Reasons to Call an Electrician | Bedford, TX

Reasons to Call an Electrician | Bedford, TX

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Are you looking to install a new electrical appliance or remodel your electrical wiring or set up security lights in your compound? If so, you are better off hiring an electrician than choosing the DIY approach.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional to help you do the electrical work include safety during the job and for the long term. A certified electrical technician understands the complexities of the different types of wiring and appliances. He or she will be able to eliminate the danger while working and permanently solve the problem.

Moreover, hiring an electrician saves you money. A qualified technician identifies the problems within your electrical systems and will solve it entirely before charging for his labor cost. You may think that choosing the DIY approach saves you money, but may end up creating more trouble. In the end, you will pay more to correct the damages you could have prevented.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric is an electrical services company based in Bedford, TX and serves the surrounding areas. We tackle all types of electrical challenges, including installing and replacing electrical outlets and switches, electrical remodeling and additions, repairing air conditioners and heating circuits, and electrical wiring of all types.

Our electrical technicians are trained and licensed by the relevant local and national energy authorities. They also regularly get inducted and obtain certifications on the current electricity guidelines and regulations regarding safety in homes and offices. By choosing us, you will be working with world-class electrical technicians who know what they are doing.

Our technicians have a positive attitude when tackling the challenges in the field. They are friendly to clients and communicate when diagnosing the cause of the electrical problem. They can also advise you on the best electrical products to buy, depending on your location and situation.

Here are some of our primary services:

Security Lighting

Properly placed lighting around your home discourages burglary and other forms of criminal activity in your compound at night. The security lights, in conjunction with security cameras, help to identify the intruders through facial recognition.

When you hire us to install your security lighting, we will first conduct a survey of your compound to identify places where thieves and robbers are likely to hide in. Our electrician will then proceed to create a formidable security lighting plan that is efficient to discourage the bad guys without interfering with the privacy of your neighbors. Call us today for a quote!

Repairing AC and Heating Circuits

Heating and air conditioning systems play a pivotal role in making your house comfortable. During the hot summer, you can barely enjoy your stay at home without a properly functioning air conditioner. Our electricians can repair your air conditioners or help you acquire a new one at an affordable rate.

Heating systems are also critical not only during the cold seasons but also on normal days. We all enjoy a warm bath. Whether it’s the conventional water tanks or the heating systems, we have the expertise to handle any repairs. Call us today to fix your heating systems.

Replacing or Installing Electrical Outlets and Switches

There are over 75 types of electrical outlets that can be installed in your homes. Depending on the appliances and age of your family members, you may need to install and replace different types of sockets regularly.

Our electricians are familiar with this and will help you choose the best outlets and switches depending on your needs. For example, the Marvelous multi-tasker outlet is great for kid’s rooms while the large and in-charge outlets are meant for high current devices such as the electric cookers. If you are living in Bedford, TX, we can get to your site within an hour.

Replacing Fuses and Breakers

A circuit breaker is an automatic switch that is designed to help avoid the flow of excess current, which can cause damage to an electrical circuit. Its primary function is to prevent short circuits that can damage an electrical appliance and cause a fire. Tioga can replace the fuses and circuit breakers efficiently within a short time. We can handle any circuit breaker regardless of how complex it may seem.

Seasonal Lighting

Do not let the Christmas season become the only time when you hang string lights. You can decorate your home both indoors and outdoors during other holidays too! Whether it is Easter, Halloween or Independence Day, you can still mark them with seasonal lighting. Even better, our electricians can help you decorate your home during birthday parties and other events at your home and in the office. We can transform your space into a lively and enjoyable environment.

Electrical Wiring

Are you constructing your new home? We can do the electrical wiring for you at an affordable price. Our electricians are conversant with all kinds of electrical wiring, whether its cleat wiring, conduit wiring, wood casing and capping wiring and many more. We will listen to your needs and design a wiring system that is perfect for your family.

Appliance Hook-ups

We provide hook-ups for various appliances, whether it is the dryer, the heater or the washing machine. Links help to complete the circuit by connecting the devices to the electrical outlets. Our team will give you the appropriate hook-ups for your home appliances.

We provide various services such as code corrections, installing lighting and ceiling fans, landscape and outdoor lighting, power quality/, lease space wiring, installing back-up generators and auto transfer switches, overhead and underground services, electrical remodeling and additions, high voltage repair, design and build projects, service upgrades and troubleshooting specialists.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric is an electrical services company based in the Bedford, TX area. Our electricians are certified and have undergone training in various electricity disciplines. We provide our services at pocket-friendly prices. We also respect punctuality because we value both your time and our time. We will complete the projects within the stipulated deadlines. Call us today to get served by the best electricians in Bedford, TX.