Remodeling Tips From a Plumber in Keller, TX

Kitchen Remodel | Plumber Keller

The kitchen is one of the top two remodels that can successfully increase the home’s value and provide a return on the investment. As a frequent area for family activities, a place where friends and family gather for coffee, homework and entertaining, the kitchen perhaps provides the greatest enjoyment of any remodel. A kitchen remodel involves numerous trades such as stone workers, tillers, carpenters, cabinet makers, electricians and a plumber in Keller. There are several plumbing considerations the homeowner will have to make before the remodel begins.

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These considerations include:

  • Replacing aged plumbing: Older homes may require re-piping. If pipes are corroded, galvanized, or aged and/or experiencing frequent leaks, consider replacement. After all, you wouldn’t want your newly remodeled kitchen ruined by a leaky pipe that should have been replaced. A kitchen remodel provides a convenient opportunity for re-piping. Re-piping and relocations can be expedited with cabinets and other obstructions out of the way.
  • Fixture upgrades: You can rely upon a Tioga plumber in Keller for a professional, trouble free installation of new fixtures such as sinks, a water heater and faucets.
  • Water filtration: A kitchen remodel provides a convenient time to install under the sink water filtration. The delivery of sparkling, crystal clear water will enhance your family’s enjoyment of the newly remodeled kitchen. A Tioga plumber in Keller can provide the water filtration you desire.
  • Install a Tankless water heater: If the kitchen remodel will include a water heater replacement, consider a tankless water heater. It takes up less space and saves energy by only heating water when it is needed. Numerous factors must be considered in the determination of whether or not a tankless water heater is right for your household. A Tioga plumber in Keller can assist you in the decision.

Tips to Reduce Remodel Stress

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Factor in an extra 20% to the budget for the problems that are typical during a remodel such as termite or water damage, an unexpected relocation of electrical or plumbing service. The average recommendation is 20% extra.
  • Establish priorities. If problems occur that will put the budget over the limit (including the extra 20%), stick to the priorities and eliminate tasks that can be easily added later (such a tiling a back splash and the purchase of new appliances when the existing ones still function properly).
  • The relocation of plumbing and gas lines will increase costs.
  • Save money by not eating out during the remodel. Placing a microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven and a dorm size refrigerator in another room or the garage will save money. Paper plates and disposable utensils will eliminate washing dishes in a bathroom sink.
  • Arrange for pets to stay with a friend or relative in advance, or be prepared to shut them in a room with everything they need while crews are working. Don’t forget to spend time with them as the noise and presence of strangers is likely to be stressful for pets.
  • Ensure children stay away from the work area, and don’t leave young children unsupervised.
  • Box up everything in the kitchen and store it elsewhere before the remodel begins so crews can go right to work.
  • Save money by refinishing cabinets in solid condition. You can install new doors and hardware for an entirely new appearance and style. Decorative molding can be added to the top of the cabinets to elevate the style for a high end appearance.
  • Shop around for the best price, but don’t sacrifice quality over cost. Your Tioga plumber in Keller offers first quality fixtures and faucets that typically exceed the quality of home and plumbing supply box stores. While plumbers don’t sell retail, they do offer the quality fixtures and faucets that they install. The products that a plumber in Keller offers is generally the highest grade product manufactured, and is only available for plumber installation.

A kitchen remodel can be less stressful by working with an experienced Tioga plumber in Keller. Include your plumber in the remodel plans before construction begins to facilitate the remodel. We serve Keller, Fort Worth, Bedford, Southlake and the surrounding areas. Tioga Plumbing & Electric is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.