A Plumber Is Part Of A Multi-Specialty Team, Great For Challenging Projects | Irving, TX

A Plumber Is Part Of A Multi-Specialty Team, Great For Challenging Projects | Irving, TX

From remodeling to water leak repairs, it’s common for our plumbers to work with other types of professionals. We may need a new circuit for a tankless water heater, or damage from a toilet overflow may have infiltrated the walls, requiring a wiring check to make sure there’s no damage and potential future fire hazard. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX, we’re skilled professionals, and when you bring our plumber in on a job we have ready access to other specialties in-house. It adds efficiency, convenience, and an improved outcome when our experienced team backs up your plumber’s expert plumbing work. With our plumbers taking the lead, any plumbing project for your home, from basic repairs and fixture upgrades to appliance installation, repiping, and sewer and water line repairs is bound to be a success.

Water Heater Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

Maintaining your water heater is essential to its long service life and also to protect your home, especially for tank-based water heaters that require protection against rapid tank corrosion from hard water and use special pressure and temperature relief valves to protect the tank against excess pressure buildup. Our plumbers also service water heaters, both electric and gas heaters, and perform careful, efficient replacement when the time comes, or if you find that a different type of water heater is better suited to your needs. Some customers switch to a hybrid water heater that draws heat from the surrounding air to warm the water, and fit in about the same space as a standard unit, with a little more headroom for the compressor components.

Other customers find the unlimited hot water and increased energy efficiency of a tankless water heater attractive, and we help them pick a model with the flow rate they need and take care of the installation. Tankless water heaters use less energy since they only heat water when it’s needed, as opposed to the constant heating that tank-based units perform. Tankless does require a gas or electric supply that may be beyond what’s already in place, and our plumbers are ready to take care of gas fitting needs. If electrical work is needed to support the new unit’s power needs, we can combine efforts with our licensed electricians to get it done quickly and correctly.

Resolving Plumbing Leaks Can Require Other Repairs

When water flows from a leaky pipe or overflowing toilet and into your home’s structure, it may affect your electrical wiring as well. Our plumbers will communicate about the issues they’ve observed and the potential electrical hazards that could result, and make sure all sides of the repair are covered. For plumbing problems that involve an immediate electrical hazard, it’s important to have expert electricians resolve the danger first for everyone’s protection. If your home isn’t already fitted with GFCI protective devices wherever electricity is present near water such as bathrooms and kitchens, we can refer you for this very valuable addition to your home’s electrical wiring, required in new construction. Electricians can provide centralized GFCI and also AFCI protection against sparking and fire risk, installed in combination circuit breakers that cover an entire circuit with protection.

Appliance Installation Teamwork

While routine appliance replacement doesn’t require a lot of electrical expertise, for remodeling or moving appliances, it’s great to be able to coordinate so we have the necessary power available long with our hot and cold water plumbing, making it easier to simply install the new dishwasher, garbage disposal, or washer and dryer without the complexities that these installations often involve. Bathroom upgrades that include new lighting, bathroom-specific heating, even smart home devices and entertainment equipment can all be designed and created in harmony, ensuring that everything comes out just as planned.

Adding Local Tankless Water Heaters for Bathroom and Kitchen Use

Homes where the bathroom or kitchen plumbing is far from the main water heater sometimes use local tankless water heaters to provide instant hot water rather than waiting for the long trip from the main tank. This can save a lot of water, as turning on the shower and getting ready to bathe while waiting for hot water is no longer necessary. The same goes for washing dishes in the sink or even getting a cup of hot water, which both used to require waiting even if only a small amount of hot water was needed. In homes with children where the main hot water source is kept at 120 degrees F for safety, local tankless heaters can also be used to boost the temperature for comfort or hygiene in areas where children don’t bathe or wash their hands. These tankless units often require a separate power circuit, which is another opportunity for synergy between plumbing and electrical skills.

Luxury Bathing Options

From hot tubs and whirlpool or jet-based tubs to saunas and specialized hydrotherapy equipment, plumbing and other trades combine to provide expert installation that supports all of their features including pumps, lighting, and even streaming music capability. Our licensed plumbers can lead the teamwork to get everything installed and operating smoothly so you can enjoy a relaxing bath, thanks to cross-functional construction.

Outdoor Enhancements for Your Patio or Poolside

From a wet bar next to your barbeque to poolside showers with nighttime lighting, teaming up to enhance your recreational and entertainment spaces outside can put our plumbers to work alongside our other specialists. In addition to the skills they offer, with teamwork, you may find they have great ideas for enhancing your outside capabilities and making it easier to enjoy summertime fun where no one has to make trips inside to the kitchen.

Our Plumbing Experts and Support Services Create Possibilities for Your Irving, TX Home

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX, our team works together, whether it’s including them in the completion of the project or simply having them on speed dial to answer design and implementation questions from their expertise. Call us today to get our team working for you.

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