A Plumbing Company And Their Worst Nightmare | Bedford, TX

A Plumbing Company And Their Worst Nightmare | Bedford, TX

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Contractors of all sorts have worst case scenarios, no matter what they are doing there are always some jobs that will be more stressful, and more time consuming, than others. Depending on the service it may cause them to get less money out of the job because they quoted an amount and something caused more problems to erupt. We’ll go through some worst case scenarios that a plumbing company may see in their day to day that would cause anything from annoyance to a shiver down the spine.


Your plumbing company will work with pipes that contain water, either clean or dirty, and all animals need to drink. Something that many plumbers experience is that a leak will attract wildlife that will try to get into your pipes. For clean water, thankfully your pipes are fairly narrow so the largest thing that could get stuck is a small rodent or a snake. Either of those would probably spook anyone when they weren’t expecting it but when a clog is a live animal you have to really wonder what happened that allowed them to get in there.

Your drain pipe, however is much larger inside especially if there isn’t as much buildup or it’s new construction and anyone working at your local plumbing company will probably have a story of a snake, flushed fish, rat or mouse, insect nest, or other animal that found it’s way dead or alive into the sewer system of a house. If they’re alive, which is possible if they haven’t been down there long, it’ll become a sort of animal rescue mixed with fixing the issue with your pipes.

Cascading Ruptures

When you call a plumbing company for a leak it is probably because you notice the leak and then call. When the company comes and shuts off your water to the affected area and starts working they don’t want to cause any more issues than what was already there. If your house’s pipes are old or damaged however that can cause a problem. When one leak turns into a whole series of leaks or breaks it not only becomes expensive for the homeowner it can be disastrous for the person working in your house.

The person who shows up to fix your leak is not someone who wants to turn a quick job into a multi day project, they’re looking to get in and get out. Older plumbing systems may have other problems lurking behind the known issue and that will only cause headaches if one issue leads into another.

The Recurring House Call

One of the more common nightmares for your plumbing company is the house that keeps calling for service. This one isn’t a nightmare that is dangerous for the people working, but it is tedious. Most people who work for your plumbing company want to move on to the next job and not have to come back time and time again. With the recurring house call the service people have episodes of deja vu where the same or a similar issue keeps coming up over and over again like Groundhogs Day being moved to Bedford, TX.

Some issues like that may be simple enough, like tree roots getting in a drainage line that needs to be rooted out every year or so and that is something many technicians will suggest be completely redone to save the hassle of waiting for an appointment each year. A few others may be more annoying like a new appliance that won’t drain properly, a toilet that keeps leaking, a drain that keeps backing up for no reason, who knows. A good plumbing company will offer a guarantee of services for a set amount of time to ensure their job was done completely. But if that’s not enough just know that they will likely ask or look for more long term solutions after the second visit.

Electricity In The Water

Something many people are told growing up is that electricity, people, and water don’t mix. Plumbing companies will definitely know that but they must be sure that every situation they get into is not full of charged water. If a pipe is for some reason close to a live electrical wire that has become damaged or the conducting material is making direct contact with a metal pipe it can send that charge down the line and if someone touches it it could cause electrocution. This is the absolute worst case scenario that a plumber could run into and can cause great harm and it hopefully never happens.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that your electric and plumbing systems are not close to each other and that they’re in good repair. Also having non-conductive pipes for your plumbing system makes it much harder for electricity to travel through water to cause a problem. Your plumbing company can help you with getting that taken care of as well.

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