Things Your Plumber Wants You To Keep Out Of Your Drain | Grapevine, TX

Things Your Plumber Wants You To Keep Out Of Your Drain | Grapevine, TX

Have you ever put food and other items in the drain at your house? Chances are that you have because it’s something that most people don’t even think about. But it’s definitely something you should think about. Especially since so many items can cause problems in your drains. So, what does your plumber want you to know about the things you’re putting in your sink drain? Well, they probably want you to know quite a few things.

Grease and Oil

These are two things that nearly everyone knows you should never put in your drains. While they are liquid going in they quickly turn into solids when they reach the cold of your drain, and that’s going to cause a blockage. Also, the hot oil or grease itself could cause damage to your pipes. That’s definitely something you want to avoid because it could mean even more repairs. And more expensive repairs as well. Instead, put your used oil and grease into a jar and throw the jar out in your regular garbage. This will help you keep your drains clean and more efficiently get rid of your cooking liquids.

Rice and Pasta

These two foods are quite popular in many different types of cuisine, but they’re also really bad for your drains. After all, when you put either one into water they will expand. And what is the number one thing you’re going to find in your drains? Even more water. So when you dump either of these things down into the drain they’re actually going to continue to expand. And before you know it you have a very serious clog that can stop other things from getting through as well.


If you have old or expired medications it’s never a good idea to put them in your drain. you could end up with some serious problems with the water because of those medications and the chemicals that are in them. Those chemicals can leach into the surrounding water and before you know it you could have contamination that affects more than just your family. You want to make sure you dispose of your medications properly, keeping them out of the water supply. Talking with a professional plumber will help you figure out what to do and how to keep everyone safer.

Butter Products

For very similar reasons as we gave for grease and oil you should never put any kind of butter products in your drains. These are also soft at room temperature but quickly become solid when they get cold. As a result, they can stick to your drains, harden, and cause clogs that are difficult to get out. Not to mention they can attract other food and particles that will then get stuck and create an even larger clog. By getting rid of these products in jars or otherwise in the trash you will be able to keep your drains better protected. Your plumber will thank you for it.


This might not be something that you think about but it’s definitely something that you want to consider when you’re getting rid of food products. Oatmeal can be very sticky, which means that it attaches to your drains and also attaches to other food particles that you might put into your drain. This can create an even bigger mess and a much larger clog within your drain. Your Grapevine, TX plumber would tell you to keep the oatmeal directly in the trash instead of the sink.

Coffee Grounds

This is one that you definitely may not think of because they’re so small and they don’t seem like they could be a problem. But they absolutely can. Coffee grounds absorb water and when they are soaked with water they form a sticky, thick mess. Just think of what the filter in your coffee maker looks like when you dump those grounds out. Putting the grounds into your drain means the same thing could happen there. And then you end up with a big problem from those wet, sticky grounds clogging up your drain and attracting all the other food particles. Your plumber would tell you to avoid this one.


This one is very similar to the coffee grounds. When the flour goes into your drain it’s a fine powder. And you may think that it just drops straight through the drain. But that’s not the case. In fact, the flour becomes almost like paste as soon as it comes into contact with water, and then it can become a solid. And all of that sticks to other foods in your drain and also sticks directly to the drain. So you end up with a pasty product that will cause you some serious drain problems.

Produce Stickers

Okay, these aren’t actually food but they come on your food. And your Grapevine, TX plumber would really like you to know that they’re bad for your pipes. These stickers are quite small, but they don’t get ground up by the garbage disposal and they don’t easily go down the drain either. They can stick on the inside and then other items can easily stick to them as well. Avoiding putting these in the drain will save you a whole lot of headaches in the end.

What to Do

So, you’re ready to hire a plumber or you have some questions to ask a local plumber and you need to know who to call. Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Grapevine, TX are the way to go. Our team is made up of highly qualified, stilled, and well-trained members who not only have the skills to get things done, but also have the drive to do it. Our team is ready to help no matter what, because we want to treat you and your home like we would want for ourselves. All you have to do is give us a call and we can send a plumber to you in no time.

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