When You Decide To Make Yours A “Smart House,” You’ll Need Our Electrical Contractors | Arlington, TX

When You Decide To Make Yours A “Smart House,” You’ll Need Our Electrical Contractors | Arlington, TX

Are you considering smart home devices for your house? If you’ve been struggling to plug in phone chargers, networking gear, and other new equipment for your not-so-new home, adding smart home equipment is going to make you wish you had a home designed for all this equipment, with wiring and electrical outlets planned to support your lifestyle. What you need is electrical contractors in Arlington, TX who can relate, and can design an upgrade for your home to handle these items along with home theater and other AV equipment, smart appliances, built-in control panels, and much more. Tioga Plumbing & Electric are the electrical contractors you’re looking for, ready to blend your smart home and other tech equipment into your existing wiring, and run wiring for Wi-Fi access points and other support gear to make sure it all works reliably.

Electrical Outlets Versus Endless Expansion with Extension Cords, a Safety Issue

With smart devices, there’s even more of a temptation to use expansion devices to get the space you need to plug them in. The usual cautions apply, though, because extension cords and even power strips don’t provide all the protections that outlets do. They are more easily subject to damage including wear, even if the cords are routed under rugs which actually hide damage and make the risk of fire or shock harder to notice. Liquids can more easily enter these devices, they usually don’t provide the child-resistant features that modern outlets do, and of course, they make it easier to overload circuits or even their own wires if higher-powered equipment is in use.

In addition to these factors, orderly wiring is always a priority of ours as safety-oriented electrical contractors, and extension devices typically aren’t orderly or easy to handle. Our electrical contractors can install dual or quad outlets, including those with additional features such as network connections, that will last a long time without so many risks, and we can add what you need. Our expert electricians can even add additional circuits where you need them, efficiently and professionally. If you’re using power strips for their surge protection, here’s a suggestion for improving your protection: we can add whole-house surge and lightning protection that covers even that smart speaker in the kitchen or bathroom where you don’t use a power strip because of the nearby water.

Conveniently Located Power for Smart Devices

Smart speakers, lights, and displays need to be convenient, and sometimes having to plug them in leads to inconvenient locations or long wire stretches. If you’ve decided where you want them, why not have our electrical contractors put in electrical outlets right there? It gives your home a customized feel and makes it easy to upgrade your devices when the time comes. We can also install wiring for smart panels that mount in your wall, allowing you to control your home and check the weather or whatever else your devices offer, whenever you’re passing by.

If your home is older and doesn’t have all the protections that modern wiring offers, our electricians can help with that at the same time, adding GFCI outlets for kitchens, bathrooms, and outside, or on a per-circuit basis since the feature is available built-in with some circuit breakers. There’s also AFCI, offered alone or in combination on your circuit breakers, that “listens” for signs of trouble like loose and shorting wires, and shuts off power before a fire gets started from the wiring problem. Our electrical contractors can then perform a simple service of locating and fixing the fault, rather than repairing damaged wiring or worse if things get out of hand.

Networks and Other Low-Power Wiring

As electricians, we’re experienced with all types of high and lower power wiring and equipment, and artists at running wires through your walls and in other spaces, out of sight. If you need to run network cabling to support multiple Wi-Fi access points in your larger home, we can help do so effectively, with careful attention to factors that many people don’t consider, like the special ratings that cables have for walls and ceilings that affect your family’s safety in case of fire.

Smart Fixtures and Other Updates to Your Family’s Home

For smart lighting fixtures, installing smart bulbs in locations that require some skill to reach, and other smart home updates that require electrician expertise, we’re ready to help get them in place professionally, whether it’s recessed lighting, accent lighting outside your home, yard or patio lights, or smart speakers installed for a smooth, professional look with wires concealed.

When Your Smart Home, Learning, and Entertainment Technologies Merge, We Can Help

If you’ve been adapting to the existing wiring in your home, we can help. Limitations for many homeowners include standardized outlet distribution from years ago, lack of wiring for networks and AV, and a need to do more wirelessly than you are comfortable with or are able to make perform well. Let our expert team design a new wiring plan for your home and install the connections you need for the speed, security, and enjoyment that you and your family want. That includes home office features that bring your home up to the standards that we follow in commercial buildings we service.

Electrical Contractors for All Your Technology Wiring Needs in Arlington, TX

Hire the same electrical contractors that area companies, as well as homeowners, trust to keep their wiring up to date, safe, and reliable. From upgrades to support appliances and high power usage like EV charging stations, to convenient and safety-oriented home electrical circuit wiring, panel upgrades, and replacements, and low-power wiring for networks and other systems, we’ve done it all. Our electricians, planners, and other professionals work together to make sure your home’s features are just what you want and need. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we’re the electrical contractors of choice for Arlington, TX. Give us a call today and find out all we can do for you!

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