Electrician Tips On Preparing Your Home For A Power Outage | Euless, TX

Electrician Tips On Preparing Your Home For A Power Outage | Euless, TX

Power outages, although rare, still do occur. They’re inconvenient and disruptive, leaving you in darkness from anything between a few minutes to a few hours. Without adequate preparation, a regular power outage can quickly become hazardous. Given how unexpected power outages can be, here are a few guidelines from our Euless, TX electricians on preparing for the next time you lose power.

What Causes Power Outages?

Power outages may be caused by a variety of reasons. Among them is a power network failure. If the electricity main is overloaded or the network is broken down, it could lead to a power outage. Natural calamities such as earthquakes and hurricanes are among the main reasons for extensive power outages and are hard to resolve until the weather improves. When your utility company is running routine maintenance on their network, you may also experience a temporary power outage.

In most instances, the utility company will inform you before the maintenance of the expected power interruption. Power companies also adopt ‘rolling blackouts’ when experiencing low supply to conserve energy. Usually, they cut off the power or reduce it for a short period to keep other parts of the network running.

How Are Power Outages Fixed?

A power outage can be fixed by an electrician depending on the cause. The cause determines how long it will take to fix it. Catastrophic situations such as earthquakes and hurricanes often take longer to repair as an electrician needs to wait for the weather conditions to improve. The health and safety of the public is the main priority for the power company.

For this reason, they focus on restoring power to hospitals, water treatment facilities, and police departments. They then examine the power grid to determine the problem then work on fixing it. Power grids tend to be complex systems with moving parts; therefore, it may take a while to figure out the cause of the outage, taking into account external factors such as falling trees on distribution lines.

How to Determine Your Power Is Out

If you notice the power is out, first take a peek at your breaker box and confirm with your neighbors. This helps ensure that the outage is not only at your Euless, TX, property and can be easily fixed with the flip of a switch. Look to see if there are any lights on in your neighborhood. It is also a good idea to check your utility company’s website for any updates on planned outages.

The website will also inform you on when they expect to send an electrician to repair the issue and what caused the power outage. If you have any concerns, contact the power company on their emergency number, which should also be available on the website.

Safety Comes First During a Power Outage

During an outage, you need to ensure the gas stove and other gas-powered equipment are turned off as you wait for an electrician. Unchecked gas can quickly fill up your home without your knowledge and get easily ignited when the power comes back on.

The next step is to unplug all the electronics in your home and turn off the light switches to protect them from power inconsistencies. Surge protectors are instrumental in protecting your equipment in the face of power surges.

Avoid using charcoal grills and camp stoves indoors in the event of a power outage. They present a fire hazard and could potentially fill your home with toxic fumes that could jeopardize your health and safety.

Tips For Preparing for a Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, you need to be ready for anything. Here is a list of a few things you need to keep handy as you wait on your electrician to fix the problem.

  • First Aid Kit

You probably already own a first aid kit as it is helpful in many instances around your home. It is essential to have an extra supply of hygiene products. If any of your family members have long-term medical problems, have at least a seven-day supply of medicine with you.

  • Food

It is important to keep all the food you have as fresh as possible. To ensure the food in the fridge remains fresh, avoid opening it unnecessarily. This will allow cooled air out and warm the temperatures inside, putting your food at risk of becoming spoiled. Ideally, if you experience power outages often, invest in non-perishable foods that do not need cooking. The food in your freezer can remain frozen for at least two days if the door isn’t opened often.

  • Flashlights

It is important to put flashlights around your home in easy-to-find places. Some smart spots to leave your flashlights would be in the kitchen, near the front door, and in your bedside drawer. Every now and then, check if the batteries are still working. Other light sources such as candles are great but should always be observed as they are fire hazards when put near curtains or towels.

  • Water

A power outage may also mean a water outage, as extended blackouts can put the quality of your water at risk. It is a brilliant idea to have drinking water stored in your home. The ideal recommendation is for at least a person to have a gallon of water per day and for the storage to cater for at least three days of a power outage.

  • Evacuation Plan

You are advised to stay home whenever there is a power outage until your power company or electrician can fix them. The roads aren’t likely to be safe since the traffic lights won’t be working, thereby causing chaos on the road. With your family, come up with an ideal evacuation plan so that everyone knows what they should do. All important documents need to be put in an easily reachable place, including birth certificates, passports, and proof of address.

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