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Everyone needs peace of mind, especially when you’re at your home. Once or often, intruders may try to access your compound, posing a big threat to your safety and house. Even though outdoor lights may not guarantee ultimate security, getting a qualified electrician to install motion sensor lights would be a good idea as it will help scare away invaders.

Plus, there’s beauty in having a well-lit compound. However, a movement within the lights’ field of view, for instance, wind-blown leaves, could cause disturbances that may fool the detector, causing the lights to turn on automatically. That’s why most electricians mount motion lights at least 10 feet high and position them in a way that most movement will happen across the sensitivity zone and not towards the detector directly.

Like any other electronic appliance, motion detection lights might fail to function properly. Continue reading to know how to tell when your security lights are impaired and if you should contact an electrician.

Flickering Lights

Ideally, motion detecting lights are to turn on and off when the sensor is activated, but in this case, they are just flashing on and off. The motion sensors are working perfectly, but the LED lights could be defective. Several things might be causing this, and one of them is a malfunctioning bulb or diode.

Secondly, your lights could be flickering because of an improper connection between the bulb or diode and the light fixture itself. At times, something could be obscuring the connection. A faulty electrical light circuit can make the motion detector lights flicker even when the motion detectors haven’t been activated.

As a homeowner in Arlington, TX, you may be worried about what to do when the security lights are flickering. It might seem like an obvious issue, but it could cause the lighting system to stop functioning in the long run. You can change your light bulb to fix the problem, but you can call a competent electrical professional to examine the connection and identify the problem if the problem persists.

Lights Stay On All The Time

Research shows that thieves tend to stay away from a brightly-lit home with security fixtures. That sounds amazing, but what if the security lights aren’t working properly? Various factors can cause the lights to stay on all night and day, including high sensitivity settings.

If your motion sensor lights sensitivity is very high, the lights can turn on even by just a slight trigger of a speck of dust settling on the motion detector. Another factor can be long-duration settings.

Normally, the motion lights stay on for about 20 to 30 seconds, but if the settings are tampered with, it may look like they never switch off. In this case, looking for an electrician to fix the problem is much better than wasting time figuring out what to do.

Lights Don’t Come On

Having motion-detecting lights may be a blessing for most households in Arlington, TX. However, motion detectors might be functioning well, but the sensor lights aren’t turning on. Interruptions in the power supply due to power outages or upsurges might cause the sensor lights to fail to function, and if this becomes constantly persistent, an electrician might have to come onboard.

Motion sensors may accumulate dirt or dust for a long time. Consequently, this may cause the sensors to stop functioning smoothly, which may, in turn, make the lights not come on.

Another common mistake people make is using light bulbs with a higher wattage than the required amount, which can lead to bulbs burning out. Thus, having an electrical professional in the picture can help solve such inconveniences.

Age Of The Lighting System

Improper functioning motion lights may happen when the motion sensors are too old, worn out, or outdated. Technology is moving fast, and this means manufacturers are producing high-tech and advanced lighting products. The lifespan of any electrical fixture is dependent upon the number of hours it is subjected to.

In recent times, LED-based lighting technologies have gained popularity over conventional non-LED security lighting systems due to their long lifespan as well as low power consumption.

You may tell your security lights aren’t functioning right if they are less sensitive to motion. Finding an electrician to install a new lighting fixture might be a solution to your safety needs.

Motion Lights Are Not Sensitive To Movements

Suppose you’ve purchased and installed a new and up-to-date lighting fixture, but you notice they aren’t sensitive even to big objects passing by. In that case, you’ll need an electrician in Arlington, TX, to check the system.

If the lighting equipment is not mounted properly, the light can be on, but the motion sensor may fail to pick signals within its view. Therefore, it’s wise to involve a qualified electrical professional to ensure the lighting fixtures are positioned at a correct angle or fitted tightly to prevent them from being swayed easily by wind or storms.

Sometimes, your lighting system could be misbehaving, probably because it has been vandalized to reduce its effectiveness for a possible future intrusion attempt.

Tioga Contractors: Your Solution For All Your Sensor Lights Problems

If you need quality solutions, you can contact our professionals at Tioga Contractors. Since 1953, we have served residents throughout Dallas, Fort Worth with electrical services. Our esteemed electricians uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in performing their duties.

You can count on our expertise whenever you need an electrician to repair your motion sensor lights that are imperfectly fitted or have stopped working. Besides repairing faulty motion lights, we can also help with electrical wiring, code corrections, appliance hookup, replacing fuses and breakers, electrical remodeling and additions, and installing backup generators and auto transfer switches. We respond swiftly to urgent calls, and you can call us today for all your electrical issues.

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Living in the Bedford, TX area, people have plenty of time each year to enjoy their yards and basically move outdoors to enjoy the weather. The reasons to stay inside are few, and with a bit of help from our electricians at Tioga Contractors, even cooking, working on the computer, and watching TV and streaming movies are easy to relocate outside. Our team of expert electricians know what it takes to install reliable, safe, weatherproof outdoor power and fixtures, and create a space for work and fun that you’ll enjoy under the Texas sunshine. With professionally-installed power on your patio, around your deck, or by your pool, your family’s living and working space has just become a lot bigger and more comfortable.

Imagine, and Let Us Install Your Great Outdoors

Lights, convenient power, and built-in media features make your yard so much more accessible after dark. People can find the perfect spot and enjoy, whether it’s some path lighting leading to a softly lit park bench or a full-wired gazebo where the kids can play now, adults can relax and talk later. By the pool, lights add convenience and safety after dark as well as setting the mood for a midnight swim or an energetic pool party. Decks and patios with power have what it takes to cook, chat, work from home without worrying about laptop batteries, and listen to music from built-in weatherproof smart speakers. With convenient power, many families now bring out a projector and screen and have movie nights under the stars. Our team of electricians has endless ideas of how you can transform your outdoor spaces into active social spaces.

Sports Under the Lights and Much More

Nights in Bedford, TX are perfect for backyard sports. How about playing at night, when summer air gets cooler and more people can play? Just depending on lights from under the eaves of your house tends to be mostly blinding or casting long shadows, complicating your game of volleyball or soccer. Our electricians can create the right lighting for your situation with residential or industrial fixtures, safe, convenient wiring, and easy controls including smart home integration. Once you have the power extended throughout your yard, you’ll have lots more options as well, including creating separate spaces for study and work, lighting your landscaping for beautiful evening effects, and providing ambient music in various locations rather than “turning it up” back at the house.

Professional Installation Makes the Difference in Safety and Long-Lasting Reliability

Our expert electricians know just how to run the wiring, and what type of wire to use. We use conduit appropriately and make sure that your wiring is at a safe depth, using specialized techniques to run everything with minimum impact to your home and yard. We know how to make sure GFCI equipment protects you in the yard, on the patio, and by the pool. As the seasons turn, everything outdoors faces challenges as materials expand and contract, moisture tries to seep in, and insects look for a home. We install your outdoor power and electrical fixtures to protect against damage from nature’s cycles in the future, as well as making them look and work beautifully right now.

Organize Your Outdoor Spaces with Power Where You Need It

One of our favorite ways to make the outdoors come alive for customers is to help customize a deck or patio as an outdoor eating space. A bit of custom brickwork, a built-in space for the barbecue with rotisserie outlet, and a work surface with lighting make you look like a professional when you put your apron on. Add plenty of power for appliances, and of course sound and plenty of outlets for phones, laptops, and other necessities, and you can organize great events and keep trips back inside to a minimum. At Tioga Contractors, we can also do your plumbing so ask about a custom sink as well.

Extending Technology’s Reach

Running network wiring to weatherproof access points outside your home gives you a signal in your yard where, if you’ve done the wiring, you can plug in at many locations and claim your workspace, study space, even gaming outdoors spot. With access to power and wiring options, you have a choice of other tech hardware such as smart lights, security cameras, and party features like LED strips. Ask our electrician for typical applications we’ve seen, and you can benefit from our outdoor wiring and entertainment experience. Once you see how easy it is to “empower” your outdoors, you’ll be thinking creatively as well. Do you want an outdoor crafts and hobby space? Lights and sound for an outdoor exercise and weightlifting space? Imagine it!

Expanding Your Home’s Power

As with any expansion and remodeling project, our electricians will keep an eye on your home’s overall power and circuit breaker capacity. If it’s appropriate, they may recommend that you add a subpanel or expand your current one to accommodate more circuits now and leave room for the future. If you’d like to go for a real workshop in the garage or provide power to an outbuilding or shed, they can also install panels as appropriate rather than leave all your power centralized in the house. For homeowners who have serious auto, woodworking, or other shops and need more power for specialized equipment, having qualified electricians to do it right can be a great way to go.

Tioga Contractors Creates What You Imagine

Our team of electricians and other professionals can create an outdoor space for you that extends your home’s power, water, network, video, and sound to your yard. Let us help you imagine and build your outdoor alternative, as beautiful and functional as inside your home. We serve the Bedford, TX area with skilled residential, commercial, and industrial contracting services and design support. Give us at Tioga Contractors a call and let’s create a special outdoor space for your home.

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Does your yard seem darker than your neighbor’s, especially when it is cloudy or raining? How about the brightness of your security lighting system at the gate in comparison with others around your area? How safe do you feel in your house knowing that your security lighting is inefficient? Outdoor lighting is becoming a popular thing among homeowners in the area. It helps with security and ensures your safety and that of everyone around your home.

From the attractive outdoor lighting fixture that gets hold of your attention right at the front entrance to the conventional post lighting that helps guide your way through the backyard, outdoor lighting can contribute greatly toward enhancing all exterior areas around your property. Having that in mind, it can be a real challenge to select the perfect outdoor fixture. However, you can always seek help from an electrician.

At the end of the day, the overall target is to cast a range of light that brightens the entrance, banishes dark corners, and delivers a warm glow that’s easy on the eyes. Not all outdoor lighting is created the same, and it requires more than just putting up a wall light or some string lights and calling it a day. To develop an appealing aura entails engaging a professional to help you choose the right type of lighting fixture for your compound, and the following guide can provide some insight.

Color and style

Lighting exterior design fittings are different in color and materials used. Some are made of copper, others of brass, and others aluminum, while the majority are made of concrete painted using various colors. Therefore, opting for light fixtures that coordinate with your existing style scheme will improve the overall appearance.

On the other hand, your yard’s style ought to dictate the type of exterior lighting to use and the position to install it. Different yards have different styles, so you can consider consulting an electrician before any outdoor lighting system action. The professional can evaluate, design, and recommend what fixtures to use and how to fix them.


Ultimately, your target of a lighting exterior system may be to achieve the desired illumination of your backyard and gate front. That largely depends on the position of the light fixtures and purpose. However, deciding on where to place bulbs to serve side yards and driveways or garages for maximum illumination can really be hectic and a daunting task.

It can be frustrating to fix a bulb, only to realize that it does not serve the intended purpose. You will not want to keep on fixing and relocating bulbs within your compound. Trying to fix them on your own may expose you to the risk of electrical shock or body injuries. Call your local Bedford, TX, electrician to take care of the situation and provide a quick fix.

Mounting height

The height of the lighting fixture is also a crucial factor in achieving the desired results. For some interior applications, you can approximate heights and fix lights. The approximation can actually work well since interior fixtures do not cover a large area. However, for exterior light fixtures, such an approximation can prove futile.

A lowly erected exterior fixture may not illuminate your target area. Likewise, if a lighting fixture is too high, it may not only inconvenience you but also your neighbors. To avoid these setbacks, it’s always advisable to bring an electrician on board. The expert can help you select a fixture that will provide just enough light, depending on the height of installation.


No one feels comfortable living near a neighbor whose outdoor fixture illuminates as far as their house’s interior. That’s way too big a device. Likewise, you will not want a fixture that can barely illuminate a peripheral vicinity of less than one meter, rendering it useless. To strike a balance between a light that illuminates a generous portion of your space but doesn’t dominate the entire exterior face needs more than the general knowledge of lighting.

A light that is too large can appear awkward and dwarf your dwelling. The size may also vary depending on the location of your yard. Therefore, an electrician will be very vital to help in such circumstances. And to get one who will offer quality services, it is critical to find a licensed and experienced technician.


Assume you always come home late and no one is present to put on the lights, such that by the time you arrive, your yard is full of darkness. Worse will follow if you depend on them to access the lock of your gate. At this moment, you are in a mess and all the investment in your lighting fixtures cannot help you.

However, you can avoid that scenario, thanks to technology. It pays alot to consider advanced sensor fitted exterior fixtures for your yard. An electrician can really be helpful in advising, choosing, and installing or upgrading your lights to fixtures that can automatically sense motion and darkness. They turn on and off automatically and are well-designed to serve you at night.


When it comes to choosing the perfect fixture for your outdoor area, one of the crucial factors to consider is the energy rating that the fixture carries. Rating serves as an indicator that your appliance can be placed outdoors. Some equipment cannot withstand extreme elements of weather and can quickly become inefficient.

An electrician can always advise on fixtures that can withstand snow, salty breezes from the ocean, and other adverse weather conditions. They can also help in choosing the right fixture for your yard. It will be wise to schedule a session with a seasoned professional in electrical matters to get the support you need.

Contact the experts; Trust the top-notch electricians only!

At Tioga Contractors, we understand that not everyone can perform home repairs, especially electrical work. We also know that it is hectic to select and design lighting exterior fixtures. Our electricians have experience in offering electrical repair, maintenance, and installation services, serving the residents of Bedford, TX, and beyond. You can always give us a call or visit our website to schedule a meet-up, and we will show up within no time.