Electrician – Installed Features To Make Your Work At Home Space Professional-Quality | Bedford, TX

Electrician – Installed Features To Make Your Work At Home Space Professional-Quality | Bedford, TX

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Companies have been running phone and data lines to the homes of key employees for many decades. The concept of full-featured working from home has expanded rapidly in recent years, making your home office in the Bedford, TX area a great alternative to the commute into Dallas or other area corporate destinations. As families learned how to work and attend school at home for health reasons, makeshift home offices became the norm, putting existing phone, data, and power resources to work to provide the basics of a home office in today’s technologically complex corporate age. As the shift to home-based workspaces becomes permanent, getting the right resources for reliable work support and having an electrician install and test the wiring and equipment makes a lot of sense.

Landline Phone Connections Are Still Important

Reliable, high-quality communication still means having a landline available for voice, fax, security systems, and emergency use when cell systems are unstable. Some high-speed internet services supplied by your phone company also require wired lines to connect the equipment. Our electrician can run landlines in your home wherever you need them, from your bedroom and your kids’ to your home theater, gaming systems, kitchen, and home office.

Network Connections for Convenience and Reliability

From your network equipment to your home theater, gaming systems, and other gear that requires steady high-speed data, you’re better off with a dependable wired connection. Our electrician knows the ins and outs of the latest wiring standards for network cables using CAT6 and other high-quality wiring to provide access where you need it. As professional, licensed electricians, we also follow the proper standards to ensure that your in-wall and ceiling wiring meets plenum and other fire codes that could provide critical protection for your family in times of emergency.

WiFi to Cover Your Property for More Casual Days

Many homes require multiple WiFi access points for proper coverage, and even outdoor access points are available to bring fast wireless internet to your patio or pool. By running the proper cabling throughout your home, our electrician can connect your distant WiFi access points to your central internet source from your cable or phone company. Safe, reliable cable installation ensures that you can count on your signal to supply your smart home systems, laptops, tablets, and even your children’s computers used to participate in live educational activities.

Power Access for Systems, Smartphones, and Travel-Ready Laptops

It seems like a simple matter, but if you avoid making hazardous messes with extension cords, plugging your device power sources into wall outlets can have you hunting throughout the house for spare outlets and then again for the devices once they’re charged. We have solutions, from additional outlets to quad outlets and combinations of AC power and USB-style power all in a single, wall-mount fixture. These can help you keep your devices charged and ready to go, critical when you’ve got an active family or you frequently leave your home office for road trips, perhaps at a moment’s notice. You need your equipment charged and ready to go, and adequate power access makes it possible.

Printers, MFPs, Storage, and Rack-Mount Servers

A serious home office can have a full IT installation of printers, multifunction devices, shared data storage equipment such as NAS devices, and even limited server equipment. This equipment is enough to run a small business these days, but it does require separate circuits, power protection, and professionally installed power sources for your gear. Our electrician will use commercial experience to perform the right installation for your needs.

Short-Term Backup Power

With today’s global business environment, you need to count on your equipment to stay connected and engaged with your contacts throughout the world. That means ensuring that, as you would in most office buildings, you have backup power to prevent minor disruptions in commercial power from disrupting your meetings, server operations, document preparation and time-sensitive activities. Our electrician installs limited-capacity UPS or uninterruptible power supply units to support your computer and network equipment through transient outages. We can also supply larger UPS units that keep your office fully functioning during brief power outages. If you are subject to longer power disruptions, our electrician can help with a generator solution.

When the Lights Go Out and Stay Out

When power from the grid is unavailable due to storms, accidents, or other disruptions that may take days to restore, a backup generator can keep your home office and even much of your home running normally. We have generator options that you can rely on even if you’re not around when the power fails. These systems sense the power disruption, transition while your UPS keeps your computers running smoothly, and connect your office, refrigerator, lights, and other equipment to a stable power source running on diesel, natural gas, or propane. When the market opens in Tokyo or your team in Mumbai is waiting for direction, you are ready to conduct business no matter what.

Disaster Recovery Site for Your Business

Do you have a storefront or other primary business location that, if it were damaged, would cause serious problems for your company? Perhaps it’s your only data storage, or the place where you run transactions that keep your accounts flowing. Fire, flood, burglary, or other disruptions could leave you scrambling to recover. One solution to this single-point problem is to have your IT provider create a second site that you can switch to whenever you need to. Our electrician can provide all of the specialized wiring, cabling, power sources, and communication connections to support the systems that they specify.

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we provide electrical services to our Bedford, TX area customers that range from basic wiring to technologically complex equipment support. Let us use our combination of residential and commercial expertise to help you to adapt to rapidly changing times when your home hosts your business technology, and even your entertainment systems and high-performance network based gear. Call us!