Why An Electrical Service Upgrade Is Important When You’re Remodeling | Hurst, TX

Why An Electrical Service Upgrade Is Important When You’re Remodeling | Hurst, TX

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In your vision of new space in your existing home, it’s important to consider your future electrical needs for your whole home as part of your plan. If you’re creating a home theater room or family space, you’ll need not only adequate power but also access to that power with plenty of outlets and wiring for new technology.

Modern Spaces Need Power for Technology

Home office space requires a surprising amount of access to power, and your kids’ rooms require lots of outlets for their computers, game systems, phone chargers, and other equipment. Smart homes go even further with the need for controls and network access points that your electrical service provider can install professionally. All of these require plenty of wiring and more circuits at the main electrical box, and if you’ve been thinking this is just the beginning of your home’s new features, this is also the time to consider upgrading your electrical system to make future updates easier.

No Room Should Be Left Out, Not Even the Bathroom

Depending on the age of your home, there are a lot of upgrades that make sense as you’re remodeling, helping you add value and functionality to your investment. Your electrical service in vulnerable areas such as bathrooms and kitchens should include GFCI outlets that help protect against shocks as a result of contact with electricity and water. You might also consider adding water leak sensors, especially in bathrooms used by younger folks who might be prone to letting water overflow. These will usually be battery powered, but will require a reliable network signal.

Child-Protective Outlets

Your new space will include the latest code-compliant electrical equipment, including outlets that help prevent children from inserting conductive objects and risking dangerous electrical shocks. These new outlets make sure a plug is being inserted by requiring equal pressure on both sides before they open. It’s no longer necessary to use small outlet covers everywhere, which is a significant convenience.

Other Electrical Safety Features

One of the most important safety strategies we provide is the elimination of trip, shock, and overheating hazards that comes with using in-wall outlets instead of extension cords. From the office and family room to the basement, backyard, kitchen and bathroom, having safe access to electrical power is much more than a convenience.

Expanded Outlets, USB Power, Switched Outlets

With the increased demand for electrical service to accommodate device chargers, components of audiovisual and gaming systems, and computer equipment, it can be helpful to include a higher density of outlets. You can locate standard dual-outlet devices closer together, and employ quad-outlet arrangements. In addition, outlets that also provide low-voltage USB power access help reduce the number of chargers that need to be plugged in, and the loss of available outlets due to the chargers’ irregular sizes. Outlets that are controlled by smart hubs and smart home devices via WiFi and other networking can help to manage power to coffee makers, free standing lights, and even holiday decorations.

Thermostats, Light Switches, Shade Controls

Further smart home control features for your renewed Hurst, TX home include smart thermostats that add convenience and energy savings, and can provide data on current temperature and humidity for monitoring. Smart light switches provide remote and timed control of light fixtures so that you can, with a few words, light up your home when someone arrives late or you hear unexpected sounds. You can likewise shut down the lights from your bedroom, avoiding a last tour just to flip switches around the house.

Expanding Electrical Service for Outdoor Renewal Projects, Too

Smart home controls are also available to control outdoor lighting and entertainment equipment. If you don’t have sufficient outdoor power, this is a great opportunity to furnish the electricity you need with proper GFCI protection and weatherproofing for your patio, pool, deck, or other outdoor area. If you have detached buildings such as a shed or garage, proper power runs can upgrade your ability to use the space. Standard outlets will help you use your basic power tools and equipment, and a 220V circuit could support heavy-duty air compressors and welding equipment, or allow you to use woodworking equipment without tripping your breakers with high starting current.

Now’s the Time to Expand Your Electrical Service Box, Too

No matter what else you do as you remodel and update your home’s power sources, your electrical service box should get careful attention. If you don’t have circuit breakers it’s high time, and even if you have older breakers you may want to talk about whether they include some models that many homeowners are replacing for safety reasons. You should add enough circuits to meet your current expansion needs and include future capacity as well. You may want to add 220V circuits for high-power equipment and appliances, and even think about adding a whole-house lightning arrestor, surge protector, and backup power features.

Renewable Power for Green Savings

Many customers are looking at their options for solar electric power and other renewables. If that’s part of your update possibilities, let’s talk about how you can connect your green power source and inverter into your main power box for convenient, safe use. Our electricians are skilled at interconnections and power supplies for a wide variety of modern technologies that can put your home on the leading edge of energy conservation.

Ask Your Expert Electrical Service Provider, Tioga Plumbing & Electric

Hopefully we’ve added some electrical options to your remodeling and home upgrade plans so that you can fully enjoy your new spaces. You can update your home for future technology enjoyment, especially if you have a growing family. We emphasize convenience, creative solutions, synergy with your dreams, and above all, the safety you can only get from experienced, professional electrical service providers. For ideas, options, and quotes to help you build up your electrical service infrastructure and other wiring when you remodel, give us a call. We’re Tioga Plumbing & Electric, your trusted resource in the Hurst, TX area.