Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill | Electrician Fort Worth Texas

Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill | Electrician Fort Worth Texas

Summer brings vacations, picnics, swimming and other fun activities for the family. Unfortunately, the higher temperatures also result in higher electric bills with the use of air conditioning. A Tioga Construction electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can assist you in bringing down the cost of the electric bill with the installation of LED light fixtures, and other energy saving projects. The following tips to lower your electric bill can assist you in saving energy, and money this summer.

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Programmable Thermostats Save Up to 20%

Programmable and Smart Thermostats are programmed to your desired settings. For example, it can be programmed to automatically adjust the thermostat for savings while you sleep and during the day while you are away. Wi-Fi models provide the ability to change the settings remotely with a smart phone or tablet. You also have the ability with some models to control lighting while you are away, giving the appearance of the home being occupied.

Choose Energy Star®

When replacing or installing an HVAC system and/or appliances, select Energy Star® for the greatest reliability and energy savings. For homeowner’s living in older homes, circuit breakers that constantly trip may indicate inadequate circuits or wiring. A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the professional electrical service upgrades that your home needs. Need electrical services moved for remodeling? A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas will provide the electrical hookups that you require.

Run Full Loads

By waiting until you have a full load for dishwashers, dryers and washing machines, you will save water and energy. You can save the cost of hot water by washing all clothing in cold, and clothes will be just as clean. In addition, dry loads of laundry back to back to retain the heat from the previous load, saving even more energy.

Replace Outdoor Lighting

While mercury vapor lights claim to run for pennies a day, most homeowners report an average increase of $20 a month to run a single light. Replacing outdoor lights with LED lighting will provide significant savings on the cost of outdoor lighting. For even greater savings install motion sensor LED lighting for brighter, longer lasting and energy efficient outdoor lighting. Contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for outdoor lighting installation.

Occupancy Sensors

Do you have family members or employees who tend to leave the lights on in seldom occupied rooms? The sensors detect movement in the room, turning on when someone enters, and turning the lights off when they no longer sense movement in the room. Contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for installation.

Natural Lighting

When possible, use the natural lighting of windows rather than a light fixture. This will allow you to turn off the lights during the day. Painting walls in a light color will reflect light and brighten dark rooms up, requiring less artificial lighting.

Block UV Light and Heat Gain

Stop heat gain through windows with solar screens or solar window film. Window film allows light in, while blocking up to 99% of the heat from UV light, and is simple to install. Awnings can also assist in blocking sunlight.

Seal Gaps

Gaps around windows, doors, pipes, outlets, switches and cables account for the loss of as much as 25% of your heating and cooling energy costs. Ensure the home’s insulation’s R-value is up to current standards for your climate. Sealing drafts and air leaks are one of the least expensive ways to reduce energy use and make the home more comfortable.

Furthermore, ensure HVAC duct joints are sealed, and the ducts are insulated to save up to 20% on the cost of heating and air conditioning. A dirty air filter can increase the HVAC system’s energy consumption by 25%. Changing the filter monthly and annual tune-ups cut down on energy costs and assists in extending the system’s lifespan.

Stop Phantom Energy Losses

Televisions, computers, cable boxes, home theatre systems, DVD players and other electronics use energy even when they are turned off. You can eliminate phantom energy drains by unplugging them when they are not in use.

In addition, consider surge protection for your valuable electronics and appliances. A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the Type 1 and Type 2 surge protection you need against power surges and lightning strikes in the home.

Insulate Hot Water Lines

Where hot water pipes are accessible, insulating them will prevent the loss of heat saving on the cost of hot water. In addition, have leaks repaired. While leaks lose water, hot water leaks cause the hot water heater to run unnecessarily, increasing energy consumption. Tioga Construction offers licensed electricians and plumbers for quality repairs and services. When you need a qualified plumber or electrician in Fort Worth, Texas give us a call for fast, efficient service.

Tankless Water Heaters

If your home qualifies for a tankless water heater, the installation can save you up to 34% on the cost of hot water production. By producing hot water only when it is needed, tankless water heaters save money by not maintaining a tank full of hot water. Tankless water heaters are also a great way to assist solar water heaters by bumping up water temperature to the steamy, hot shower you enjoy. Available in whole house or point of use systems, homeowner’s with isolated bathrooms, laundry rooms and workshops will find a point of use tankless water heater to be the solution to their hot water issues. When considering a tankless water heater installation, Tioga’s licensed plumbers can assist you.

We hope you found our tips to lower your electric bills useful. When you need electrical repair, installation, or other electrical services in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas. Tioga serves Fort Worth, Keller, Euless, Southlake and the surrounding areas with quality plumbing and electrical services. Need emergency plumbing or electrical service? Contact us to receive a prompt repair by a licensed plumber or an electrician in Fort Worth, Texas.