Should You DIY Plumber Projects Or Leave Them to the Pros? | Irving, TX

Should You DIY Plumber Projects Or Leave Them to the Pros? | Irving, TX

DIY projects can be fun and exciting. However, you must never DIY plumbing projects, especially major installations and repairs. You may end up with costly repairs and replacements if you make a mistake with DIY plumbing. As much as possible, contact a plumber in Irving, TX, today if you need help with repairs and installations. We’ll talk about plumbing projects that should be left to licensed professionals only and why you need to avoid DIY plumbing in this article.

The Dangers of DIY Plumbing

You may think that DIY plumbing can save you more money. But remember, a YouTube may not always work as you might have a similar issue but one that requires a different solution. To avoid costly mistakes and accidents, we recommend that you always hire a licensed plumbing company for major installations and repairs.

If you’re buying a new appliance with a warranty, please get professional installation, or you may lose the warranty. Manufacturers do indeed provide a manual for installing and maintaining the appliance. However, it’s still recommended that you hire licensed professionals to avoid issues associated with poor installation and other problems.

Safety is also another concern. Plumbers are equipped with tools and equipment that keep them safe. You may not have access to these, or it’s going to cost you more to acquire them. To avoid other costs, it’s best to work with a licensed professional.

In addition, professionals are equipped with everything they need to get the job done. It lets them permanently resolve the issue — which is why it’s crucial that you only work with them.

What about minor repairs?

It’s perfectly fine to have essential plumbing tools such as a plunger for unclogging a toilet or a sink. However, you need to have separate plungers as it’s sanitary to use the same tool for drains and the toilet — it may also lead to cross-contamination.

You may be able to do some minor plumbing repairs such as fixing a leaky toilet, insulating the pipes, installing a pressure gauge to regulate the water pressure, or flushing the water heater. We recommend contacting a licensed professional in Irving, TX, for assistance with other issues.

Plumbing Projects That Should Be Left to the Pros

You need the services of a licensed professional for the plumbing tasks described below:

Installing a New Appliance

It’s a must to hire a licensed professional for a major plumbing installation such as installing water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. Poor installation can lead to inefficiency issues and costly repairs. Imagine when you couldn’t properly install a washing machine or a water heater, and your laundry room or basement suddenly floods. Water damage can cost you a fortune in repairs and restorations, and it may also damage your home’s foundation. You can avoid this major plumbing emergency by contacting a licensed plumber to install new appliances and even plumbing fixtures, such as a new toilet.

Replacing the Plumbing Pipes

Replacing the pipes is a complex plumbing task that should only be done by licensed plumbers only. You shouldn’t attempt to do it on your own or hire unlicensed plumbers for it to avoid problems down the road. One of the major problems you could be facing with poor installation is a plumbing leak. If you don’t want to end up with a flooded home, please make sure that you only work with licensed professionals.

Contact a professional if you need help with pipe repair or any task involving the pipes, except insulating them during the winter. You can simply buy some heating tape at your local hardware store and tape it to the plumbing pipes for insulating the pipes.

Fixing Major Clogs

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to regularly clean your drains by pouring hot water or using vinegar and baking soda solution. If you know how to use one, you may also try to resolve a minor clog with a plunger or a drain snake (if you know how to use one.) But for major clogs, we recommend that you hire a licensed plumber for it. Don’t use chemical-based drain cleaners as they are the permanent solution to unclogging your drains. They can severely damage your pipes and also pose some health risks. It’s safer to call a professional instead and avoid costly repairs.

Sump Pump Installation

If you have a basement, you need a sump pump, as this device prevents flooding. However, it’s crucial to hire a qualified professional to help you install the unit. Otherwise, your sump pump may not be efficient and may not do what it intends to do. In addition, ensure that you test the pump first before using it for the first time. If possible, buy an extra pump if there might be power interruptions. For repairs and maintenance, please work with a licensed professional only.


Work with a licensed plumber for major repairs. If you make a mistake, you could end up buying a complete replacement of the appliance or the plumbing fixture. Also, you’re not fully equipped to help you properly carry out the job.

When you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing system, please reach out to a professional immediately for an inspection. Our team of licensed plumbers can thoroughly inspect your plumbing, determine the root cause of the problem, and then provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

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