<strong>Electrical Contractors</strong>: What They Can Do And How They Could Benefit You | <strong>Arlington, TX</strong>

Electrical Contractors: What They Can Do And How They Could Benefit You | Arlington, TX

Many homeowners make the mistake of using the terms “electricians” and “electrical contractors” interchangeably, even though they are not a reference to the same type of professional. While they both can carry out a wide range of electrical jobs, electrical contractors can also deal with the installation, maintenance, and repair of both high and low voltage electrical systems. This means that they can plan and set up a complete electrical system design for a new building, working closely with engineers and architects, in order to ensure everything is adequate to the building’s floor plans and the existing codes and regulations. When the system has been designed and approved, the electrical contractors will implement it and oversee its correct installation. Of course, there is much more to electrical contractors than just designing and overseeing the implementation of electrical systems. Because of this, in this article, we will cover the main differences between electricians and electrical contractors, as well as the different tasks electrical contractors perform, and the benefits this can represent for you and your home or business. Let’s take a look.

The Main Differences

The main differences between electricians and professional contractors are quite obvious once they are highlighted. We could go into a winded explanation that would lead only to a basic grasp of the differences, but to make things a bit easier for you, let’s just say that electricians are the operative part of a team, and contractors are the administrative part. How so? Think about it this way, a contractor oversees an entire team of electricians, who do the actual work of installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems (the operative part), while the contractor is in charge of the design, cost estimates, and project management of the job at hand. This means they are usually hired for larger projects, and not just for repairing a sparking light fixture in your home. Professional contractors were in charge of the design and set up of the electrical system in your home when it was being built, even though it was electricians who did the actual work and followed the contractor’s instructions. If you are looking to remodel or build a new commercial space or building, a professional contractor can be one of your most important allies, mostly because they are intimately familiar with your area’s codes and regulations.

The Services They Provide

Professional contractors have a skill set that helps them develop and carry out complex projects. From the expected design and implementation of entirely new electrical systems to the maintenance and correction of existing ones, professional contractors can also install security systems, call systems, IT systems, and much more, all the way up to solar and wind-powered electrical systems. This makes their presence much more applicable to large construction ventures, both in residential as well as commercial areas.

Even though contractors are most often found leading their teams in larger projects, they are also available for residential and maintenance work. For example, if your home’s electrical system needs to be upgraded or rewired, calling a contractor will ensure you have an entire team that has the required knowledge and experience working for you. The contractor will be the leader of the team and will be able to provide valuable input to the project at hand.

How Does It Benefit Me?

The benefits you can receive from hiring a contractor instead of just one electrician may be more visible when you are building a new house or commercial space. As mentioned, a contractor will be able to design and implement the entire system. Even so, there are benefits to hiring a contractor can also enjoy, including the following:

  • High quality – The ability of a contractor to work on both residential and commercial projects is a surefire guarantee of a high-quality performance. This is because to acquire their state-issued license, they must pass a test and prove they have the required skill set and knowledge to perform within codes and regulations.
  • Liability insurance – Accidents happen. They are a fact of life, but contractors usually carry sizable liability insurance that protects home and business owners like you from anything that could go wrong during the performance of the job. This means that no matter what, the damage will be covered by a solid insurance plan.
  • They are experts at safety – Contractors are required to follow highly specific and stringent safety codes, or they could face hefty fines. This can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be safe in your home or business at all times. This leads to a fantastic sense of well-being that extends to your own clients and customers.
  • They are constantly taking classes and training courses – They do this to stay updated on new techniques, technologies and methods. This means that when you hire a professional contractor, you will have access to their vast knowledge and training in the latest trends in electrical systems.
  • They will always do the job correctly – Because of the numerous codes and regulations a contractor has to adhere to, the chances of them having to go back to repair any mistakes is minuscule. Contractors strive to get it right the first time, and all the time, which is why they are the better option for large projects.

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