Moving Outdoors For The Summer: Let Our Electrician Wire Your Patio And Yard For Work And Play | Bedford, TX

Moving Outdoors For The Summer: Let Our Electrician Wire Your Patio And Yard For Work And Play | Bedford, TX

Living in the Bedford, TX area, people have plenty of time each year to enjoy their yards and basically move outdoors to enjoy the weather. The reasons to stay inside are few, and with a bit of help from our electricians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric, even cooking, working on the computer, and watching TV and streaming movies are easy to relocate outside. Our team of expert electricians know what it takes to install reliable, safe, weatherproof outdoor power and fixtures, and create a space for work and fun that you’ll enjoy under the Texas sunshine. With professionally-installed power on your patio, around your deck, or by your pool, your family’s living and working space has just become a lot bigger and more comfortable.

Imagine, and Let Us Install Your Great Outdoors

Lights, convenient power, and built-in media features make your yard so much more accessible after dark. People can find the perfect spot and enjoy, whether it’s some path lighting leading to a softly lit park bench or a full-wired gazebo where the kids can play now, adults can relax and talk later. By the pool, lights add convenience and safety after dark as well as setting the mood for a midnight swim or an energetic pool party. Decks and patios with power have what it takes to cook, chat, work from home without worrying about laptop batteries, and listen to music from built-in weatherproof smart speakers. With convenient power, many families now bring out a projector and screen and have movie nights under the stars. Our team of electricians has endless ideas of how you can transform your outdoor spaces into active social spaces.

Sports Under the Lights and Much More

Nights in Bedford, TX are perfect for backyard sports. How about playing at night, when summer air gets cooler and more people can play? Just depending on lights from under the eaves of your house tends to be mostly blinding or casting long shadows, complicating your game of volleyball or soccer. Our electricians can create the right lighting for your situation with residential or industrial fixtures, safe, convenient wiring, and easy controls including smart home integration. Once you have the power extended throughout your yard, you’ll have lots more options as well, including creating separate spaces for study and work, lighting your landscaping for beautiful evening effects, and providing ambient music in various locations rather than “turning it up” back at the house.

Professional Installation Makes the Difference in Safety and Long-Lasting Reliability

Our expert electricians know just how to run the wiring, and what type of wire to use. We use conduit appropriately and make sure that your wiring is at a safe depth, using specialized techniques to run everything with minimum impact to your home and yard. We know how to make sure GFCI equipment protects you in the yard, on the patio, and by the pool. As the seasons turn, everything outdoors faces challenges as materials expand and contract, moisture tries to seep in, and insects look for a home. We install your outdoor power and electrical fixtures to protect against damage from nature’s cycles in the future, as well as making them look and work beautifully right now.

Organize Your Outdoor Spaces with Power Where You Need It

One of our favorite ways to make the outdoors come alive for customers is to help customize a deck or patio as an outdoor eating space. A bit of custom brickwork, a built-in space for the barbecue with rotisserie outlet, and a work surface with lighting make you look like a professional when you put your apron on. Add plenty of power for appliances, and of course sound and plenty of outlets for phones, laptops, and other necessities, and you can organize great events and keep trips back inside to a minimum. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we can also do your plumbing so ask about a custom sink as well.

Extending Technology’s Reach

Running network wiring to weatherproof access points outside your home gives you a signal in your yard where, if you’ve done the wiring, you can plug in at many locations and claim your workspace, study space, even gaming outdoors spot. With access to power and wiring options, you have a choice of other tech hardware such as smart lights, security cameras, and party features like LED strips. Ask our electrician for typical applications we’ve seen, and you can benefit from our outdoor wiring and entertainment experience. Once you see how easy it is to “empower” your outdoors, you’ll be thinking creatively as well. Do you want an outdoor crafts and hobby space? Lights and sound for an outdoor exercise and weightlifting space? Imagine it!

Expanding Your Home’s Power

As with any expansion and remodeling project, our electricians will keep an eye on your home’s overall power and circuit breaker capacity. If it’s appropriate, they may recommend that you add a subpanel or expand your current one to accommodate more circuits now and leave room for the future. If you’d like to go for a real workshop in the garage or provide power to an outbuilding or shed, they can also install panels as appropriate rather than leave all your power centralized in the house. For homeowners who have serious auto, woodworking, or other shops and need more power for specialized equipment, having qualified electricians to do it right can be a great way to go.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric Creates What You Imagine

Our team of electricians and other professionals can create an outdoor space for you that extends your home’s power, water, network, video, and sound to your yard. Let us help you imagine and build your outdoor alternative, as beautiful and functional as inside your home. We serve the Bedford, TX area with skilled residential, commercial, and industrial contracting services and design support. Give us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric a call and let’s create a special outdoor space for your home.

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