When Our <strong>Plumber</strong> Calls In Reinforcements | <strong>Grapevine, TX</strong>

When Our Plumber Calls In Reinforcements | Grapevine, TX

One of the benefits of working with Tioga Plumbing & Electric is the extensive connection of our professionals with others performing different trades. Plumbers, electricians, designers, all sorts of professionals in the construction trades are all under our roof, providing reinforcements when a project crosses over between one type of work and another. When a plumbing project requires electrical power, we can make the connection. If there’s an emergency that has multiple issues, we’re prepared. Our plumbers can call in reinforcements so you get the best professionals with extensive experience in Grapevine, TX. It’s usually easy for our plumbers to do the whole job, but our reinforcements have something extra if they need it.

Drain Cleaning with Extra Oomph

Actually, the reinforcements that our plumbers call in are sometimes tools. For instance, the hydro jet spray with thousands of PSI can make short work of drain clogs and even the early stages that cling to the insides of your pipes. We call in tiny video cameras to take a look at what’s stopping up your pipes, so we pick the right tool for breaking up, pushing down, or plucking out of your pipe. It doesn’t make sense to keep pushing a plastic toy down your drains, it’ll just get stuck deeper, while most other stuff can just flow as little pieces with plenty of water.

Calling Our Reinforcements for Leak Detection and Repair

Leak work can take many directions, depending on where the leak is located and what caused it. Our plumbers might call in reinforcements to access a leak in the wall, ceiling, yard, or even under your concrete slab foundation. It can take some tough tools to break up concrete, make holes in the wall, or dig down to your water line in the yard. The good news is, before all that work is done, we have a variety of leak detection tools including audio listening devices, ultrasonic detectors, video cameras to slip inside the pipe, and even a few more. We use those to cut back on all the cutting, digging, etc., and focus on exactly where the leak is located, limiting the access as much as possible. That saves time and repairs afterwards. If you’ve been holding your breath and thinking about what you remember a leak detection and repair project looks like, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You should check it out and get that leak taken care of. In fact, with our listening tools and other minimally destructive methods, people call us to scan for leaks when they suspect it’s a possibility.

Sewer Line Reinforcements and Methods

Another plumbing memory you might have is the full digging and extracting and replacing your sewer line. It’s still a thing we do, but we have so many alternatives. Taking a look with video helps a lot, as we can take the appropriate repair approach depending on whether the pipe’s been crushed, a tree root intrusion has occurred, the pipe is aging and leaking, or it’s just clogged. Relining the pipe in place, or bursting it and replacing it without so much digging, are full replacement possibilities. For damage repairs, patches are available. All of these are done with materials that are designed to last as long as a typical pipe, or about 50 years. In other words, it’s not a quick patch fix that you’ll have to repeat soon in Grapevine, TX.

Changing the Type of Water Heater You Use

In addition to plumbing, your water heater requires a source of energy, usually natural gas or electricity. Our plumber can do the hookup. If the supply needs to be relocated, capacity increased, or other significant modifications, it may be wise to have an experienced professional with skills specifically for that area involved in the project. In particular, tankless water heaters save a lot of energy, but they require large bursts to heat the water as it’s flowing through. That means your tankless water heater connects to a pretty heavy duty gas line or power feed. Not a big deal, but if we have the experts and it makes sense, we’ll suggest it to you.

Water Quality Is Our Biggest Helper

The damage from hard water is so pervasive that every bit of your home’s plumbing is probably affected. Water with extra minerals leaves stains on sinks and tubs, corrodes pipes and fixtures including valves in appliances, and leaves scale in your coffee pot and other appliances. These effects accelerate the time when you’ll need to have repairs performed. Fortunately, water softener equipment is commonly used, affordable, and easy to operate. You may also choose to further filter the water, combining the effects for great taste.

Many Hands for Quick Work

Repiping and upgrading your home’s plumbing after decades can take some extra pairs of hands to get it done in a reasonable time frame. Repiping is actually fairly quick because we do it so often that we have many strategies and tricks to get it done. The process itself is a kind of substitution, so a plumber at work assisted by two plumber’s helpers to carry materials in and out is a good coordinated plan. Skilled resources to finish surfaces and restore the look of your home with brand-new pipes inside. Exchanging and positioning water heaters and appliances, running new pipes, and insulating pipes that run hot water to retain the heat are all things that we can do together for less disruption of your daily life and a faster finish.

Teamwork on the Job Since 1953

A wide range of expertise to consult on projects, embracing the simplest, most appropriate techniques, and a team effort for safety and not struggle. Even with the largest equipment and material, that’s how we operate, still providing the materials our plumbers need. Let us optimize your Grapevine, TX project perfectly. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we’re a family of experts who work together when the time is right. We look forward to working with you!

Photo By Eduard Goricev at Shutterstock