Need A Plumber? Faucet Leak Problems and Signs To Watch Out For | Hurst, TX

Need A Plumber? Faucet Leak Problems and Signs To Watch Out For | Hurst, TX

Multiple homes in Hurst, TX, have faucets that control water usage in kitchens and bathrooms. A professional plumber understands that the faucets and faucet aerators that get into the US market should meet the federal standards of using less than 2.2 gallons of water per minute. A faucet is a valve that controls the amount of water flowing into the bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixtures, including sinks and bathtubs.

It has a faucet restrictor or aerator that makes it easier to manage water flow, making the faucets high-efficient in homes. Similar to other plumbing fixtures and fittings in your residential property, the taps are bound to leak. Leaking is one of the most common plumbing problems faced by residents in Hurst, TX, and can lead to property damage and high water bills. It is a problem that requires the skills and expertise of an experienced plumber. Signs of leaky faucets include:

Dripping Faucet

Dipping water from the sprout of a faucet when you turn off the handle is easier to spot because it is visible. Once you tighten the tap handle and water still drips, it is a problem that requires immediate help from a plumbing service before it persists and becomes a full-blown leak.

The drips might be temporary, which drips and stops some few minutes after the faucet is turned off. It might also be continuous until a plumber repairs it. The temporary leak might be due to accumulated dirt, minerals, and debris in the faucet aerator while the continuous leakage problem could stem from a worn-out valve or cartridge under the faucet handle, which controls the flow of water.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency explains that leaky faucets can account for almost 3,000 gallons of water annually, which skyrockets the water bills in your home. Therefore, once you hear or see the dripping coming out of your kitchen or bathroom faucet, you should call an expert plumbing professional to fix the problem before it persists and leads to a lot of water wastage and surging water bills. The professional will remove the build-up dirt and hard water in the aerator to stop the temporary faucet spout leakage.

For the continuous spout drips that cause a lot of water wastage in your home the plumber will have to replace the faulty or worn-out parts, including the faucet valve or cartridge, with one that fits the faucet model and type.

Leaks Around the Base of the Faucet

Another sign of a leaking faucet is when you spot leaks around the base of your kitchen or bathroom faucets. It is not easy to recognize a leak at the point where the sink and the faucet connect unless you hire a plumber to diagnose the leakage. You might notice the problem if you frequently clean and dry the sink deck and the bottom of the faucet. You will recognize it is always wet even after wiping that area dry.

To be sure, you should inform your plumbing service during regular maintenance to check and identify if the faucet is leaking at the base or not after turning off the tap. The technician will probably dry all the standing water on top of the sink, turn off the faucets, and observe keenly for any leaks around the base of the tap to recognize the issue. The cause of leakages at the bottom of the faucet revolves around a poor installation by an untrained plumber, malfunctioning or damaged internal O-ring, or a faulty cartridge.

The cracked or corroded O-ring can make water leak down the faucet body, leaking out at the bottom when the valve is on. The O-ring is responsible for sealing the faucet body and is found or installed around the inner brass of the faucet body. The extensively experienced plumbing professional you get will skillfully replace the cracked or damaged O-ring or cartridge. The expert might also have to re-install the entire faucet accurately to ensure no leakages are visible if poor installation was the cause of the leaks.

Water Damage at the Bottom of Your Sink

Another sign of faucet problems occurs under your bathroom or kitchen sinks. It is the most difficult issue to notice, especially if you rarely check under the sinks or bathtubs. The water from the leaky faucet drips to the floor. It can damage the floor due to molds and mildew growth.

You might notice dried water rings in the cabinets under your sink or water spots on your bathroom or kitchen floor. The cause of the leakage under the sink might be due to a loose faucet’s connection to the water supply fixtures and pipes. The loosened faucet handles, heads, and connections allow water to seep out to the floor or sink surface causing mold patches that you shouldn’t assume upon noticing.

To prevent mold growth and extensive water damage to your property, you should call a plumber to tighten the loose connections to the faucets to stop the leakage noticeable under the sink.

A Noisy Faucet Handle

When you turn your faucet on and off, and it makes a squeaking noise, it’s an indicator of a problem that requires help from a professional plumber. The faucet’s handle might become difficult to turn off when it gets stuck, leading to a lot of water wastage and surging water bills.

The moment you notice the squeaking sound when using the faucet, you should contact a plumber to come and either lubricate the stuck components and fittings or replace the entire faucet for optimal and smooth operation.

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Plumbing fixtures in your home need faucets for a smooth water supply. Leaking taps can lead to expensive plumbing repairs and high water bills that are preventable if you contact a plumbing service expert on time.

Therefore, if you experience any plumbing issues with your faucets or fixtures, you should contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Hurst, TX, to get a professional plumbing technician. It is a residential and commercial plumbing company that offers prompt and emergency repairs, replacement, and installation services.

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