qualified personnel. Since we understand the value of those systems and protocols, we will ensure they are followed to the letter.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Unlike other electrical companies, we allow you to track the work in progress. We recommend that you make site visits to evaluate the progress of your project. When you witness our employees behind-the-scenes, you will be confident about their work. Feel free to ask questions on how we are handling your work. You can always tell about the quality of our work judging by the knowledge we possess over your project

Our Code Compliance is Up-to-Date

Now more than ever, we strive to update our code compliance to meet your requirements. You may not understand what it entails, so that we will explain it to you in the simplest way possible. Both the local and National Electrical Safety Codes exist for particular reasons.

For us to assign an electrician to your home, we ensure to follow the set guidelines and regulations that dictate the minimum standards of electrical safety. As a Bedford, TX homeowner, you need to familiarize yourself with the law. The last thing we want is to be blamed for a house fire or electrical shock incident. Remember, the codes are often revised every three years, which is why a competent electrical company should be concerned about being conversant with the current rules

Referrals from Our Previous Customers

Over the years, we have continued to serve the residents of Bedford, TX and beyond. From their responses, you will understand the amount of time and resources we put to work. Ours is not to get positive reviews alone. Instead, we rate our work through the eyes of our customers. It is easy to tell if any of our electricians fulfilled their obligations according to our customers’ expectations.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Agreeing to a quote is often better than a rough estimate. We realize that independent contractors would instead offer cheaper alternatives and shoddy work that can cause more harm than good. Supposing the said person causes a fire in your house or creates an electrocution hazard. Will they compensate you? Of course not!

Chances are, you were counting on them to deliver quality results, only to disappoint you in the long run. Whatever the case, you can always come to us. We will give a quote based on the size of the project and the cost of materials to be used. Our final price justifies all the safety protocols that have guided us to build a reputation for safety over the years.

Whether you are facing a power outage or are looking to upgrade your lighting, Tioga Contractors has got you covered. Our skilled and experienced technicians always live up to their promises. Be it, electrical wiring, repairs, and maintenance, we will ensure you get value for your money. We continue to serve our first-time and returning customers based in Bedford, TX and beyond using the latest technology in electrical work. Visit our official website to get a free quote and make inquiries.

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There are many benefits of hiring a licensed electrician to install electrical equipment or to conduct repairs in your home or office. Safety is the main reason why you should hire a licensed electrician for electrical repairs. Most homeowners prefer the DIY approach because they want to save money. Do not try handling electrical repairs on your own. Most often, you end up calling a professional electrician after the DIY approach fails.

Electricians stay up to date on code compliance. These guidelines set up by the National and Local authorities ensure that the right electrical work is done in your home. You will also have peace of mind knowing that a professional electrician is doing the repairs or installments.

Tioga Contractors is a licensed electrical company that offers a wide range of electrical services in the DFW region, including Euless, TX. Our technicians have undergone intensive training and have certifications from the relevant authorities. These certifications mean that our technicians are familiar with the standards and safety guidelines of electrical work by the national and local regulations.

We take pride in providing excellent electrical services to our customers in Euless, TX. By adapting to the current technology, we are always ahead in the equipment we offer our customers. Our technicians maintain a positive attitude as they approach every electrical problem on site.

Our Range of Electrical Services 

Tioga Contractors offers a wide range of electrical services such as:

1.  Electrical Wiring of All Types 

The electrical wiring in your home is the most critical part of your electrical system. It is a complex system that requires the training and knowledge of a professional electrician. Contact Tioga Contractors whenever you are having trouble with your electrical wiring.

You can hire us for the wiring of your new home or office. Our technicians understand many types of wiring systems and will propose the best system for your building. Whether it is cleat wiring, conduit wiring, wood casing and capping wiring, we got you covered.

2.  Installing Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Are you contemplating installing a ceiling fan? There are many benefits of ceiling fans such as energy efficiency, easy maintenance, cooling your home in summer and warming it during winter. Ceiling fans also enhance the beauty of your rooms.

When a ceiling fan provides additional light to your rooms, then it is a lighting fan. So fans can serve a dual purpose. Hire us today to install the latest and most energy-efficient lighting and ceiling fans in your home or office. Our technicians can also repair your ceiling fans if they are not functioning correctly. Call us today to get quality installation and maintenance services!

3.  Installing TV and Phone Jacks

We install modern TV and telephone jacks in both homes and industrial settings. Telephone jacks form part of dial-up systems used by home computers to connect to the internet. We can install or repair all the types of phone jacks, including flush plate, wall-mount, baseball jack and even the duplex jack.

Wireless phone jacks are also available and can be used alongside modems to connect to telephones without a phone jack cable. We also install TV jacks at affordable rates.

4.  Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is the outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes to enhance the beauty and improve safety. Tioga Contractors provide a durable and reliable light source of your outdoor spaces through adjustable lamps, motion sensing and dusk to dawn.

Whether you want to light up your swimming pool area or you want to create an outdoor kitchen. We are the perfect people to hire for the electrical services you need. Your home, will transform into a spectacle and marvel in the night!

5.  Security Lighting

Security lighting discourages possible intruders and or burglars from pursuing your home. This is because all the conceivable hiding spots will be eliminated by the robust lighting systems that we will install in your compound.

When you hire us to install security lighting, we will survey the entire home perimeter to create a formidable security lighting system. We identify the highest security and safety risks, such as the heavily wooded areas and counter them.

6.  Appliance Hook-ups

Tioga Contractors provide hook-ups for various home appliances. Hook-ups refer to an assembly and connection of parts, components and apparatus into a circuit, machine or system. We have all the parts and special connections to make your home appliances work again and more efficiently. Whether it is a gas stove or a dryer or a washing machine, you can always contact us to help with the hook-ups.

7.  Repairing A/C and Heating Circuits

Is your air conditioner running but not cooling the house? If so, you need to hire a licensed electrician to repair your AC. We will repair your AC conditioner if you are in the Euless, TX region. At Tioga Contractors, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee if the problem persists even after our technicians repair it.

Other electrical services offered by Tioga Contractors include: installing and replacing electrical outlets and switches, installing automatic generators, high voltage repair, motor controls, electrical remodeling and additions, overhead and underground service, replacing fuses and breakers and power quality and UPS.

Hire Tioga Contractors for Your Electrical Services 

We Have Certified Technicians 

Certifications indicate that our technicians undergo regular training with the relevant regulatory authorities. Our technicians understand the electrical codes and standards set up to provide safety in both homes and offices.

Highly Experienced 

Our technicians have been in the field for at least 3 years and they can, therefore, handle any problem comfortably. We tackle challenges head-on regardless of how complex they are.

Friendly and Have a Positive Vibe 

Positivity makes problems go away quickly. Our technicians address customers with respect and an attitude of positivity. We will honestly tell you what is going on and propose solutions to the problems.


Our services costs are pocket –friendly and within the market range.

Tioga Contractors is an electrical services company based in the DFW region. Our technicians provide quick and efficient electrical installations and repairs in the Euless, TX area. Call us today for the best electrical services in town!

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Are you looking to install a new electrical appliance or remodel your electrical wiring or set up security lights in your compound? If so, you are better off hiring an electrician than choosing the DIY approach.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional to help you do the electrical work include safety during the job and for the long term. A certified electrical technician understands the complexities of the different types of wiring and appliances. He or she will be able to eliminate the danger while working and permanently solve the problem.

Moreover, hiring an electrician saves you money. A qualified technician identifies the problems within your electrical systems and will solve it entirely before charging for his labor cost. You may think that choosing the DIY approach saves you money, but may end up creating more trouble. In the end, you will pay more to correct the damages you could have prevented.

Tioga Contractors is an electrical services company based in Bedford, TX and serves the surrounding areas. We tackle all types of electrical challenges, including installing and replacing electrical outlets and switches, electrical remodeling and additions, repairing air conditioners and heating circuits, and electrical wiring of all types.

Our electrical technicians are trained and licensed by the relevant local and national energy authorities. They also regularly get inducted and obtain certifications on the current electricity guidelines and regulations regarding safety in homes and offices. By choosing us, you will be working with world-class electrical technicians who know what they are doing.

Our technicians have a positive attitude when tackling the challenges in the field. They are friendly to clients and communicate when diagnosing the cause of the electrical problem. They can also advise you on the best electrical products to buy, depending on your location and situation.

Here are some of our primary services:

Security Lighting

Properly placed lighting around your home discourages burglary and other forms of criminal activity in your compound at night. The security lights, in conjunction with security cameras, help to identify the intruders through facial recognition.

When you hire us to install your security lighting, we will first conduct a survey of your compound to identify places where thieves and robbers are likely to hide in. Our electrician will then proceed to create a formidable security lighting plan that is efficient to discourage the bad guys without interfering with the privacy of your neighbors. Call us today for a quote!

Repairing AC and Heating Circuits

Heating and air conditioning systems play a pivotal role in making your house comfortable. During the hot summer, you can barely enjoy your stay at home without a properly functioning air conditioner. Our electricians can repair your air conditioners or help you acquire a new one at an affordable rate.

Heating systems are also critical not only during the cold seasons but also on normal days. We all enjoy a warm bath. Whether it’s the conventional water tanks or the heating systems, we have the expertise to handle any repairs. Call us today to fix your heating systems.

Replacing or Installing Electrical Outlets and Switches

There are over 75 types of electrical outlets that can be installed in your homes. Depending on the appliances and age of your family members, you may need to install and replace different types of sockets regularly.

Our electricians are familiar with this and will help you choose the best outlets and switches depending on your needs. For example, the Marvelous multi-tasker outlet is great for kid’s rooms while the large and in-charge outlets are meant for high current devices such as the electric cookers. If you are living in Bedford, TX, we can get to your site within an hour.

Replacing Fuses and Breakers

A circuit breaker is an automatic switch that is designed to help avoid the flow of excess current, which can cause damage to an electrical circuit. Its primary function is to prevent short circuits that can damage an electrical appliance and cause a fire. Tioga can replace the fuses and circuit breakers efficiently within a short time. We can handle any circuit breaker regardless of how complex it may seem.

Seasonal Lighting

Do not let the Christmas season become the only time when you hang string lights. You can decorate your home both indoors and outdoors during other holidays too! Whether it is Easter, Halloween or Independence Day, you can still mark them with seasonal lighting. Even better, our electricians can help you decorate your home during birthday parties and other events at your home and in the office. We can transform your space into a lively and enjoyable environment.

Electrical Wiring

Are you constructing your new home? We can do the electrical wiring for you at an affordable price. Our electricians are conversant with all kinds of electrical wiring, whether its cleat wiring, conduit wiring, wood casing and capping wiring and many more. We will listen to your needs and design a wiring system that is perfect for your family.

Appliance Hook-ups

We provide hook-ups for various appliances, whether it is the dryer, the heater or the washing machine. Links help to complete the circuit by connecting the devices to the electrical outlets. Our team will give you the appropriate hook-ups for your home appliances.

We provide various services such as code corrections, installing lighting and ceiling fans, landscape and outdoor lighting, power quality/, lease space wiring, installing back-up generators and auto transfer switches, overhead and underground services, electrical remodeling and additions, high voltage repair, design and build projects, service upgrades and troubleshooting specialists.

Tioga Contractors is an electrical services company based in the Bedford, TX area. Our electricians are certified and have undergone training in various electricity disciplines. We provide our services at pocket-friendly prices. We also respect punctuality because we value both your time and our time. We will complete the projects within the stipulated deadlines. Call us today to get served by the best electricians in Bedford, TX.