AC Problems That Require The Intervention Of An Electrician | Keller, TX

AC Problems That Require The Intervention Of An Electrician | Keller, TX

An air conditioner is an electrical system: It gets power from your home’s electrical supply to run the motors that, in turn, operate the compressor and fans. The thermostat that displays your room temperature also uses electricity.

Although most air conditioner repairs require mechanical work, AC units can also develop electrical issues similar to those in other home appliances. So, you should not be surprised if your AC unit has electric problems.

Fixing AC electrical problems requires extensive skills and knowledge. That’s why it is essential to call a licensed electrician in Keller, TX, if you notice your AC unit has an electrical problem.

There are various ways that the unit can develop electrical issues, and that’s why a homeowner should have the ability to recognize them as soon as they happen. This blog post explores the most common electrical problems in the HVAC system.

Wiring Problems

Residential air conditioners have a unique wiring system, making it more difficult to detect any arising issue. Over time, these wires become weak and damaged, and you may need an electrician to replace them.

Common wiring problems include corrosion, fraying, and disconnection. They occur as a result of disruption in the flow of electricity. If this issue is not fixed early, it can cause other components of the AC system to work harder, resulting in breakdowns and other related mechanical problems.

Loose wires are easy to avoid, thanks to regular maintenance from your local AC company.

AC Unit Has Trouble Starting

If you notice your AC unit shutters or shuts off repeatedly before kicking off, there is a possibility that it has capacitor-related electrical issues. Inconsistent or difficult to start, it also points to electrical problems.

Your air conditioner’s motor has two capacitors responsible for starting your motors and consistently keeping electrical power flowing through. It will be hard to start your AC if something goes wrong with either capacitor.

If your unit shows signs of capacitor problems, it’s crucial to call a trusted electrician immediately because unaddressed faulty capacitors can lead to massive issues.

AC Turns On and Off at Frequent Intervals

The different wires in your air conditioner serve a particular purpose. Over time, these wires can corrode or get frayed. All these can affect the functionality of your AC unit. Most often, it affects the ability of your unit to run consistently. It’s normal for a unit to start and stop running at a regular unit to bring the desired temperature to your home.

However, it is not normal for the AC to turn on and off at irregular intervals. If you notice these multiple irregular startups and shutdowns, consider hiring a reputable electrician to diagnose the problem with your AC.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Another common HVAC electrical issue faced by homeowners in Keller, TX, is manifested in the circuit breakers. In most cases, your AC unit has its circuit breaker. Suppose the circuit breaker is not broken or loose but trips frequently. In that case, there is a possibility that your air conditioner is using a lot of electric power, which points to a serious underlying issue.

If you notice this issue with your air conditioner, the best thing to do is call a trusted technician. The electrical system can ruin your entire AC system if not fixed on time. Having the problem taken care of early will save you from more repairs in the long run.

Air Conditioning Voltage Issues

There could be a possibility of your home’s supply and the power needs of your AC not matching up. The internal fuse may burn out if the air conditioner receives too much voltage from the power supply.

In such a scenario, you’ll need a licensed electrician to replace the fuse and install a voltage regulator to prevent excess voltage from damaging your unit. On the other hand, if your AC is getting low voltage, it will need a hard start every time. This causes unnecessary wear and tear to your air conditioner.

AC Circuit Board Failure

Starting up and shutting down operations of your AC follows a carefully orchestrated sequence. The AC control board governs those operations. If all the components of your AC are fully functional, the AC circuit board may be bad. You can call a professional electrical contractor to repair or replace your AC circuit board.

The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Thermostats have introduced new comfort and convenience. However, they are sensitive, thus, prone to failure. Damaged thermostats can cause your air conditioner to turn on and off incorrectly, thus failing to cool your home to the ideal temperature.

When your AC suddenly stops working, try checking the power of your thermostat. If you suspect any issue with the thermostat, contact a certified electrician for help.

Compressor Concerns

The compressor is the heart of your AC system, making it the hardest-working component. This is where energy is first transferred to the refrigerant so that, in turn, it circulates through the entire system.

If the motor that powers the compressor burns out, there will be a need to replace the entire compressor. If you hear screeching noises from the outdoor components or notice your compressor struggling to start up, call a trusted electrician to see if the compressor motor can be rescued.

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Working with electricity carries the danger of shock, not to mention causing damage to your property. Electrical issues can cause an entire system shutdown if not fixed on time. Leave the rest to a certified electrician unless you have an unplugged system or a few tripped circuit breaks.

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