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Most people see water flow down their sink or tub drain and don’t think twice about it. Usually, there’s no reason to worry about your home’s drains so long as they work properly. In actuality, drain systems aren’t as simple as many people might imagine. Drains have various parts that all have to work properly for drains to function. Tioga Contractors is a leading plumbing and drain cleaning service provider. If something goes wrong with your drains, you can rely on us for service. With periodic inspections and cleaning of drains, you can keep your plumbing system working optimally.

About Your Home’s Drain System

As mentioned, your drain is made up of numerous parts all working in conjunction with your plumbing system. Some pipes bring fresh water into your home and your drains send the unwanted water out. The following are the features that make up your home’s drain system and sometimes require drain cleaning service:

Drains for Fixtures

Each of your plumbing fixtures such as your kitchen sink and bathtub has a drain. These fixture drains flow into other drain pipes that all lead to your sewer line, which connects to the city sewer system. In many cases, these fixture drains will develop a clog from debris like food particles or hair; just as often, however, clogs form further into the drain system where they’re harder to reach and require a professional drain cleaning service.


Beneath plumbing fixtures like your sinks, there are drain traps. These are the curved sections of pipe you probably see frequently when you check under the sink. These u-shaped pipes are notorious for forming clogs. Some people are comfortable dismantling p-traps to clean out clogs themselves rather than calling a professional drain cleaning service. If the clog is not in the p-trap, however, you can rely on Tioga Contractors to find it and clear it.

Branch Lines

Fixture drains lead to other sections of drain pipes known as branch lines. These lines may be in your walls or under floors. They lead to the sewer line. These lines can develop clogs or other problems such as leaks. If they develop a clog, the best way to clear it is with professional drain cleaning service.

Sewer Line

As mentioned, the sewer line connects the home’s entire drain system with the municipal sewer system. If your sewer line develops a clog, it can stop up the whole house’s plumbing system. A localized clog near the kitchen sink, for example, wouldn’t stop you from using another sink in the home. A sewer line clog, on the other hand, could send wastewater flowing back up a floor drain no matter what fixture is used because the main line has a blockage.

Common Signs of Drain Problems

Most of the typical drain issues that homeowners have occur in the drain parts listed above. Most plumbing problems require professional skills. When you contact Tioga Contractors for professional drain cleaning service, our certified plumbers will bring all the tools and equipment needed to address the issue, which is often a clog. In addition to clog clearing and drain cleaning service, we also serve Irving with a full lineup of professional plumbing solutions.

Water Backups

Wastewater backups are the worst because they can cause extensive damage to your home’s flooring and walls. If water is backing up from your drain, there’s a blockage. When you call our drain cleaning service, we can pinpoint where the clog is in the line and clear it.

Slow Drains

Slow drains signal that a clog is forming somewhere in the drain system. The clog is usually localized to a fixture if only one particular drain line is flowing slowly. If multiple drains are flowing slowly, the developing clog is likely in the sewer line.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises are another signal that a clog is forming. Gurling indicates that there is debris in the line. The debris causes pockets of air that you can actually hear as ‘gurgling’ noises when you use a fixture. Again, these noises may indicate an issue with a fixture’s drain or a drain pipe deeper into your system. If you are using one fixture but hear gurgling in another, it’s often a sign of a sewer line clog. Never ignore gurgling noises. They are often the first sign of a developing clog that could lead to messy wastewater backups.


Another problem that requires drain cleaning service are odors. Odors that come from your drain indicate the presence of smelly bacteria buildup in the line. Tioga Contractors can visit your home to clear out any debris causing these unpleasant odors to occur.

Prevent Clogs with Clean Drains

Having your drains cleaned periodically helps you prevent clogs from forming. If you currently experience numerous clogs, now is a good time to let an experienced drain expert from our team clean your pipes. We rely on a couple different methods to clean drains. Hydro jetting and augering are two of the most common ways to clean drains.

Sometimes the issue with drains is not related to debris but, rather, to hard water mineral buildup. Minerals from hard water can build up in the drain pipes, causing them to become more narrow. The narrowing makes the pipes more vulnerable to developing clogs. Descaling service can remove these minerals so that the issue is resolved.

Contact us to learn more about our wide range of plumbing services.

No matter what type of plumbing issue you’re dealing with at home, our plumbing service can help. We’re licensed, insured, and all of our plumbers are certified and highly trained. At Tioga Contractors, we have a reputation for outstanding service and fair pricing.

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In the modern era of technology, where everybody is learning something new from the internet, people are focusing more on handling home improvement projects independently. While this may be the best option for projects such as painting and adding indoor plants, the same doesn’t apply to complex projects such as electrical installation.

Working with electricity carries several risks, including electrocution, fires, and damaged electric installation if not properly handled. Hiring a professional electric service is the best way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Certified electricians at Tioga Contractors have the experience and technical know-how to deal with faulty outlets, surge protection, and re-wiring.

However, it’s worth noting that not all electrical problems require the expert knowledge of an electrician. For example, you don’t need an electrician to switch your bulbs.

Below are cases that require you to contact an electrical service.

Dim or Flickering Lights

With more households connected to the electric grid, some people are unaware of when to call an electrical service. The most common sign is dimming or flickering lights. While this may be out of a power surge or low voltage, you need to take it seriously, especially when it persists.

People often overlook this sign when the lights return to normal after a few minutes. Flickering lights could indicate extensive damage to your system caused by damaged wires or an overloaded circuit.

Make a note of the problem, recording how frequently you experience this issue. This data may prove vital to the electrician when trying to diagnose the problem.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Instead of getting annoyed every time your circuit breaker trips, call a rated electrical service, such as Tioga Contractors to check it. Some homeowners don’t realize that a tripping circuit breaker may be a reason to call an electrician.

Your circuit breaker acts as a relay point for electricity in your building while regulating the power distributed. This installation is expected to trip once or twice in a while, but if you experience the problem regularly, then you should contact the top-rated electrician.

A tripping circuit breaker is caused by faulty wiring or an overload. All these are dangerous and can lead to more damage affecting the power supply in the building. An expert will advise you whether it needs repairs or fuse box replacement.

Burning Smell

If you experience a strange burning smell in your home that you can’t trace back to the kitchen, then you could be dealing with an electrical issue. Immediately you notice this, contact your electrical service to have it checked. It’s also advisable to stay out of the building till the issue is resolved to avoid potential fires.

Tioga Contractors encourage clients to unplug any appliance connected to an outlet and switch off the power at the mains till the electrician arrives. A burning smell around an appliance or electrical installation could be a sign of overheating, increasing the chances of a fire. While waiting for the expert to take the necessary precaution, which includes cutting the power supply.

Other signs you should look for include a discolored switch, smoke, and black marks against power points. If you see any of these signs, contact your electrical service immediately to have the problem solved.

Small Shocks

Most people at one point have been singed or received an electric shock; it may have been an accident or ignorance. At first, a small shock may seem negligible, but over time grows to become a major problem. Small shocks are mainly caused by electricity moving from the power point or an open live wire.

Electricians have sometimes attributed this issue to faulty wiring throughout the building. Don’t ignore these small shocks or wait until a major issue manifests to call an electrical service. Protect your loved ones by seeking help immediately; this way, you can also prevent an electrical fire.

Once you notice the shock, the first thing is to unplug the appliance if it was from one or switch off the power point if it was from a power point.

Strange Sounds

Walking into the house, you’re guaranteed to hear a whirring sound from a running refrigerator or other appliance. However, there are other strange buzzing noises that may need the attention of an electrician. The first step to identifying these sounds is to unplug all the devices and electrical installation to isolate the sound.

The strange sounds may be from a wiring issue or a loose screw terminal. You need to call an electrical service to inspect your electrical system and pinpoint the location and cause of the noise. During the inspection, the electrician will likely check the breaker box for a humming sound caused by singed wires.

Avoid making any repairs on your own when you locate the source of the sounds; instead, wait for an expert from Tioga Contractors to arrive. A trained electrician employs the necessary techniques required to locate the problem while observing safety.

Visible Sparks

Visible sparks are a sign you don’t need to think twice about calling an electrician. When left unchecked, these sparks can become fires causing damage to your appliance or home. It’s advisable to call an electrician immediately if you see a spark.

As you wait, switch off the power point or cut the power supply to that area of the house until the expert arrives. If there are flammable materials such as furniture or curtains close to the power point, move them away to avoid catching fire. An electrical service such as Tioga Contractors is well-equipped to find the source of the spark and correct it.

Visit Tioga Contractors for the Best Electricians and Services

Today, most homes have electricity, either from the electric grid or solar-powered. Both options present unique electrical issues requiring a qualified electrician’s attention from a reputable electrical service. Contact us at Tioga Contractors for more on electrical issues. Our customer-friendly staff will also provide a quotation for our services and help you schedule an appointment.

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It isn’t unusual for homeowners to have some difficulty when trying to determine whether their water line is having problems or not. This can result in further damage to their home that can be safely avoided by calling a professional water line repair company in a timely manner. The biggest problem with water lines is that they are installed beneath the ground, so, by the time the signs of trouble become visibly obvious, the need for water line repair should be considered an emergency. Fortunately, savvy homeowners know what warning signs they should look for, leading them to call a water line repair professional before the situation gets out of hand and damages their home’s structure. In this article, we will cover the signs that will let you know that you should call a water line repair company as soon as you can. Then you’ll be able to prevent any further damage to your water line and your home. Let’s take a look.

Your Water Has an Odd Color

If anything, your home’s water should never be any color other than clear and transparent. It can happen that due to high water pressure it may come out looking a bit cloudy, but if you wait a minute for the water to settle it should return to normal quickly. Having yellowish, reddish, or brownish looking water is a warning sign that your pipes might be rusted or allowing for dirt or other substances to come in contact with the water going through them, which means you are going to have to call a water line repair professional as soon as you can. Otherwise, the problem can turn into a health hazard for your family.

Your Pipes Are Old

One of the biggest problems with older homes is that their water line pipes are usually made out of lead. This will lead them to rust over time, eventually tearing and leaking, which can result in severe damage to your home’s foundation. If you live in an older home, it is in your best interest to contact a reputable water line repair professional to evaluate your existing pipeline, and determine whether a replacement is appropriate. In any case, the inspection of your pipes will also help you find out whether any potential problems are imminent. In the end, this is the one call that is worth it, whether you are currently having a problem or not.

Unexplained Increase in Your Water Bill

If you aren’t using more water than usual, and don’t have any visible leaks in your home, yet your water bill has been steadily increasing every month, the problem might be found somewhere along your home’s water line. A water line repair professional will be able to determine if this is the case, and carry out the necessary repairs to get things back to good working order, leading you to soon see a notable reduction in your bill.

Your Home’s Water Pressure Has Gone from Awesome to Doubtful

This is one issue that can happen slowly, gradually, in a barely noticeable manner, or suddenly from one week to the next. In either case, the loss of water pressure in your home can create a number of stressful situations, including having to take a shower under a very poor stream of water, or washing the dishes with very little pressure. In this case, the problem could very well be a blockage of your water line, which can be adequately diagnosed and corrected by a reputable repair company.

Unexplained Wet Areas on Your Yard

When it hasn’t rained, yet you keep finding wet and soggy patches in your yard, or your grass seems to be growing too much only in certain areas, there could be a problem with your home’s water line. You are probably wondering why anybody would complain about beautiful grass during a dry spell. While this might be a welcome sight, it could be a warning sign of trouble brewing along your water line. This coupled with an increase in your monthly bill, could give you a general idea of the location of the problem, so it is wise to call a reputable professional for an evaluation and any necessary repairs.

Wet Areas or Unexplained Puddles Inside Your Home

It might make sense to you not to worry about luscious grass and wet spots in your yard, but when you find wet areas or unexplained puddles in the middle of your living room and other areas of your house, you will certainly start wondering what could be wrong. Any water that is found in places where it shouldn’t be is a sign that something could be wrong with your water line, and, when it happens indoors, it could lead to damages to your home’s structure, flooring, and walls, if left unattended for too long. Because of this, finding wet areas is a sure indication that you require a professional repair company that has the knowledge and experience to correctly diagnose and repair any possible issues in your water line. As we said before, when it comes to your home and family’s safety and well-being, it is always best to err on the side of caution, so call in the pros as soon as you can.

When it comes to your water line, it is always best to err on the side of caution than allow any minor problems to fester and grow. By calling Tioga Contractors for water line repair, you can rest assured that the job will be done well by our professional plumbers and technicians. With many years of experience in the industry, at Tioga Contractors we are always happy to help you keep your home safe, with the best and most efficient water line repair service in town. So, whenever you detect any of the warning signs we have mentioned here, don’t think twice and give Tioga Contractors a call right away!

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We probably don’t give much thought to our hot water heaters. For many of us, they are hooked up in basements or utility closets and rarely get the credit they deserve for keeping us comfortable in our homes. Homeowners are quick to make appointments with HVAC professionals to tune up or check on their air conditioners or furnaces well in advance of the hot and cold weather seasons, and we often take on tasks like swapping out filters and upgrading thermostats on our own. We can’t imagine our lives without cool relief in the summer and toasty warmth in the winter. However, what about our hot water heaters? They operate year-round, every day and all day, so that we can enjoy steamy showers, sanitized dishes and glasses, and laundered clothes and linens free of any trace of soil, sweat or stains. If you find that your hot water heater isn’t providing the same hot water output as it has in previous years, don’t wait until you are stuck taking cold showers! It might be time to call Tioga Contractors for water heater repair.

How Old Is Your Current Hot Water Heater?

If you think you require water heater repair, schedule an appointment with one of our trained technicians and we can evaluate your appliance, determine why it’s not functioning properly and offer solutions based on their findings. We hope that your water heater can be serviced by us and back to providing ample hot water for your showers, dishes and laundry in no time. However, if you have found yourself making multiple service calls for water heater repair especially in recent years, it’s time to remind yourself of the age of the unit. The average lifespan of an older-model water heater is about 8 to 12 years. If your appliance is getting up in years, or if you don’t even remember when you purchased it, it might be time to consider replacing it with a newer model. Today’s models of water heaters have a life span of up to 20 years. Tired of costly repairs? Start saving and put your hard-earned money towards a newer model that will provide years of hassle-free and efficient water heating for years to come.

How Efficient Is Your Appliance Heating Water?

If your water heater is several years old, it’s likely that it’s not running as efficiently as it did when it was brand new. You might find yourself waiting longer and longer to get the hot water you want before stepping into the shower or starting a sink of dishes. Not only is this very inconvenient, but it’s also a waste of water! You might also notice your utility bills rising and nobody likes that! If your water heater seems to be running okay, but you notice either of the above issues, schedule an appointment for water heater repair service by Tioga Contractors. It could very well be that your current appliance needs a tune-up or minor maintenance, especially if it’s not that old. However, if it is up in years, it’s time to consider the benefits of replacing your older model unit with a newer one. Newer models are more efficient from the start, remain efficient through their life spans and last much longer than older models. When you contact us for water heater repair service, we can discuss replacement options in person if it’s determined that a replacement may save you time and money.

Is Your Current Hot Water Heating Unit Up to Code?

Was your current water heater installed before you moved into your home? Even if it hasn’t given you any problems or shown signs of inefficiency, set up a visit by a skilled professional to have the health of the unit assessed. You may not think you require water heater repair but there’s a very good chance that even a new water heater, especially if installed during a hurried renovation, might not be installed up to code. A technician from Tioga Contractors can inspect your appliance to ensure that it is up to par with plumbing codes and is equipped with a drain pan, sediment trap, vent and expansion tank. They can also tell you if the location of the appliance is correct and safe. If any of these things are a concern to you as a new homeowner, call Tioga Contractors today for a water heater repair appointment.

Did Your Hot Water Needs Change Over the Years?

Since buying your home and installing a new hot water heater, has your household grown? Has marriage and children or extended family members moving into your home have increased your hot-water needs? Call a professional to see if a water heater repair service can help make your appliance work more efficiently. Hopefully, if the unit isn’t very old, a skilled technician from Tioga Contractors can suggest regular maintenance to keep your current water heater model supplying plenty of hot water for you and your loved ones. As part of a regular water heater repair visit, we can make recommendations for newer, more efficient water heater models for larger households, too.

Maybe It’s Time to Replace Your Old Water Heater with New Tankless System

We understand that making the decision to replace your current, older tank hot water heater is a difficult one, especially if this decision has to be made in a hurry. An experienced and knowledgeable member of the Tioga Contractors team will walk you through all of your options and explain the benefits of upgrading your current unit instead of repairing it. We are proud to offer certified in-house Rinnai Tankless Water Heater service and we are available in cases of emergency. Rest assured that our technicians are thoroughly vetted, so when you call us day or night with a malfunctioning or broken hot water heater, we will be sending only the most qualified and trustworthy contractors to your home. If you are in need of service to your hot water heater now or if you are considering an upgrade, call Tioga Contractors today!

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Many issues can make it necessary for you to seek the services of a professional plumbing contractor. For instance, if you want to install a new plumbing system in a newly-built home or do a whole house repipe, you will need to ensure that the assignment is handled by a licensed plumbing contractor. But even when you are facing seemingly simple plumbing issues, such as leaking pipes or clogged drains, it is always important to ensure that the repairs are done by a professional. This is because DIY plumbing solutions can sometimes lead to costly consequences.

Unfortunately, if you do not have a reliable plumber near me, you will realize that finding one can be quite a daunting task. This is because most plumbers will promise you things they cannot deliver, meaning that they cannot be trusted with something as valuable as your plumbing infrastructure. Therefore, when you are shopping for a plumbing contractor, you need to do your diligence to avoid settling for an untrustworthy plumber. Here are the tips you can use to find a good plumbing service provider in the city.

Ask Your Network and Browse the Internet

If you are new in Hurst or you have never hired a plumber before, you obviously need to start by familiarizing yourself with the local plumbing contractors you can possibly hire. To this end, you need to ask our neighbors, friends, or workmates to recommend to you some of the best plumbers they know. Additionally, you can go to the internet and search for the best plumber near me. This will allow you to create a list of professional plumbing service providers in the city. However, you should not trust a plumber near me simply because they have been recommended by a person you trust. Indeed, you need to find more relevant information about each of the plumbers on your list for you to make an informed choice in the end.

Check Their Licenses and Insurance

Plumbing is a trade that is usually regulated by local authorities. Therefore, not everyone is allowed to offer professional plumbing services in the city. For a person to qualify as a professional plumber, they need to undergo several years of training and acquire some experience. They then need to pass some tests to receive the licenses that allow them to operate legally. This is because poorly done plumbing jobs could expose people and buildings to grave dangers. Since an unlicensed plumber near me could be incompetent, the mistake of trusting them with your plumbing system could be extremely costly. Therefore, before you can choose to hire a particular plumber on your list, you need to find out if they are duly licensed. A good plumber near me will be willing to show you their licenses. Therefore, if a plumber seems hesitant to prove to you that they are licensed, they are probably not duly licensed and you should not risk trusting them with your plumbing infrastructure.

Check their Experienced and Credibility

When shopping for a professional plumber near me, experience is one of the most important factors to consider. Since plumbing is all about offering practical solutions to various plumbing problems, plumbers who have been in the business for a long time are likely to be more conversant with more plumbing situations, including the more complex and rare ones. As such, if you hire an inexperienced plumber near me, they might fail to fix the issue at hand decisively since they may not be knowledgeable and skilled enough. Therefore, before you can decide that you are going to hire a particular plumbing contractor, you need to ask them how long they have been in the industry. If a plumber does not have more than a few years of experience, you should not take the risk of hiring them.

But in addition to experience, you need to ascertain if the plumber you are about to hire has a history of serving their clients diligently and meeting their expectations at all levels of service delivery. To this end, you can go to online customer reviews sites such as Yelp to check what customers have to say about any given plumber near me. If a plumber has received so many negative reviews that their overall rating seems to be falling below average, you should avoid hiring them since they may be incompetent or unprofessional. Therefore, although online business reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, they can go a long way in helping you know the plumbers you should not hire.

Ask About the Possibility of Getting a Warranty

Even after finding a fairly good plumber near me, there is no guarantee that they will do a good job. This is because they can make mistakes and fail to resolve your plumbing issue decisively. Unfortunately, this means that you might end up spending more money getting the job redone soon. The good news is that good plumbers protect their customers against the cost of poor workmanship by providing warranties for the services offered. With a warranty, you will be able to hold your plumber accountable if you are unsatisfied with their work. Therefore, as you consider hiring a particular plumbing contractor, you need to ask them if they will give you a warranty for the services and products offered. If their answer is negative, you should continue searching.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, although finding a good plumber can be quite challenging, you can simplify the process significantly by relying on the above-discussed tips. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor to help you fix any plumbing problem you might run into in your house, Tioga Contractors is your best bet. We have been providing residential plumbing services for a long time, and we are a household name in the city. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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Most people may not realize how complex their drain system is. With pipes traveling behind walls and under floors, connecting this way and that, your drain system is a network of pipes, all of which must remain clog- and damage-free in order to function properly. Of course, when a clog occurs, you need a drain cleaning service or sewer line service. But which type of service is called for? Tioga Contractors can inspect your drains to troubleshoot the issue and perform the necessary service. We offer a full range of skilled plumbing services for Bedford and surrounding areas. Here, we’ll explore the difference between drains and sewer lines.

Your Home’s Drains

Your home’s drains are connected to fixtures such as your kitchen and bathroom sinks. You may also have floor drains that aren’t connected to a sink, tub, or toilet. It’s common, for instance, to find floor drains in laundry rooms. Your drains collect wastewater that flows through the drain pipes that all feed into the sewer line. Your home’s drains can become clogged at times with debris such as food particles or hair. When they become clogged, you’ll need drain cleaning service to clear the lines and move the debris out toward the sewer system.

Drain Clogs and Slow Drains

Your home’s drains can fill with many types of debris, but the most common are grease, oil, fats, soap residue, hair, and biofilm. Often, you can tell that a clog is forming in a drain line because your sink or tub will start to drain more slowly than usual. The developing clog doesn’t let water pass as easily as it used to, so it takes longer for your fixtures to empty.

A drain clog occurs when wastewater becomes blogged by the clog in the drain pipe. The clog can prevent you from using the associated fixture such as the bathroom sink or kitchen sink until the clog is cleared. If you have a slow or clogged drain at your home, you can rely on Tioga Contractors for our experienced drain cleaning service.

What’s a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is essentially a large drain pipe. It’s the pipe that all of your home’s drains feed into. Wastewater leaves your home’s drain pipes and enters the sewer line. The water flows through the sewer line, which runs mainly underground on your property, and enters the city’s sewer system. The sewer line that runs on your property is your responsibility. If it has a clog or is damaged, it’s up to you to maintain it.

Sewer Line Clogs

If you experience several slow drains in your house, there’s a strong possibility that there’s a clog forming in your sewer line. If you experience a single or multiple slow drains, it’s a good idea to contact Tioga Contractors to line up drain cleaning service. A developing clog will cause several drains to drain slowly, and there’s no telling when the clog will block the pipe entirely, preventing water from flowing out to the sewer system.

If water cannot flow through the sewer line, it has to go somewhere. Often, it comes back up through your drain system and spills into your home. Wastewater backup is a serious mess that can damage flooring and walls. Plus, the wastewater can contain potentially hazardous pathogens that you don’t want to come into contact with.

Sewer line clogs can be more difficult to unclog than drains in many cases because they require a longer and more robust cable to auger them. Many sewer line clogs are caused by a buildup of debris–the same types of debris that can clog drain pipes.

Sometimes, however, sewer lines can become blocked by mud and landscape debris like leaves and twigs. After a storm, debris like leaves and twigs can flow into the sewer system. If a backup occurs, this debris can get pushed up into sewer lines of homes where it can cause a clog to form.

Another common cause of sewer line clogs are tree roots. Thin roots can enter the sewer line through small holes or cracks in the pipe or near its seams. The roots feed on the nutrients and water found in the pipe. As they feed, they will grow and grow until they block the line. Typical drain cleaning service may not clear tree roots. Your plumber will need a more robust auger with a cutter attached to the end in order to contend with tree roots. If you suspect tree roots have infiltrated your sewer line, you can call Tioga Contactors for help.

When to Call a Plumber

If you have a clog, whether it’s in your drain or sewer line, you should call a professional plumber. Our plumbing pros can auger the line in question or provide drain cleaning service. If your drains are prone to frequent clogs, you should schedule drain cleaning service every year or two as a form of plumbing system maintenance.

It’s usually not a good idea to attempt DIY drain cleaning service or you can damage your pipes and even make clogs worse. You should also avoid commercial drain cleaners, which can damage your pipes as well. Even though these products are widely sold, they’re not good for pipes with their caustic ingredients. It’s best to let a plumbing professional bring the ideal equipment to tackle the job.

If you need to clear a clog or address slow drains in your home, contact us for our drain cleaning service.

We can troubleshoot whether your problem is located in a drain pipe or in your sewer line. Then, we can provide the ideal solutions. Our plumbers at Tioga Contractors are certified and experienced. You can rely on them for all your plumbing needs.

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Many homeowners make the mistake of using the terms “electricians” and “electrical contractors” interchangeably, even though they are not a reference to the same type of professional. While they both can carry out a wide range of electrical jobs, electrical contractors can also deal with the installation, maintenance, and repair of both high and low voltage electrical systems. This means that they can plan and set up a complete electrical system design for a new building, working closely with engineers and architects, in order to ensure everything is adequate to the building’s floor plans and the existing codes and regulations. When the system has been designed and approved, the electrical contractors will implement it and oversee its correct installation. Of course, there is much more to electrical contractors than just designing and overseeing the implementation of electrical systems. Because of this, in this article, we will cover the main differences between electricians and electrical contractors, as well as the different tasks electrical contractors perform, and the benefits this can represent for you and your home or business. Let’s take a look.

The Main Differences

The main differences between electricians and professional contractors are quite obvious once they are highlighted. We could go into a winded explanation that would lead only to a basic grasp of the differences, but to make things a bit easier for you, let’s just say that electricians are the operative part of a team, and contractors are the administrative part. How so? Think about it this way, a contractor oversees an entire team of electricians, who do the actual work of installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems (the operative part), while the contractor is in charge of the design, cost estimates, and project management of the job at hand. This means they are usually hired for larger projects, and not just for repairing a sparking light fixture in your home. Professional contractors were in charge of the design and set up of the electrical system in your home when it was being built, even though it was electricians who did the actual work and followed the contractor’s instructions. If you are looking to remodel or build a new commercial space or building, a professional contractor can be one of your most important allies, mostly because they are intimately familiar with your area’s codes and regulations.

The Services They Provide

Professional contractors have a skill set that helps them develop and carry out complex projects. From the expected design and implementation of entirely new electrical systems to the maintenance and correction of existing ones, professional contractors can also install security systems, call systems, IT systems, and much more, all the way up to solar and wind-powered electrical systems. This makes their presence much more applicable to large construction ventures, both in residential as well as commercial areas.

Even though contractors are most often found leading their teams in larger projects, they are also available for residential and maintenance work. For example, if your home’s electrical system needs to be upgraded or rewired, calling a contractor will ensure you have an entire team that has the required knowledge and experience working for you. The contractor will be the leader of the team and will be able to provide valuable input to the project at hand.

How Does It Benefit Me?

The benefits you can receive from hiring a contractor instead of just one electrician may be more visible when you are building a new house or commercial space. As mentioned, a contractor will be able to design and implement the entire system. Even so, there are benefits to hiring a contractor can also enjoy, including the following:

  • High quality – The ability of a contractor to work on both residential and commercial projects is a surefire guarantee of a high-quality performance. This is because to acquire their state-issued license, they must pass a test and prove they have the required skill set and knowledge to perform within codes and regulations.
  • Liability insurance – Accidents happen. They are a fact of life, but contractors usually carry sizable liability insurance that protects home and business owners like you from anything that could go wrong during the performance of the job. This means that no matter what, the damage will be covered by a solid insurance plan.
  • They are experts at safety – Contractors are required to follow highly specific and stringent safety codes, or they could face hefty fines. This can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be safe in your home or business at all times. This leads to a fantastic sense of well-being that extends to your own clients and customers.
  • They are constantly taking classes and training courses – They do this to stay updated on new techniques, technologies and methods. This means that when you hire a professional contractor, you will have access to their vast knowledge and training in the latest trends in electrical systems.
  • They will always do the job correctly – Because of the numerous codes and regulations a contractor has to adhere to, the chances of them having to go back to repair any mistakes is minuscule. Contractors strive to get it right the first time, and all the time, which is why they are the better option for large projects.

When your electrical needs lead you to search for electrical contractors, there is only one path you should follow. This path will take you directly to Tioga Contractors, the foremost electrical contractors in the area. With highly experienced electricians on the team, and the knowledge and training expected of only the best electrical contractors nationwide, at Tioga Contractors, we will always be happy to help you plan, develop, and maintain the electrical system in your home and your business. So, don’t hesitate any longer, if you are looking for the best professional contractors on this side of Texas, give Tioga Contractors a call today!

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For a modern business, security lighting means more than just hanging up a few luminaries here and there. Security lighting not only keeps intruders out but also makes your customers and employees feel safe. Plus, you have the added benefit of visibility and advertisement.

With hundreds of security systems, business owners have difficulty choosing the most suitable lights. The following tips outline some of the key features and considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Hiring a Professional

The following lighting tips are just a general guide; not all may apply to your situation. Hire a professional lighting designer or commercial electrician to install the new lighting correctly.

You don’t want to light up the building like a Christmas tree with numerous lights that only waste energy. You want to make a visual statement while keeping your assets safe.

2. Get Motion Sensors

Security lighting should give intruders the impression they will be seen by guards, the CCTV system, or passersby. Lighting up an isolated building is not only a waste of electricity but could even help the burglar.

On the other hand, if you install motion-sensing lights, the person will be startled, and the sudden light will alert anybody nearby. Your electrician may also recommend investing in an automated light system to prevent human forgetfulness and grant you access anywhere globally.

3. Installing LED Lights

Lighting accounts for 17 percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings. Businesses looking to reduce energy costs should opt for LEDs, which use 75 percent less energy than traditional lights and last 25 times longer.

When shopping for LED lights, choose according to the number of lumens, not the watt rating. Lumens indicate how much brightness the light emits, while watts show how much energy the fixture consumes.

4. Optimizing the CCTV System

When installing or upgrading security lights, ensure they do not obstruct the CCTV system. While there are cameras that can see in the dark, properly placed lights will enhance the camera’s reach.

Efficient lighting will also make it easier to detect someone’s face. Have your electrician design a security system that includes CCTV and lighting. Getting both of them at the same time can reduce installation costs and enhance the effectiveness of both.

On top of CCTVs and bright lights, you want to ensure doors and windows are equipped with tough locks, glass, and anything that will make breaking in much more difficult.

5. Choose Your Lights Wisely

Lighting columns or bollards near a wall can serve as a ladder for burglars. Instead, have your electrician install perimeter lighting that causes anyone passing by to cast a shadow alerting nearby security guards. Make sure you buy lights rated for outside use. Such bulbs are durable and can withstand all types of weather.

While more light is better, you want several light fixtures, not one huge floodlight. Should one light go out, the others will still function. Moreover, you can create a balance between your lights. You’ll need lights illuminating a large area and task lights directing their beams to areas like doors and windows.

6. Opt for White Light

The color of the light, also known as light temperature, will affect how safe a premise is. For example, parking lots utilize white light because it is easier to determine a car’s color, and it imitates natural sunlight.

You may want warm, yellow lights to enhance a restaurant’s cozy ambiance but not to illuminate the storage area.

Be careful, however, that the indoor lighting does not affect a guard’s view of the outside. You want to avoid glare and reflections on the glass.

7. Protect Light from Vandalism

Sometimes burglars unscrew bulbs just enough to prevent them from coming on at night. They may also break them or turn the motion sensor upward or out of the way so it won’t detect anything. The solution is to install lights high enough or get unique vandal-resistant fixtures.

Additionally, ensure the wiring is protected. Bury it underground if possible and use a conduit. An intruder can cut exposed wiring or otherwise tamper with it.

Have your electrician install several lighting circuits for added security should one fail or be switched off. Don’t forget to lock all outdoor electrical boxes and main switches.

8. Be Creative

Light up staircases to prevent tripping at night. Drawing attention to artworks or decorative plants with dramatically placed lights can deter thieves from hiding behind them. Your electrician can show you how lighting can help you portray and advertise your business.

9. Maintenance

Even the most sophisticated lighting system won’t do you any good if you do not maintain it regularly. Keep a stock of replacement bulbs on hand and have the fixtures regularly cleaned.

It’s wise to plan regular service checks with your local electrician, who will ensure the wiring is in order and alert you of any issues. Also, prune any nearby shrubs and trees to ensure they do not block any lights or cameras.

If you experience frequent blackouts in your area, you should invest in a standby generator or other backup power solution to keep your lights on when the power is out.

Tioga Contractors Is Here for All Your Commercial Electrical Needs

Businesses trust us always to provide quality services. Our licensed and insured electricians are qualified to handle everything from electrical repairs and code compliance to new construction wiring.

With us on your team, you can rest assured that your business’s electrical needs are safe. Give us a call today to get your special offer.

In Summary

Security lighting is a simple yet effective way to keep your business safe. Some business owners see security features as an expense. But if you hire a reputable commercial electrician, the upgrade can improve business and increase the value of your property.

Call Tioga Contractors today if you need help. 

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The majority of people will occasionally encounter minor plumbing issues in their homes. These issues sometimes appear to be nothing more than minor hassles and indeed, they may be just that.

In other cases, numerous minor plumbing issues might be covering up more serious issues. Sometimes it is best to contact a local plumber and get the situation professionally evaluated.

Here are a few circumstances that may first appear to be minor plumbing issues. Upon further examination, they may be something more serious that needs the attention of a competent plumber.

Recurring Clogs

Are your drains prone to clogging? Clogs of small size are annoying and may be easy to remedy by yourself. Persistent or recurring clogs, on the other hand, may indicate a more serious issue.

It is possible for water to back up in other parts of your plumbing system if your drains or pipes leading away from your drains are seriously clogged. Additionally, if your pipes are old and showing signs of corrosion, they might burst, leading to a serious clog—one that certainly needs competent and prompt attention. If you have recurring clogs, you should have your drains cleaned by a professional plumber.

Lack of Sufficient Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the home is clearly a nuisance, but it can also be a sign of a bigger problem. However, low water pressure is not something to dismiss lightly. It could be a sign of a serious plumbing leak.

Sadly, not all of your plumbing system’s pipes are readily visible for easy inspection for a leak. There are portions of the system that you simply cannot see because they are concealed in the walls or below the floor. If there is a leak, you need to fix it right away to stop the water from causing more damage to your property. If you suspect a hidden leak, contact a plumber immediately.

Continuously Running Toilets

A continuously or intermittently running toilet might not appear to be a significant issue. It can, however, be a sign of a bigger problem. Furthermore, a running toilet will cost you more money when you pay your water bill. A toilet that runs constantly can use up hundreds of gallons of water in a single day!

Sometimes a do-it-yourself inspection and quick fix are all you need. If that doesn’t work, then call your local plumber to save money on your future water bills.

Lack of Hot Water

If it takes over an hour for your water to be as hot as you expect it to be, then your hot water heater may be the cause. As these appliances get older, problems with hot water heaters become more common. They generally provide at least a decade of dependable service.

Your water heater can be evaluated by a plumbing company to figure out what’s wrong. Rust and corrosion are common problems that develop with age in water heaters. Also, the anode rods of your water heater can deteriorate and cause the tank to corrode if they become corroded.

Sewage Backup

The majority of people don’t give their home sewage system much thought. In point of fact, if problems with the sewage arise, you might even believe that it is a municipal issue. However, if sewer issues begin to cause a backup in your home, they can be very serious. Bacteria that are harmful to the health of pets and humans can be found in sewage. Additionally, it is an awful mess that requires careful cleanup.

Don’t just assume that the sewer line has a clog if you think it might be minor. The functioning of the sewer line is essential for the entire plumbing system of your home. Food or grease accumulation in the sewer line can result in a clogged line. However, it could also be the result of a collapsed sewer pipe or encroaching tree roots. If the pipe has burst, no amount of drain cleaner can fix it, so don’t use these products from the beginning.

Sewer problems require professional assistance. If you have them, contact a plumbing expert.

Loud Pipe Noises

Rattling pipes, especially in an older home, can be something that you’d like to ignore. Unfortunately, if your pipes are loud and rattling, then they are not secure. In fact, the likelihood of your pipes becoming even more unsecured increases the longer you ignore the rattling. As water moves through the lines and makes them clatter, the consistent shaking can cause a crack to form in the piping. A solution to this issue is required.

Secure the leaking pipes as best you can. Then, inspect their condition with the help of your plumber. Remember, contacting a plumber while these issues are still considered to be “small problems” will save you money in the long run.

Unusually High Utility Costs

Are you paying more than usual for your water bills lately? Your high water utility bills may also indicate a plumbing system leak.

It would be prudent to check with your plumbing company to see what they have to say. Schedule a plumbing system maintenance appointment if it has been a while since your last one. If there is a leak somewhere, a savvy plumber can find it. If there is, it is essential to quickly repair it and assess the potential damage that the leaking water has caused.

Don’t let these minor issues with the plumbing turn into major ones. Since major issues can arise quickly, it is best to address minor plumbing issues as soon as possible.

For all plumbing services, connecting with Tioga Contractors will be your best move. They have an expert team of licensed and certified plumbers with years of local experience. You can trust your fixtures and plumbing system with them. In fact, you can count on their prompt, courteous, and cost-effective service.

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It is fairly common for homeowners to think about electrical service as only encompassing the activities and services provided by an electrician. But, nothing is further from the truth. Electrical service involves much more than the installation, maintenance, and repair of your home’s electrical system. It also involves the transmission and distribution of electrical power within your home. Because of the ease with which this term can be misconstrued, this article will cover all the important facts you should know about electrical service and how they pertain to your home. So, read on to find out what you’ve been missing. Let’s get started.

What Are You Talking About?

If you are like many other people you are wondering exactly what we are referring to when we use the term “electrical service”. Well, the first thing it’s not is a series of activities aimed at keeping your electrical system in good working order. Instead, it is a term used to describe your home’s complete electrical system, from the moment electricity enters your home through its connection to the public utility pole, to its final destination at your outlets and switches. An electrical service encompasses all the wiring, pipes, grounding elements and panels in an electrical system. It is, in essence, the complete group of elements that distribute electricity throughout your home.

Are There Different Types of Service?

The short answer to this question is yes, there are various types of electrical service, all of them based on the voltage required by the final user. Most residential services belong to the 120V type. They are perfect for most home requirements, and even though it is usually described as being adequate for a small load, this is meant to include the wide range of appliances that any homeowner could connect to the service, including a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and more. Each different type of electrical service is used for different applications. In this manner, the 208V and 347V services are also quite common, especially for larger residential or commercial applications. Because the different types of services can vary greatly in the voltage they handle, it is important for you to know how your entire system might be impacted by a different type. For example, there is no sense in requesting an industrial type of service for your home if you aren’t planning on establishing a factory on the premises. Because of this, it is very important to talk to a reputable electrical contractor about your current or planned electrical system.

Why Is It Important?

Your home’s service is the literal heartbeat of your house. Without it, you would not be able to use any electrical appliance, and you would spend your nights in complete darkness. Your home’s service is possibly the most important part of modern-day living. If it fails, you and your family could be facing a dangerous situation. Because of this, it is recommended you perform regular inspections of your home’s electrical system. These inspections aim to find potential problems before they become hazardous and damage your property. With this in mind, we can say that, effectively, your home’s electrical panel is the hub of your everyday life. This is why having it serviced is so important. Without it, nothing would work.

Keeping Your System In Good Shape

Now that you know why your home’s electrical system and service are so important, and can understand why a certain type is necessary, you are probably wondering about what actions to take to keep it working efficiently without any malfunction that could put your home and your belongings in danger. This is where a regular maintenance program can prove to be most helpful. Most homeowners don’t give electrical maintenance a second thought and only call an electrician for help when something goes wrong. But, certain electrical issues take time to develop until they manifest and start a fire. A good electrical maintenance service will provide an annual inspection of your home’s electrical system. Starting at the point in which your service connects to the utility pole, and will continue along its entirety, paying special attention to the electrical panel, any sub-panels you might have, your outlets and switches, and any areas where an overload could lead to a fire hazard. In some cases, it is possible your electrician might suggest you upgrade your current service. This is common in old homes, especially those where the outlets are not adequate for three-prong connections. They might also recommend a service upgrade if your current service is insufficient for the number and type of appliances and applications that are connected to it. A good example of this is when your washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator are all connected to the same circuit. In cases like this, a licensed electrician might suggest installing separate circuits to prevent a catastrophic overload of your system.

In the end, the ability of your electrical system to perform in the way you desire depends on several factors, including the type of service installed in your home, the applications connected to it, and the quality of your maintenance program. While most experts suggest biannual inspections of your electrical system, it might be safer to perform them annually, depending on the actual condition of your service and the demand that is placed on it every day. Contacting a reputable electrical contractor to evaluate and determine the condition of your current system is also a good way to determine how often an inspection should be performed.

At Tioga Contractors, we specialize in all aspects of residential and commercial electrical service. When you are in need of the installation, maintenance, or repair of your home or business electrical system, we have the knowledge, experience, and training to ensure you will always be satisfied with the work we perform. So, don’t hesitate, when you want the highest quality electrical service available, just pick up your phone and give Tioga Contractors a call!

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