Signs You Need Water Line Repair | Euless, TX

Signs You Need Water Line Repair | Euless, TX

Your water line delivers water into your home. When coupled with your sewer line these two systems provide fresh water while removing wastewater from your home. They are basically the input and output of your home’s plumbing system. You should learn to recognize the signs that you may be in need of water line repair, as water line repair is a serious matter that should be attended to right away. There are always symptoms that can alert any homeowner to the hidden danger of water line damage before things get too out of hand. If you have water main issues, professional help such as a water line repair will be needed, a plunger will not help you. Most homeowners will have a water main problem at some point or another.

What Is a Water Main?

Unless you use well water Your home is connected to the municipal water source from the city of Euless, TX Water Office. Your water line’s sole purpose is to deliver water into your home. Your home’s water main is one of the most vital parts of your plumbing system. Your water main is what brings fresh drinkable water into your home, without it you would have no water for drinking, bathing, or cooking. You can find the end of your water line by locating your home’s water meter. Your water main will range in size from 1/2″ to up to 1 1/2″ in diameter. Homes with many bathrooms and water fixtures such as sinks will have a larger water main. The main line is typically underground which makes detecting problems with the water line problematic for most homeowners. Yearly plumbing inspections of course can help to detect water line issues early and help to avoid the need for water line repair. Water line issues are not something that you can repair yourself sadly, you will require the help of experts such as the water line professionals at Tioga Plumbing & Electric who specialize in Water line repair. Trying to repair a damaged water line on your own just results in a more expensive repair for you and also a lot of stress. Avoid an expensive do-over and call a professional today if your water line is damaged.

Your Shutoff Valve

You will want to learn where your shutoff valve is located. Every water line or water main has a shutoff valve. This valve is vital during plumbing emergencies as it can shut off the flow of water to your home. The shutoff valve can prevent flooding while you wait for water line repair during a plumbing emergency. Quickly using the shutoff valve will prevent flooding, water damage, and the resulting mold that water damage tends to bring in homes. The shutoff valve tends to be located either in the garage, alongside the house, or inside your crawl space. Quick use of the shutoff valve can save you not only time but money during a plumbing emergency. If you do not know where your shutoff valve is located contact a plumber today.

Common Water Main Problems

Time and temperature are the enemies of water lines. As time passes it becomes possible for your water lines to corrode. This can happen due to the elements and soil. Your water line may develop cracks, holes, or ruptures under the ground, well hidden from eyesight. Water lines have a great deal of pressure so if your main water line ruptures the water will have to go somewhere, such as your lawn, your basement if you are lucky enough to have one in Euless, TX, or down the street. If this happens it is very likely that the remaining water entering your home will be contaminated. You will not want to use this contaminated water until you have water line repair performed. If your water line is leaking, it is vital that you make use of the shutoff valve before too much damage has occurred. It is also vital that if you are having a water line issue that you stop using appliances and drinking the water until a professional performs the repair.

How You Can Find Water Line Problems

One of the main signs of a water line leak is a sharp sudden increase in your water bill. If you suddenly have a rather high water bill yet you have not been using any extra water nor had a water rate hike, chances are you are dealing with a water line leak and will need a repair performed for your home. Another warning sign is the sudden appearance of mold and mildew in your home when you have not had any known water damage. Unexplained wet spots on your walls, ceiling, or floors can also be a sign that you need water line repair. One of the biggest signs in Euless, TX that you need a repair is if parts of your lawn suddenly become lush, green, and verdant. This would be due to water leaking from the water line underground feeding your lawn extra water, making the lawn lush and green.

These leaks are most often underground and out of sight sadly. Even worse, they can be located under the slab of the house. One way you can determine if your waterline is leaking or not is to turn off every water fixture in your house and then go watch the water meter. If you notice the water meter creeping up but no water is being used in the house, you have a water line leak in need of water line repair. Another way to know for sure is to hire a leak detection company to detect any leaks your water line may have.

If your water line is damaged, call the professionals at Tioga Plumbing & Electric today. We specialize in water line and water main repair. We can have your water line up and ready quickly. If you have any water main or water line concerns or questions do not hesitate to reach out to us, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be glad to assist you with all of your water line questions.

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