Plumber Tips On Infinity Shower Drains And Other Cool Bathroom And Kitchen Features You Can Enjoy | Irving, TX

Plumber Tips On Infinity Shower Drains And Other Cool Bathroom And Kitchen Features You Can Enjoy | Irving, TX

People have been fascinated by linear shower drains that allow new ways to design and experience your shower space, along with amazing new showerheads and other plumbing innovations that add to your enjoyment of your home. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, our plumbers enjoy creating new spaces for you and features for your Irving, TX home with our plumbing skills, while still being the plumbers you call for repairs, plumbing emergencies, and other important needs. Our versatile team of plumbers provides the area with both residential and commercial plumbing services, so we have a broader range of skills and ideas from which to pull to create the plumbing solutions that your home needs. A remodeled master bathroom or kitchen is a great way to celebrate anniversaries or even as a fresh start in a new home, and revising kids’ and guest bathrooms can help them serve you better and save more water than older fixtures.

Master Bathroom Opportunities

Many homeowners are upgrading their master bathrooms with showers and baths that go back to the old days when bathing was a luxury, not part of the morning rush. Adding space, light, and color to your shower space can help with relaxation, and there are shower systems that provide linear Infinity drains and a stone bench on which to lie down while water drizzles from above like rain and rolls away. New, efficient toilets provide comforts like built-in warmth and a bidet for cleanliness, an increasingly common option in the US and almost a standard in much of Europe. Touchless faucets let you focus on brushing your teeth, shaving, and other activities while they await your hands to dispense the water you need, then stop until you require more. They also save hundreds of gallons of water per year, just from that small difference in flow.

Outstanding Water Saving Choices

WaterSense labeling is the EPAs way of recognizing water-saving devices, which help, along with plumbing leak repairs, to reduce the hundreds of billions of gallons wasted per year. While you’re upgrading your shower, toilet, and sink faucet, you can be adding efficiency that saves on your water bill and helps reduce the water demand locally. Technology has reached the point where it’s helping to keep plumbing effectively doing its job, even when it’s more efficient with water use.

Kids’ Bathrooms that Stand Up to Heavy Use

If you have kids, the EPA says you can save thousands of gallons of water per year by replacing their toilets with newer WaterSense models. Replacing an older low-flow showerhead with one that’s more effective with less water can help speed up the morning rush, and an automatic touchless faucet might be a good idea so the water doesn’t get left running. In fact, for younger kids, many parents install a leak sensor in case there are water problems in the bathroom, so they can be remedied promptly. Don’t forget strainers or other protection for the drains, to keep the emergency plumbing calls down.

Guest Bathrooms May Have Special Plumbing Needs

Guest bathrooms are often unused most of the year, and so their plumbing tends to need attention because of disuse, which can lead to stuck faucets and dried drain traps. Our plumbers can check to make sure everything is in good shape and help you keep the drain trap in good shape so you don’t get odors backing up through it.

Kitchen Upgrades, Conveniences, and Water Conservation

A more powerful garbage disposal is a great idea, especially if you have the original unit installed by the home builder which is often underpowered. Having our plumber replace your dishwasher has more benefits than you probably realize since newer units provide many options for better cleaning and more efficient water usage. Best of all, some models are carefully engineered so that they are nearly silent when operating. When you’ve loaded the dishes after a holiday dinner, everyone can stand around and chat, and not relocate because the dishwasher is too loud. A big advantage of having our professionals install your new unit is our expert approach: we make sure the connections are correct and carefully done, and if any protective valves or air gap protection are missing, we make sure the job is finished correctly.

Remodeling and Step-by-Step Upgrades

Drain Cleaning Service as a Clean Sweep for Your Plumbing

If you’ve been calling an emergency plumber for drain problems on a regular basis, it might be time to consider preventive measures. One important one is a whole house drain cleaning service, where our plumbers use a variety of techniques to inspect your drain pipes and clear clogs, even the ones deep down that are often the root cause of smaller clogs in sinks and toilets. This can help speed your drains, avoid the growth of bacteria in sink drains and pipes, and help you enjoy your plumbing without slow-draining sinks and showers that leave your feet covered in water that’s slowly flowing out.

Hot Water Solutions

What good are great showers without great hot water? Our plumbers can make sure your existing water heater is in top shape, or install a whole-house tankless water heater that keeps on flowing and keeps your family from competing for shower time. We can also provide small tankless water heaters for quick, independently temperature-controlled hot water for your master bathroom or kitchen sink. You won’t have to wait and waste water as hot water travels up from your basement.

Taking Care of the Details

Your Creative, Experienced Professional Plumber Serving Irving, TX

Our team at Tioga Plumbing & Electric helps homeowners in Irving, TX come up with ways to renew their homes with plumbing that saves water and helps the family look forward to their morning routines and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Contact us for repairs and other plumbing services as well, and let us help you get the most out of your home’s plumbing. Call today.

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